Giants vs. Titans, NFL Week 3: Game Notes

September 26, 2010

NEW YORK – The Giants lost to the Titans today by the score of 29-10 in a very bad game. Notice how I am not using the angry man tone in favor of the “I’m just really disappointed in you” voice. That’s the tone for this game, a head shaker and at times unbearable to watch. It hurts me to even have to write about the Giants like this but millions of people saw exactly what I did. There is no defending the team on this one, the players have to take responsibility for this one and move forward.

The fans have started asking for head coach Tom Coughlin to be fired. This is not going to happen and if Coach Coughlin decides to retire next year or if the Giants decide to find another coach (Cowher) then so be it. I’m a fan of Tom Coughlin. Let’s not forget what he inherited and how much character he brought to the organization. People are entitled to their opinions but let’s stay classy Giants fans. Trying to get a coach or player fired from making a living is not cool.

So many things went wrong in this game that I honestly do not feel like listing them all here for you. The team knows what happened, the fans saw what happened and I’m too drained to give a lengthy breakdown of all that went wrong. I will make it short and sweet. The offense played poorly even though they moved the ball, the defense played decent but seemed to lose it in the fourth quarter and the special teams were not very good at all. I would feel like I was picking on the team by describing this atrocious game.

There were some players who I thought had a good game, including RB Ahmad Bradshaw, WR Steve Smith, TE Kevin Boss, WR Mario Manningham, S Kenny Phillips, DE Mathias Kiwanuka. I’m sure I’m missing one or two guys but these stood out the most. QB Eli Manning was 34/48 for 386 yards 0 TD’s 2 INT’s. He needs to take control of the offense again by having a great game against their next opponent, the Chicago Bears on Sunday. The team will need to dig down deep for week four and pull out a win before things get out of hand. They should be 2-1 right now, let’s not make it 1-3 next week.

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2010 Fantasy Football, Big Blue Projections and Tips

September 22, 2010

NEW YORK – Do you play fantasy football? Are you a Giants fan? If you answered yes to both of these questions and feel like you are a mediocre fantasy player or novice, then you have come to the right place. I am going to offer some nygreporter fantasy football advice and include my projections for Giants players. Other NFL players will be included, simply because they are tops their respective value lists. We are now heading into week three of the NFL regular season and this is the week where you begin to panic about certain players, my advice is don’t panic. Plan for the future and check your bye weeks. Check the waiver lists but do not panic.

If you are an experienced fantasy football player and find some of this information remedial to you, please feel free to add any fantasy advice you may have for our readers in the comment section below. We are always open to hearing opinions or strategies because this is after all for the fantasy football team owners. Plus, even I love to learn anything new or fresh about the fantasy sports world. In fact, I will leave a TIP area open for your fantasy football tip and the best one will get edited in and you will get credit for it. Simply leave a comment below, you do not need to be a member to leave a comment.

If you feel like you still have some fantasy related questions, please feel free to leave a comment and we would be happy to give you our opinion. Fantasy football and fantasy sports in general can become addicting. You have been warned. Enjoy the season!

Let’s take a look at some nygreporter fantasy tips.

TIP: What do I love more then anything during week five of the NFL season? Picking up players who had their bye week in week four. This way, the bye week is over and you won’t be concerned with having to monitor this player or defense for the rest of the season. You can pretty much forget about that player unless he has an injury and getting a good defense when the bye week has passed, allows you to stick with one defense for the rest of the year, opening up an extra roster space for another skill position.

TIP: If you want to win, then get a routine. This is a simple step but mostly overlooked. There are some users who play fantasy sports who don’t rally care about the outcome. Other get into a routine where they do all the research to give themselves a better chance at winning. The routine is the key. You must make a checklist of things that need to be checked every weekend. That includes bye week status, injuries, opposing offense or defense rankings, home team, checking your lineup and so forth. You get the idea.

TIP: Checking fantasy players for dummies. This is like the cliff notes for doing a proper player search for the novice. Use the “percent owned” option, this will list the players based upon the amount of total fantasy users. That means if a player is owned by 90% of fantasy players, there is a solid chance that the fantasy community as a whole, know what they are talking about. There are millions of fantasy players using these games and 90% of them agreeing on a players value is priceless.

