Happy Halloween to the Giants Fans and Kids Out There

October 31, 2011

NEW YORK – On behalf of the nygreporter, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. I hope that everyone has a great time and enjoys this spooky holiday. All of you kids be sure to have your parents check your candy before you eat it and be safe out there trick or treating tonight! In the old days, we went out in groups of kids with usually only one or two parents there watching us. I’m sure things are different now but all of you kids better have a parent with you while trick or treating. DO NOT go out by yourself and be careful scaring the older folks.

The Giants pulled out the win yesterday against Miami in a very sloppy game. They improve to 5-2 on the year and the second best thing to happen yesterday was the Eagles beating the Cowboys and knocking each other into mediocrity. The Cowboys, Eagles and Redskins are all tied with 3-4 records. I’m sure this could change rather quickly but for now the G-men are sitting pretty with a two game lead in the NFC East. Most fans are dumbfounded by this but will take it anyway. The really hard part of the schedule begins now with the Patriots coming up next Sunday (11/6/11 at 4:15 PM EST) in New England. The Giants better get their act together before this weekend in order to have a shot at competing with QB Tom Brady and the tough Pats at home.

The Giants played like zombies yesterday but still got the win. Ultimately, I realize that’s the only thing that matters but fans still have a right to be concerned. Big Blue seems to be playing from behind in most games this year and it would be nice to see them blow out a team or two before the year ends. Especially, these teams that are on the bottom of the NFL food chain. If they can win five of their last nine games, they have a god chance at making it back to the playoffs. They have missed the playoffs for the past two years and must want to break that cycle as much as the fans do. They could not have started the year any better in their efforts to do just that. And by the way, QB Eli Manning is playing at an elite level this year, where are the sports media “experts” now admitting they were wrong? They are invisible like ghosts in a dark room.

What are your plans for this Halloween? Boo!

RD – nygreporter.com

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NFL Week 8: Giants vs. Dolphins, Game Notes

October 30, 2011

NEW YORK – The Giants played the lowly Miami Dolphins today in another must-win game for Big Blue. This was not a fun game to watch at all for the fans. The Dolphins didn’t need to use all of the trick plays I thought they would employ, they simply drove the ball at will against the Giants defense. But the Giants did their thing in the 4th quarter as usual and pulled out the 20-17 win. They improve to 5-2 on the year and keep the Dolphins winless. Fans were expressing themselves on twitter LIVE during the game and I won’t repeat some of the things I heard on there. I can assure you it wasn’t good. I would have loved to stayed on and talked more with the fans but twitter said that I reached some ridiculous tweet limit during a LIVE football game and put me in “twitter jail” once again. It is really quite annoying and making me wonder if the aggravation is worth it.

Miami went into the locker room with a 14-10 halftime lead and seemed to have all of the momentum for most of the first half. They were not playing like a winless and pathetic ball club at all. They were moving the ball at will and beating the Giants defense to the punch on most plays. At the end of the day, I understand the only thing that matters is winning but tell that to the Giants Nation who have had to endure these close games each and every week. There is a lack of consistency that cannot be denied and quite frankly, it is becoming unnerving. The G-Men had way too many penalties again, finishing the game with seven and too many dropped passes by the WR’s and TE’s. The running game needs to pick it up and the defense has been giving up a lot of big plays. They will need to make some corrections before the elite teams come to town.

The Giants will play the Patriots in New England next Sunday at 4:15 PM EST. That gives the Giants one week to make the proper adjustments needed before the storm hits.

Let’s take a look at some of my notes from the game.

QB Eli Manning – Manning played an outstanding game today and got little help from his teammates that dropped passes. He finished with 349 yards 2 TD’s 0 INT’s.

RB Ahmad Bradshaw – Bradshaw had a decent game and left for x-rays in the second half but still returned. He finished with 50 yards rushing and 38 yards receiving.

WR Hakeem Nicks – Nicks had a good game and finished with 68 yards 0 TD’s. He gets all of the attention from opposing DB’s.

DE Jason Pierre-Paul – It seems like JPP gets a sack in every single game and today was no different. He got 1 sack late in the contest.

