Giants Made Some Tough Decisions Over The Past 48 Hours

NEW YORK – Hello Giants fans, it’s a sad day because Big Blue has parted ways with WR Mario Manningham (2 year deal with 49ers) and CB Aaron Ross (3 year deal with Jaguars). I wanted to wait before writing this article to see if anyone else might be released or traded. I think this is a horrible situation all the way around. Manningham has become one of my favorite players and a guy that all Giants fans are rooting for to do well in his career. I’m concerned for Mario playing in San Francisco because of the system and fan base there. Once a Giant, always a Giant, just like I told him on twitter. I know Mario would have preferred to stay in New York and the fans love him for that even more. Mario was drafted by the Giants in 2008.

This feels exactly like it did last year, when the team lost a bunch of guys and some really big names (Smith, Boss, Seubert, O’Hara, etc). I’m not sure if I will ever get comfortable with this part of the game but I will have to prepare for it. The other big loss was CB Aaron Ross, who has played his entire career with the Giants since they drafted him in 2007. Ross stepped up his game last year and was a big part of their success. The Giants are clearly looking at first round draft pick CB Prince Amukamara to step in and back up CB Terrell Thomas and CB Corey Webster. Other CB’s signed include CB Michael Coe and CB Justin Tryon in the backup mix. I believe the Giants are fine at the CB position this year but if the past three years have taught Giants fans anything, it is to prepare for injuries. So adding depth to key positions is crucial to the game plan. They also heavily addressed the tight end position, which was considered an area of need. I’m sure that GM Jerry Reese (needs to be NFL GM of the Year) isn’t finished tinkering with the squad but I do believe the majority of out-of-house players have been locked down already. I expect them to focus on in-house guys from now until the draft with maybe one more outside signing. Remember, they have a lot of players coming back from injury.

Head Coach Tom Coughlin must be very excited for the new season and the upcoming draft in April. There is no quit in this man and winning becomes addictive after a while. The Giants can absolutely win another ring, in order to complete the “Dynasty” set of three rings for immortal status in the NFL. This group of guys can certainly do it. Still, it is bittersweet to have to say goodbye to class acts like Mario Manningham and Aaron Ross. On behalf of the nygreporter, I would like to say thank you and best wishes to both of these gentlemen.

What are your thoughts about the G-Men losing Manningham and Ross?

RD –

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12 Responses to Giants Made Some Tough Decisions Over The Past 48 Hours

  1. bobbyg says:

    it is very disheartening to see them go to other teams.and like you said rob,its a part of the business thats hard to swallow.great players and two classy dudes,i wish them well.

  2. Padua says:

    This part of the game stinks, but hey, those guys will move on, so we have to do it also. I’d really like to see the Giants bringing Steve Smith back to play slot receiver. Something like a prodigal son kind of thing. Excited also to see what Reese will do with the RB position. We could really use a new explosive guy taking reps back there. Finally, Blackburn deserves a place in this team, even if just to play special teams and back up MLB. I wish the Giants would get an impact guy at this position as well. Ever since Antonio Pierce left, we’ve been dealing with spotty play at best in that position

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Saulo, I like the prodigal son example with WR Steve Smith, I’ve always liked that guy and never said a bad word about him when he left last year. I also 100% agree with you about Chase Blackburn, other then money, I cannot see why he wasn’t on the team in the first place. I have faith in Jerry Reese and I know he will improve the team once again this year but I hate watching these guys leave.

  3. bobbyg says:

    the eagles just picked up demeco ryans from the texans and it looks like there bolstering there defense big time.i would like to see another big mlb also.i also think it could be possible steve smith or plax could be far as running backs go,its also possible jacobs returns as well for less money,he has been dangling by a cord in the free agent market with no buyers yet.the gmen could pick him up again as the compliment to bradshaw that worked well in the 6-0 run to end the with ya on blackburn also,we will have to wait and see now until the reese we trust padua.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, I like the way Ryans plays the game, he would have been a nice addition but I’m not sure how much cap room we have left to mess with. Reese still has a ton of our own guys to sign. The Eagles are the new Redskins, just going out and buying big names who cannot play on the field together. I would love to see Jacobs return to Big Blue too.

      • Padua says:

        I wouldn’t mind having Jacobs back at all, I love that guy, but, regardless, I believe the Giants should invest a high draft pick on a RB this year. Maybe a 2nd rounder. We don’t know how long Bradshaw is gonna handle taking the pounding that he does. Obviously, DJ Ware is serviceable, but he’s no Derrick Ward, and we don’t know what Ja’rel Scott ca do yet. Maybe he can step up and be that No. 2. Anyway, you’re both right, in Reese we trust.

        • robdomaine says:

          I love Jacobs too man. I was thinking they might go the RB Michael Bush or RB Cedric Benson route to add some depth because if Bradshaw goes down, it’s Ware and Scott left to pick up the slack only.

  4. Very disappointed to see Super Mario go. The guy was an amazing WR. Not always the most consistent but when he was needed the most, he delivered.

    As for Aaron, he’s etched himself into our folklore and he rightly deserves that place. He played tremendously well in our run to glory last month. Hopefully some guys step up in his place, especially Prince.

    I believe these guys will help their new teams reach higher levels and I hope they continue playing at the peak of their powers. Good luck boys!

    • robdomaine says:

      I completely agree with you Pat. I hope Mario does well out west but I’m not sure if he will or not. It seems like New York was a solid fit for this young man. When Terrell Thomas comes back I expect him and Corey Webster to be just fine. Remember, Ross was filling in for Thomas when he got injured. Enjoy the offseason!

  5. bobbyg says:

    hey rob,just checking in lefty my arm in a sling for 12 weeks,but it hurt more to see jacobs go to the niners tuesday.i remember losing ohara and boss last season and it brought back that sickening feeling in my stomach.but i remember the result of the superbowl just a couple of months ago and have to have faith in the big blue giants machine to get them to another one.but i cannot help but feel a little sadness the big bruiser is a west coaster now.

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