TIP: Every single Sunday at noon, you must watch the pre game shows and check your fantasy football rosters. You watch those pre game shows because that is when the injury report comes out, usually within an hour of the 1 o’clock kickoffs. Most fantasy football sites allow you to change your roster up to 5 minutes before kick off.

TIP: Your drafts are more then likely already completed. For those of you who are joining your leagues late, here is some draft advice. Be sure to check the settings for your league before you draft. Now that users can make custom leagues, players have to be sure they are getting into a league they will like. Head to Head is always the easiest and most fun IMO. Rotisserie is another option but much more stressful and annoying, not for the faint of heart either. Always que players prior to the actual draft and do a customized player ranking. This is a fail safe in case you cannot get out of work and miss a LIVE draft. I prefer to do the LIVE drafts over the automated ones. If you do an automated draft, be sure to immediately check the waiver wire for players using the “percentage owned” option.

TIP: I do not recommend anyone playing fantasy football for money until at least one season being tutored by an experienced player. There are many websites where you can legally play for money. CBS Sports was the first to do so but others have now emerged that are poised to change the fantasy sports world forever. Websites, like the brand new FantaZ fantasy sports site are the future of online gaming for real money and a ton of fun. You can play for free on the FantaZ site if you like to learn the game or play for money. Sign up early for the expected October launch date.

TIP: Talking trash in good clean fun is part of the game. There are some who get carried away though and allow themselves to become belligerent. Do not be this guy/girl. You may find yourself invited to private leagues and make some friends who sign up each and every year because of the atmosphere of the league. Yes, leagues have atmospheres. You may hear of a “dead” league. This is a place where no one trades or talks or uses the boards. These are the leagues that you check once per week and thats it. The “fun” league is self explanatory. Cursing and acting like an idiot has no place in fantasy where kids can be playing for fun.

TIP: BEST Fantasy Football TIP From Reader Comment GOES HERE!!!


1. QB Eli Manning – I expect QB Eli Manning to improve on his career year in 2009. He should be good for 250 yards and 2 TD’s 1 INT per game average IMO. I am only adding the 1 INT because of all the tipped and dropped balls by the WR group so far this year. I have already been quoted as saying, I believe Eli Manning will make the 2010 pro bowl, I stand by what I said and know that I am looking at a calm, cool and collected veteran quarterback. My top 3 fantasy QB’s – Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady

2. WR Hakeem Nicks – Hakeem Nicks has become the favorite target for Easy Eli. He has 4 TD’s so far this year in two games and seems to be on the cusp of stardom. Nicks could end up averaging 2 TD’s per game the rest of the season if he stays healthy. His enormous hands like frying pans and strong build make him a perfect candidate to join the elite WR’s one day, if not this season. I also see Nicks as a record setter for Big Blue. He can easily end up with the single season TD record and yards and YAC records. My top 3 fantasy WR’s – Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne, Larry Fitzgerald

3. WR Steve Smith – Smith has been quiet so far this year and you know what, that is just the way he likes it. Smith could easily end up with the most receptions for Big Blue in 2010. 7-8 catches per game for 90-100 yards. I gave Steve Smith the nickname “The Silent Assassin” a long time ago for this very reason. He comes out of nowhere with clutch grabs and when the game is over, the defenses are scratching their heads. My top 3 fantasy WR’s – Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne, Larry Fitzgerald

4. RB Ahmad Bradshaw – Somewhere along the road, the Giants became a passing offense. Bradshaw has worked to become the starting RB and I expect him to average 100 yards and a TD every single game. He is a dynamic running back that can be very elusive on the field. If he can stay healthy, he may prove to be a huge asset. If RB Brandon Jacobs can be cool with the situation in New York, they will be the dynamic duo again, just inverted. Nothing wrong with tiring out the opposing defense from speed, running and making them chase you, before you wear them out from a physical pounding. My top 3 fantasy RB’s – Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice

5. Team DefenseSpeaking from a strictly fantasy point perspective, the Giants defense should give their owners a steady amount of positive weekly points. For the season average, I expect them to have 2 sacks, 1 INT, 1 FF per game as an average in 2010. They may give up an average of 18-24 points per game but they will also lay the wood on opposing offenses. The points will come mostly from the extra stats but this defense is more then capable of shutting out a team or two this year as well. My top 3 fantasy defenses – Packers, Ravens, Steelers

How many fantasy football leagues are you in for the 2010 NFL season? You do not need to be a member to leave a comment below.