LB Michael Boley – Boley led the entire defense in tackles and continues to be a force on the field.

RB Brandon Jacobs – Jacobs did not have a very good “return from injury” game today. He finished with 10 yards and a fumble.

DE Osi Umenyiora – Osi has been making his presence felt on the field and finished with 1 sack today.

LB Mathias Kiwanuka – Kiwi was all over the place today and finished with 1.5 sacks.

WR Mario Manningham – Super Mario had a very nice game today and finished with 63 yards and 1 TD.

S Antrel Rolle – Rolle had his usual good game today but he also has some fans saying he gives up too many big plays.

CB Aaron Ross – Ross had a nice game today and is filling in nicely for Terrell Thomas while he is on the mend.

TE Jake Ballard – Big Jake is really becoming a fan favorite now and continues to produce on the field. He finished with 55 yards today.

WR Victor Cruz – You have to love this kid. Cruz went out and had another great game by leading all WR’s, finishing with 99 yards and 1 TD.

DE Justin Tuck – Tuck made his return to the field today after missing a month to injury, he finished with a 1/2  sack.

CB Prince Amukamara – The rookie Prince was back at practice this week and should have his debut sometime in November.

LB Greg Jones – The rookie LB Jones had a solid game and finished second on the team in tackles.

OL Chris Snee – Snee was able to return to the field today after dealing with a concussion. It was good to see him back out there.

CB Corey Webster – C-Web had a terrific game and got the 4th quarter INT that sealed the win for Big Blue.

P Steve Weatherford – The Weatherman put together another nice game and has fans exhaling about the punting group.

K Lawrence Tynes – Tynes made both of his FG attempts and both of his extra point attempts. He is having a good year.

Giants Defense – The Giants defense did not play very well today. They allowed way too many yards and points to an inferior team. It was hard to watch this game.

Giants Offense – The Giants offense was making plays but the running game was awful today. Manning was balling but the supporting cast kept dropping passes.

Giants Special Teams – The Giants special teams is mediocre and will need some serious tweaking during the offseason.

What did you think about the Giants performance at home against the Dolphins?

RD – nygreporter.com

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Giants are Facing Possessed Miami Dolphins Team on Sunday

October 26, 2011

NEW YORK – The Giants “experts” and most football fans believe that the G-Men will run all over the Dolphins on Sunday. My advice to all of those thinking this is an easy win is to remain quiet until after the game. The Dolphins have been disrespected and pushed around all year. The worst thing about this team is they have absolutely nothing to lose by playing crazy. By playing crazy I mean doing things out of the ordinary and making crazy plays like it was a meaningless Pro Bowl game. I think DC Perry Fewell needs to keep the players on their toes this week in practice and prepare them for some funky college-type madness.

The Dolphins are 0-6 so far this year and trust me, Coach Coughlin does not want to be the guy to give them their first win. He will have his team ready to play and the recent news of DE Justin Tuck, RB Brandon Jacobs, OL Chris Snee and rookie CB Prince Amukamara practicing is very encouraging. All four of them are returning from injuries. The G-Men will need all hands on deck to compete with the elite teams they face in the second half this year. Dolphins QB Matt Moore was banged up in last weeks game but is expected to play against the Giants this weekend. Still, the Dolphins went out and signed QB JP Losman to back him up in case the sack happy Giants knock him out of the game. Miami has not stopped tinkering with their roster for months now. This might be one of the reasons why they are 0-6. These players keep getting new blood rotated into the locker room and have no real chemistry with each other.

Miami has the 19th ranked overall offense and the 23rd ranked defense in the NFL. If not for their winless record, you would think they were a middle of the pack team (on the low end of course). Most experts have them ranked in the bottom three teams for the entire NFL. The Giants are ranked 11th overall for offense and 22nd for defense. After last weekends heartbreaking loss to QB Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos, late in the fourth quarter, I fully expect the Dolphins to play like a possessed team this weekend. They have a lot of pride down there in Miami and will look to save face by beating Big Blue at home. If the G-Men beat the Dolphins and improve to 5-2 on the year, the next best thing that could happen would be the Eagles beating the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football and knocking each other deeper into the middle of the pack of the NFC East. The Giants and Dolphins will play this Sunday at 1:00 PM EST at MetLife stadium.