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NYG Jacobs Throws a Tantrum; Asks to be Traded

September 20, 2010

NEW YORK – The morning after and embarrassing loss to the Indianapolis Colts, the New York Giants’ former thousand yard rusher asks for a trade, this according to Sports Illustrated and numerous other sources. RB Brandon Jacobs, who had back to back thousand plus yard seasons in 2007 and 2008 (despite missing a few games in each season) has not seen anywhere near that success since the departure of Derrick Ward. In this still very fresh season, Jacobs is averaging 3.3 yards per carry, and only had 8 yards on 4 carries last night.

It should also be noted that he had a mishap in the third quarter in which his helmet ended about ten rows deep in the lap of a Colts’ fan. Jacobs claims he was frustrated and told reporters that he did not attempt to throw his helmet into the stands it merely got caught on his fingers. The league is investigating the incident and it is likely that Jacobs will be fined.

Jacobs did not see another carry the rest of the night after the incident occurred and ESPN reports that when asked about this Jacobs once again lost his temper. This isn’t the first time Jacobs lost his cool over playing time. In the preseason, Jacobs was demoted to backup behind RB Ahmad Bradshaw and Jacobs was furious. While that was only a short while ago, it is discouraging to see that he was not able to work through this time in his career.

While seeing a Giant who was truly a Big Blue icon turn sour is sad, it is even worse to look at the depth chart and realize trading him may not be an option. Behind Jacobs, on the roster, are DJ Ware and return man Reynaud. D.J. has shown some promise, but his running style is none too different from that of Bradshaw and would not be a good change of pace back in this situation. The only way Jacobs would be dealt is if another back was given in return.

That being said, it is hard to gauge how much interest their will be for a seemingly washed up bruiser like Jacobs. Few teams play the bruising style and it is hard to know who would be interested in his services. A few name come to immediate mind though.

Buffalo may be the most obvious option. None of their backs have seen outstanding production as injuries have pushed C.J. Spiller into the starting role. There has been some speculation that they are trying to move on of their backs though so bringing another one in, or even trading one for one, doesn’t make much sense. Another name in the mix might be Oakland, although McFadden had a decent game yesterday nothing Al Davis does can come as a surprise anymore.

It would be very difficult to see Jacobs leave, especially on these terms. Unless he can turn it around just like Osi did earlier this year, I think he has to go. There is no sense in keeping around an unruly and unhappy back if he isn’t producing, what’s the point. If the Giants can find any hint of value, I urge Jerry Reese to pull the trigger on this one.

Josh Berman-

Giants vs. Colts, NFL Week 2: Game Notes

September 20, 2010

NEW YORK – Manning Bowl II did not disappoint fans, as the two brothers were slinging the ball like they were playing in their backyard or in the street, using parking signs and mailbox’s as touchdown markers. I would love to tell our readers this but it just wouldn’t be true. The game was pretty much a sleeper in the first half and Big Blue did not play very well. The Colts offense was making it look easy, marching down the field against the Giants at will. The second half of the game wasn’t any better. The Giants lost 38-14.

There were still too many penalties and the Giants special teams still needs a lot of work. The Giants offense was anemic the first half. In truth, they were almost non-existent. The Colts were just eating away the clock, with these long precise drives that didn’t leave the G-men much time to work with. When the Giants finally did get the ball, the Colts defense stood their ground. This was a very odd battle I witnessed tonight and I truly don’t know what to make of it.

This game brought back memories of the 2009 season when nothing was going right for Big Blue. It was a painful game to watch. The final stats are a little off because the Colts gave up a garbage TD to the G-men playing zone, late in the fourth quarter. What made this even more disappointing was waiting all day (game started at 8:20 PM) to see such a poor performance. The Giants are going to need to do some serious soul searching to find out if they are the team that beat the Panthers last week or the team that got crushed by the Colts last night.

Let’s take a look at some of my notes from the game.

– The Giants looked very sluggish the first half of the game. The second half was no better.

– The Colts won the opening coin toss.

– QB Eli Manning had a horrible game. He finished 13/24 for 161 yards 2 TD’s 1 INT.

– S Kenny Phillips left the game at the end of the first quarter. He returned in the second quarter.

– Colts QB Peyton Manning played a very methodical game and was in the zone the first half. He finished 20/26 255 yards 3 TD’s. This guy is still the best QB in the NFL.

– The Colts defense played much better then their 23rd overall defensive ranking.

– The Giants were penalized 6 times for 55 yards in the game.

– Returner RB Darius Reynaud has not shown much since he was signed. He averaged 12 yards returning last night.

– The Giants had four players ruled out for this game, they are LB Chase Blackburn, TE Kevin Boss, LB Phillip Dillard and OL William Beatty.

– DE Justin Tuck left the game in the second quarter. He returned later in the game.

– The Giants offensive line gave up 4 sacks but also allowed Eli Manning to get knocked around the whole game (Dwight Freeney is not from Earth).

– RB Ahmad Bradshaw lead all Giants rushers with 89 yards on 17 carries.

– The Giants defense gave up way too many rushing yards (160) against a primarily passing team in the Colts.

– WR Mario Manningham lead all Giants wide receivers with 4 catches for 75 yards and a TD.

– RB Brandon Jacobs had another mediocre game by his standards. He finished with 4 rushes for eight yards. He was also involved in some bizarre helmet throwing incident into the crowd.

– Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell did as good of a job as you can do against QB Peyton Manning.

– Rookie WR Victor Cruz made his NFL debut last night.

– LB Michael Boley lead the defense in tackles with a total of eleven.

– The Colts dominated the time of possession game a lot more then their time of 35:06 shows.

– Rookie punter Matt Dodge had a better game but special teams still needs work.

– The Giants were down 24-0 at halftime. The first half was difficult to watch, to say the least, nothing went right for Big Blue.

Were you surprised by the outcome of the Giants vs. Colts game or did it pretty much go how you thought it would go?

RD –


Manning Bowl II Game Day Chatter, The Long Wait

September 19, 2010

NEW YORK – Good morning Giants fans! I suggest you enjoy your breakfast, go for a jog or maybe get some shopping out of the way. Why do I suggest staying busy? Because it is going to be a very long day waiting for the 8:20 PM EST kickoff. I am writing this article to give you a few minutes of entertainment about Big Blue, as you watch the clock slowly grind the minutes away until kickoff.

This is going to be a good game. I give this game a ninety percent chance of living up to the hype. If you read our previous article, then you know I am taking brother Eli to win this game. I see the Giants winning by three points and I would not be surprised at all if this turned into an instant classic. These two love each other but when Peyton and Eli get on the field, trust me, they want to beat each other. Fans continue to read about how their parents are going to have a hard time watching this game. I’m sure they will be on hand to console whichever brother losses and one thing for certain is that there will be a winner and a loser, no ties here my friends.

Their father Archie (aka the luckiest father in the world) Manning should get one of those split jerseys with half Giants and half Colts sewn together (they might have already thought of this) to show support for both of the brothers.

Some of the recent news about the Giants include the fact that they have some players ruled out for today’s game. Those players include TE Kevin Boss, LB Chase Blackburn, OL William Beatty and LB Phillip Dillard. There are also some players who are questionable, they include WR Hakeem Nicks and DE Osi Umenyiora. CB Aaron Ross will play today and could this be the game where we see WR Victor Cruz gets his first game time logged? The G-Men also signed OL Dennis Landolt to the practice squad after releasing LB Bryan Kehl (a move I do not agree with). They also activated TE Bear Pascoe from the practice squad, due to TE Kevin Boss’ injury.