What concerns you the most about the Giants playing the Dolphins this weekend?

RD – nygreporter.com

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NFL Week 7: New York Giants, Bye Week

October 23, 2011

NEW YORK – The New York Giants had their bye week this weekend and hopefully the players are getting healthy with their time off. News of players returning to their home towns or vacation homes were all over the news this week. For example, safeties Antrel Rolle and Kenny Phillips made it perfectly clear they would be heading down to Miami during the break. Other players headed to Massachusetts like LB Mark Herzlich and others went to small towns all across America. I’m glad the guys will be getting a much deserved break before the hard part of the schedule begins. Many fans are very excited to see rookie CB Prince Amukamara get on the field for the first time. The secondary could use a boost of talent and Prince might be able to provide a spark.

The two most important scores I will be giving you today are the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys scores. The Giants needed both of these division rivals to lose to keep a solid pace in dominating the NFC East and making it back to the playoffs. The first game up today was the Redskins game. The Panthers came through for Big Blue and beat the Redskins 33-20. QB Cam Newton is the future of football and runs like a big Mike Vick who can actually throw the ball too. Washington now falls to 3-3 on the year and stays in second place in the NFC East.

The second game on today was the Cowboys game. Unfortunately, the Cowboys didn’t oblige Giants fans this weekend, they beat the Rams thoroughly 34-7 and improved to 3-3. It seems like the Redskins were playing better then their 3-3 record and the Cowboys were playing much worse then their 3-3 record. In reality, they are both only one game out of first place. You can bet the Giants will be doing everything in their power to hold onto first place and keep both of these teams at bay.

It will be nice to see Big Blue get back to work next weekend (10/30/11) when they play the Miami Dolphins at 1:00 PM EST. I expect the Dolphins to play like a bunch of crazed dogs (Thank you Mr. Taylor) after another heartbreaking loss to the Broncos and QB Tim Tebow today. Congrats to Tebow on winning his first NFL football game as a starting QB.

Are you relieved that the Giants bye week has now officially come and gone?

RD – nygreporter.com

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New York Giants Bye Week Survival Tips

October 21, 2011

NEW YORK – We here at nygreporter understand how difficult it can be for a true blue Giants fan to endure the dreaded bye week. It seems like it becomes much harder each year to sit out a weekend and root for whoever plays our rivals. So I thought we would give you some tips on how to make it through the worst week in the NFL season for Giants fans. Some of you may have read our article called New York Giants 2011 NFL Lockout Survival Kit and this article will be similar to that one. Try to stay sane and remember that it is only one week.

The first thing we will look at, is the opponents of our division rivals and who Giants fans will need to root for this weekend. The two teams that Big Blue fans need to root for this weekend are the Carolina Panthers and St. Louis Rams. The Panthers play the Redskins on Sunday at 1PM EST and the Rams face the Cowboys at 4:15 PM EST. We need both of these teams to lose so the Giants continue to lockdown the NFC East. The final team in the NFC East, the Philadelphia Eagles, are also on a bye week this weekend and probably “dreaming” about making the playoffs this year. Hopefully, QB Cam Newton will ball on Washington and knock them down a peg because believe it or not, the Redskins are a bigger threat to Big Blue this year.

I still say every Giants fan should own a copy of Super Bowl XLII on DVD for an occasion like this. Having copies of the glory days in 1986 and 1990 wouldn’t hurt either. Sitting down and watching those games is extremely uplifting and something that should be done once per year anyway. Check out the Giants shop for merchandise and gear. You can find a link to the Giants store on the sidebar of our website here. I know that some of the items there are expensive but they also have some reasonable prices on other items. Buying a piece of Giants merchandise might make you feel better. You can also hit twitter and talk Giants football with other fans. There is nothing better then having a good conversation with Giants fans who know what they are talking about. You can also go to Giants.com and check out any contests they may be running. This would be a perfect week (bye week) to hold an annual fan contest, don’t you think Giants? wink wink

Another possibility for this weekend is to get out of the house with your family or friends and take in some of this fall weather before it gets too cold. Once the boys get back on the field, it is unlikely that die hard fans will miss a single game. So take advantage of the break and go have some fun. Take your kids to the park or out for lunch. Take your girl to the mall. Take your man out to shoot some pool or go bowling. The most important thing is to enjoy yourself and figure out what suits you the best. I hope our readers find this helpful and I hope you enjoy your off weekend.

What will you be doing during the bye week?

RD – nygreporter.com

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Giants Become King of the Mountain in NFC East

October 18, 2011

NEW YORK – The New York Giants have done what they needed to do before the bye week. They have won more games then they’ve lost and have entered the bye week on a high note. They are in first place in the NFC East and face the lowly Dolphins (0-5) upon their return to the field in two weeks. Only three teams in the entire NFC have a better record then Big Blue (Packers, 49ers and Lions) which will help them out with their playoff hopes down the line. Other NFC East teams like the Cowboys and Eagles will find it extremely difficult to make it to the playoffs this year with their pitiful records. The Redskins have played surprisingly well this year including beating the G-men in week one. The Giants will have an opportunity for some payback in week fifteen when they face the Redskins again at home.

Enough about the future for now, let’s enjoy the fact that New York is in first place and playing pretty good football considering they lost 1/5 of the team to injury. Even Coach Coughlin couldn’t help himself in a press conference this week by saying he hopes to get some of his guys back after the bye week. Don’t we all Coach! We have to give credit to these rookies and second string players who have really stepped up and made a difference. Rookies like LB Jacquian Williams, LB Greg Jones, S Tyler Sash and LB Mark Herzlich have really made an impact. RB Da’Rel Scott has shown flashes of what he can do when given an opportunity. Other players like CB Aaron Ross, P Steve Weatherford, WR Victor Cruz and TE Jake Ballard have also helped out tremendously. With week six behind us, the Giants find themselves ranked the 12th best offense in the NFL and the 20th ranked defense. Keep in mind, the defense took a particularly brutal hit with injuries that decimated their secondary and linebacker corps.

The Giants will get an entire week off to rest and then get back to work next week for the remainder of the season. I hope the players get a much deserved rest and come back ready for the fight of their lives. Giants fans will have to wait out the bye week to see their team play but it may be prefect timing. You never want your bye week to arrive too early or too late in a season. Having a week seven, eight or nine bye week is preferable to the week five or eleven bye weeks. So in that sense, the G-men were lucky. I really believe the Giants have a good shot at winning the NFC East this year. They will need to win six of their final ten games to have a shot at doing that and a shot at making it to the playoffs. Winning seven games would be even better but for now, the G-Men are King of the Mountain. The Giants next game will be October 30, 2011 at 1:00 PM EST against the Miami Dolphins at MetLife stadium.

Do you think the Giants can continue their winning ways after the bye week and the beginning of their brutal schedule?

RD – nygreporter.com

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NFL Week 6: Giants vs. Bills, Game Notes

October 16, 2011

NEW YORK – I’ve mentioned how I truly felt this was a must win game for the Giants. I wrote an entire article about this a few days ago. The Giants must have read it because they were able to get the win today by beating the Bills 27-24 in a battle. After losing to the lowly Seahawks last weekend, the G-Men needed not only a moral victory this weekend but also another “W” in the standings to keep their playoff hopes within reach. The Giants were also without some key players today including RB Brandon Jacobs, OL Chris Snee and DE Justin Tuck, all sitting out due to injury.

This was really an entertaining game to watch. I thought I was going to have a heart attack at certain points in the game because it was filled with so much drama. The first half of the game was going back and forth. The Giants gave up two huge plays that made up the majority of the Bills offensive production. Still, both teams went into the locker room tied 17-17. The second half was equally entertaining and saw the game go back and forth once more with both teams being tied 24-24 with under two minutes left in the game. The Giants had the ball at the end of the game and drove down the field to the Buffalo 1 yard line. The Giants were unable to score a TD but K Lawrence Tynes knocked a FG through to give the G-men a 27-24 lead. That was all they would need to secure the victory and improve to 4-2 on the season.