There are a few players that I expect will have a very good game, this is for all of you fantasy football players out there. Those players include DE Mathias Kiwanuka (Kiwi is going to explode today, 2 sacks minimum), WR Steve Smith, RB Ahmad Bradshaw, QB Eli Manning. I expect WR Mario Manningham to have an above average game and I believe RB Brandon Jacobs will get a goal line TD today as well. There is a reason why this game is being aired on prime time. Enjoy the game! Go Giants!


New York Giants – 41

Indianapolis Colts – 38

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Site News: See What’s New at nygreporter 9/18/10

September 18, 2010

NEW YORK – Hello Giants fans, some of you may have already noticed our new “Images” tab on the top toolbar at and some of you may not have. This is an area that we have been working on since last week. I would like to introduce you all to the nygreporter photo album. Like anything else, it will take some time to build up our photo’s but we are off to a good start. Please be patient while we continue to add to this area and make it a respectable collection of Giants photo’s.

All the pics in the Images area were taken by someone with nygreporter. We do not use any photo’s that have not been taken by us.

I will make this short and sweet. The photographs that we place in our “Images” tab area, are known as “free use” pics. That means that our members are free to use the pics on their own and we give you permission to use our property. All that we ask is that you email us a request and introduce yourself. It’s a simple request that we hope you will abide by. New websites can run into a lot of problems when trying to find photo’s to accompany their stories. We are trying to make it easier for our readers and members to promote New York Giants football.

Enjoy the weekend Giants fans and let’s get a win on Sunday!

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New York Giants Ranked No.7 Offense, No.5 Defense

September 17, 2010

NEW YORK – With week two rapidly approaching, I decided to let the fact that the Giants have the No.5 best total defense in the NFL (not surprised) and the No.7 best overall offense. Should I be getting excited about this? You can check these facts at if you wish. Not a bad way to start the season at all. Big Blue is 1-0, got their first home win ever at the new stadium, beat a good team in the hated Panthers (sorry Coach Fox) and now have a second difficult test facing them in Indianapolis. The Colts have the No.2 best total offense in the NFL and the 23rd ranked defense.

Where do you think the G-men will rank defensively after the Colts game? This is a game that can go either way in my opinion. Both of these teams are capable of putting up 30 points by halftime if they get on a roll. This will no doubt be the battle of the Manning’s. QB Eli Manning is going to win this game. I’m going to say Eli throws for 300 yards and 3 TD’s. Running backs Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs need to play mad and take some yardage from the weak Colts D. Look for WR Steve Smith to have a big game.

The Giants beating the Panthers by ten points was my pick of the week last weekend. This weekend is much more difficult to predict, come back on Sunday but I feel like Easy Eli is going to win. Setting up the final game in the Manning series, Manning Bowl III a few years down the road. Both brothers with one win under their belts and playing for the tie breaker. Of course, the old gunslinger prevails over his little brother and rides off in the sunset. Eli Manning will end his career five years later with more Super Bowl rings (3) then big brother Peyton (they are tied with one ring each now).

Rumor has it that in the future, Eli wears all three rings to Thanksgiving dinner every single year until dad Archie puts an end to the nonsense. That was a joke by the way. Can you imagine what it must be like to have Thanksgiving dinner with the first family of NFL quarterbacks. Both of the brothers have off Thanksgiving night, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they all got together.

Who wins the big game Sunday night at Manning Bowl II? I’m going to take the Giants to win by three points.


New York Giants – 41

Indianapolis Colts – 38

RD –


What if Giants WR Hakeem Nicks Can’t Play Sunday?

September 17, 2010

NEW YORK – Somebody needs to ask this question, so it might as well be me. What will the New York Giants wide receiver depth chart look like on Sunday night, if star WR Hakeem Nicks in unable to play due to his ankle injury?

I don’t want to jinx the situation by asking this but I would like to know who you think gets the top three spots? There are a few different scenarios and yes, some of them include preseason stud WR Victor Cruz.