The Giants definitely needed this win as they head into the bye week next weekend. The players need the rest and the team needed this win to keep up in the NFC. They are still committing too many penalties and will need to work on that during the break. Giants fans will have to endure the hated “bye week” and try to pretend they are interested in the other NFL games. They will be rooting for whoever plays the Cowboys, Eagles and Redskins, you can count on that.

Let’s take a look at my notes from the game.

QB Eli Manning – Manning seems to be improving week to week. He had another solid game and finished with 292 yards 0 TD’s and 0 INT’s. His one TD pass was called back.

RB Ahmad Bradshaw – Bradshaw is a beast and might have had the best game of his career today. He finished with 104 yards rushing, 26 yards receiving and 3 TD’s.

WR Hakeem Nicks – Nicks led all receivers with 96 yards on 4 receptions. He was quiet most of the game but still contributed.

CB Corey Webster – Webster gets my defensive game ball for coming up huge in this game with 2 INT’s. Nice to see C-Webb playing well out there.

DE Osi Umenyiora – Who still thinks Osi isn’t worth elite money? You’re crazy! Osi had another good game and finished with 1 sack.

LB Mathias Kiwanuka – Kiwi was balling today and had a solid game. He finished with 1 sack and 1 forced fumble.

S Antrel Rolle – Rolle was all over the field as usual and making plays. Fans love this guy and I can see why.

WR Mario Manningham – Super Mario had a nice game and finished with 56 yards. He had a nice TD late in the game but couldn’t hold onto the ball.

DE Jason Pierre-Paul – How do you Spell JPP? B-E-A-S-T! JPP had another great game and finished with 1 sack.

LB Jacquian Williams – The rookie LB had a quieter game then he normally does. He is still going to be a force in the NFL.

RB Brandon Jacobs – Jacobs had to sit out his second straight game due to a knee injury. Get well soon Brandon!

WR Victor Cruz – Cruz continues to make big strides and had another game where he saw extended playing time.

DE Justin Tuck – Tuck had to sit out another game due to his neck injury. He will get the bye week next week to rest more.

LB Michael Boley – Boley is awesome and led all defensive tacklers for the G-Men. I love this guy!

S Kenny Phillips – Phillips got a bit banged up in this game but played through it. He had a solid game today.

TE Jake Ballard – Ballard is quickly becoming one of Manning’s favorite targets. He had another great game and finished with 81 yards.

CB Aaron Ross – Ross had a good game and made some nice tackles out there today.

LB Greg Jones – The rookie LB Jones had another quiet game today as Big Blue was trying out a 4-2-5 defense.

C David Baas – Baas was able to return to the field this week after missing last weeks game against the Seahawks.

P Steve Weatherford – The Weatherman continues to pay dividends after the Giants brought him on board. Great punter.

K Lawrence Tynes – Tynes made two of his three FG attempts and made all three of his extra point attempts.

Giants Defense – Despite giving up some huge plays and a ton of yardage, the Giants finished with 3 sacks, 2 INT’s and 1 forced fumble.

Giants Offense – The Giants offense had a great game today. I really liked how they spread the ball around and made plays when they had to.

Giants Special Teams – The special teams played a pretty good game despite allowing a blocked FG attempt by Tynes.

What did you think about the Giants performance against the Bills this weekend?

RD – nygreporter.com

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The Giants Must Beat The Buffalo Bills on Sunday

October 13, 2011

NEW YORK – I know that some of our readers will say that I am out of my mind but I truly believe the game against the Bills this Sunday is a must win. The argument goes back and forth all the time about this subject of “must win” games. I was very vocal about the Giants needing five wins before the bye week in order to have a good shot at making the playoffs. There is no way they can do that now but getting four wins will help a lot more then going into the bye week at the 500 mark with a 3-3 record. Asking Big Blue to win at least seven of the final ten games is a huge task and very difficult to imagine with such a depleted roster due to injuries. I have faith in my team but that is a remarkably difficult obstacle to overcome.

What was once a “easy win” on the schedule has become anything but that. The Buffalo Bills are one of the hottest teams in the NFL this year and will give the G-Men a run for their money. I still believe the Giants have the talent to win this game but a lot of factors will need to come together in order to do so. The biggest thing the Giants must do is not turn the ball over. The Giants have so many players injured, that they may have to re-think their entire insurance policy for players or they could go broke. I get physically sick when I think about the past three years and the absolute dismantling of my beloved Giants due to injury. It has become a running joke among football fans and is truly embarrassing. You can save the whole “it’s a part of the game” speech when talking to me because I don’t want to hear it. Many fans feel like I do and don’t mind losing a game if our starters are on the field and they get outplayed. Losing a dozen guys within the first two weeks is simply horrible and absolutely effects a football team.

Everyone will be giving you their “expert” opinions and strategies for this game, so I will spare you my own opinion. The only thing I have to say to Big Blue is win the game. I don’t care how you do it but the team needs this win, the fans need this win and your playoff hopes need this win. I projected five wins for the Giants in the second half of their schedule before the season started. I am sticking to my prediction and hope that I am wrong. If the Giants enter the bye week at 3-3, I am going to say the chance of them missing the playoffs for a third straight year is about 75%. These are only my opinions and as I said, I hope that I’m wrong.

RD – nygreporter.com

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NFL Week 5: Giants vs. Seahawks, Game Notes

October 10, 2011

NEW YORK – The Giants needed to beat the Seahawks in order to start the season at 4-1 and gain some serious ground in the NFC. They were not able to do this and lost 36-25 in a heartbreaker. Everyone expected the Giants to win this game, even though the Seahawks statistically had a better defense then Big Blue. The achilles heal for Seattle was the fact that they also had the worst offense in the NFL, ranked dead last at 32. The Giants drop to 3-2 on the year and have to figure out how to recover from losing to the worst offense in the NFL.

The Giants defense had been a bit shaky in the backfield so far this year and I thought the Seattle game plan would be to continually throw the ball back there and see what happens. I was correct and a 2nd string QB took us to town. I mean the Seahawks couldn’t do worse then being dead last right? So they had nothing to lose by playing “Hail Mary” football. My pre-game advice for the Giants was to concentrate on the defensive backfield and let the defensive ends do their thing. The game was going back and forth like a playground ride and the players went into the locker room at halftime tied 14-14. I was sure the Giants would come out fired up for the second half but it never panned out that way.

In the end, it looked liked the Giants would prevail but then the wheels came off in the 4th quarter. It is hard to describe how it all went down because it was such a confusing game to watch. The turnovers and penalties did nothing to clear the fog of war from my eyes either. It was another sloppy game for both teams and really annoying to watch on TV. The Giants will need to instill some discipline in their game plan before the second half of this brutal schedule starts. Elite teams will capitalize off those errors and run up the score on Big Blue. I’m sure Coach Coughlin will be preaching discipline in their next practice session.

Let’s take a look at some of my notes from the game.

QB Eli Manning – Manning had a better game then the final stats show. He finished with 420 yards 3 TD’s and 3 INT’s. Two of those INT’s were not his fault.

RB Ahmad Bradshaw – Bradshaw had a good game and finished with 58 yards on the ground and 27 yards receiving.

WR Hakeem Nicks – Nicks was quiet most of the game but still finished with 65 yards and 1 TD.

DE Justin Tuck – Tuck did not play in this game and is on the mend from a recent injury.

S Antrel Rolle – Rolle had his usual hard hitting day and finished second on the defense in tackles.

WR Mario Manningham – Super Mario had a good game and finished with 56 yards and 0 TD’s.

DE Jason Pierre-Paul – JPP continued his monster season by finishing with 2.5 sacks. The guy is a beast!

LB Michael Boley – Boley had a great game and was all over the field as usual.

TE Jake Ballard – Ballard was balling and finished with 72 yards and 1 TD. This guy has come a long way.

C David Baas – Baas missed playing in this game due to injury and boy did the team see a difference. There were a bunch of botched snaps in this game.

DE Osi Umenyiora – Osi has been on fire since returning to the field and finished with 1.5 sacks and a forced fumble.

LB Jacquian Williams – The rookie LB led the team in tackles once again this week and seems to be the steal of the draft for Big Blue thus far.

WR Victor Cruz – Cruz had a break out game by finishing with 161 yards and 1 TD. He has come along nicely since being injected into the starting offense.

LB Mathias Kiwanuka – Kiwi was lining up all over the field and finished with 1 sack. It’s fun watching this guy play the game.

S Deon Grant – Grant had a nice game and was administering some hard hits out there. He also finished the game with 1 sack.

RB Brandon Jacobs – Jacobs had to sit this game out due to injury and I think the team missed him in the running attack.

LB Greg Jones – The rookie Jones had a quiet day but still seems to be improving week to week.

CB Aaron Ross – Ross and the backfield had a rough day but Ross still managed to grab 1 INT.

K Lawrence Tynes – Tynes made 1 FG and both of his extra point attempts. No complaints from me about his season so far.

P Steve Weatherford – The Weatherman had another good game and continues to be a bright spot on Special Teams.

Giants Defense – The Giants let the worst offense in the entire NFL beat them and put 36 points on the board. If you look at their final stat line, it wouldn’t appear that way. They finished with 6 sacks, 1 INT and 2 forced fumbles.

Giants Offense – The Giants offense was having a tough time putting points on the board and their running game seemed non-existent. They had a decent game that could have been better.

Giants Special Teams – The achilles heel of Big Blue did the best they could once again. Still coming up short of acceptable game play.

What did you think about the Giants performance against the Seahawks this weekend?

RD – nygreporter.com

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New York Giants Have a Great Opportunity This Weekend

October 6, 2011

NEW YORK – The Giants have a great opportunity to start the year 4-1. Nobody, including myself, thought the G-Men would start off so strong this year because of all of the injuries the team had to endure. I wouldn’t say that I am shocked by this solid first quarter of the season because I know this team very well and I know how much talent they have. Let’s just say that I’m happy it started this way. Giants GM Jerry Reese did the best he could this offseason with limited funds, the lockout frenzy and a ton of players to sign. However, he could not get deals done for a lot of fan favorites including WR Steve Smith, TE Kevin Boss and DT Barry Cofield. But more then that, we had some veterans leave the team like OL Rich Seubert and C Shaun O’Hara. Couple all of that information with the complete devastation the injury bug waged on the team and it becomes rather easy to see why fans became skeptical.

Everyone seemed effected except the Giants themselves. I am a firm believer that pep talks cannot replace talent on the field. I will stick to that story my entire life. But there is no way to look at the early success of the G-Men without giving credit to the rookies and second string players who have stepped up. And let’s not forget about QB Eli Manning who seemed to come to life after a week one loss to the Redskins. I guess what I am trying to say is, the story of this season so far has been the true team effort in every sense of the phrase. The total team effort shown by the Giants has been exceptional. They will slowly begin to get players back from injury and when they do, it will be difficult to shake up the roster if they continue this winning streak. I know it sounds crazy but trust me, the coaches will be doing a lot of thinking.

The Giants face the Seahawks this weekend (10/9/11 at 1:00 PM EST). Every Giants fan wants to beat up the Seahawks because of memories from recent games against them. After they play the Seahawks they have only one more game before the bye week. That team is the re-energized and revamped Buffalo Bills (10/16/11 at 1:00 PM EST). You can’t be a football fan and not root for the Bills to do well. Just not when they play the Giants of course. After those two games, the G-Men go into their bye week. I hope they get a ton of rest because when they get done with that, the schedule becomes evil. Some sick guy in the NFL thought it would be a good idea to schedule the Giants against almost every elite team the NFL has to offer. It is not going to be easy but getting as many wins as they can get before the break will be crucial to their playoff hopes. They have the talent and drive to get back to the postseason, that much I am sure of. The next two teams we play are beatable and it is up to Big Blue to get the job done.

Are you surprised by the tremendous 3-1 start to the 2011 season for Big Blue?

RD – nygreporter.com

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