Is it disrespectful to the guys who have been on the team for a longer amount of time, to throw Cruz in on a few plays? I don’t think so. I’m positive the coaches must be salivating to see what he can do when the game is real. Perhaps, this weekend the fans will have an opportunity to see just that. I will take it a step further and say that I think the team needs to do that.

There is no question that WR Steve Smith and WR Mario Manningham will be two of the three starters. The question really resides in the third WR slot. Who do you think will start or do you think they will use a rotation for this game? Those players who fans might see on Sunday include WR Ramses Barden, WR Victor Cruz, WR Duke Calhoun. There are some WR’s on the IR list already, like WR Domenik Hixon and WR Sinorice Moss. It seems a lot thinner now doesn’t it, without Nicks in the equation.

QB Eli Manning has been watching some of his favorite targets go down with injuries. Even Manning himself, cut his head open during a preseason game that required stitches. Manning has lost WR Hixon and WR Moss for the entire season and now he has TE Kevin Boss and WR Nicks banged up for an important game. TE Travis Beckum will get the start and TE Bear Pascoe was activated from the practice squad this week, to serve as a backup. I still think that Eli Manning will be in a shoot out with older brother Peyton on Sunday night. How sweet would it be, if WR Victor Cruz got his first NFL TD, as the game winner versus the Colts. So many possibilities floating out there and the single certainty, that the entire nation will be watching Manning Bowl II on Sunday night.

My picks for the three starters, if WR Hakeem Nicks is ruled out for the Colts game.

1. Steve Smith

2. Mario Manningham

3. Victor Cruz

Do you think that WR Hakeem Nicks (3 TD’s in week one) will play in the Colts game Sunday night?

RD –


Ongoing Activity at New York Giants Headquarters

September 15, 2010

NEW YORK – Hello Giants fans, things have been buzzing this week with fresh news about Big Blue. Today, they added even more drama to the week old season, with the news of OT William Beatty planning to undergo surgery and missing 2 months of the 2010 season. That means Beatty will out until at least week nine, because the Giants have their bye-week during week eight. This is a huge blow to the offensive line depth and we can only hope that Beatty will return to his old self when he gets back. OL David Diehl will be filling in at left tackle, something Diehl has done for a long time in New York, until Beatty returns. He is said to be working with pro bowl OL Shawn Andrews, on getting the position responsibilities down.

Now that the G-men have released LB Bryan Kehl (I don’t like this move) and activated TE Bear Pascoe, they have an open spot to fill on the practice squad. TE Kevin Boss has officially been ruled out the Colts game (LB Chase Blackburn will likely join him on the sidelines), TE Travis Beckum will be getting the start over Pascoe. WR Hakeem Nicks and DE Osi Umenyiora were also added to the injury list and are questionable. We can’t forget that OL Kevin Boothe is also on the PUP list and won’t return until week seven.

The Giants brought some free agent players in for a workout today. Some of those players include 11 year veteran CB Dre’ Bly and CB Brian Witherspoon and CB CJ Wilson. Big Blue seems to be looking for special teams help and depth at the DB position. I absolutely agree with these tactics and would feel much more comfortable if they had another backup. CB Aaron Ross has already missed one game, even though he is said to be ready to go for the Colts game. All together, there were about a dozen players brought in for workouts including CB’s, QB’s, RB’s.

I would not be surprised if we heard about the team signing someone tonight or first thing in the morning. Be sure to come back and check for updates on who will be added to the practice squad.

How would you feel about getting a CB added to the roster?

RD –


UPDATE: OL Dennis Landolt was signed to the practice squad today.

Giants Part Ways With LB Kehl, Activate TE Bear Pascoe

September 15, 2010

NEW YORK – The team announced a surprising move yesterday with the activation of TE Bear Pascoe from the practice squad and onto the team. The Pascoe move isn’t what surprised me, in fact I announced that the moment I saw TE Kevin Boss go down during the Carolina Panthers game. What surprises me is the fact the the team cut LB Bryan Kehl. I guess the fans have to accept what the team feels is in it’s best interest but I thought Kehl was a hard worker and someone who could flourish when he grasps the game.

Bryan Kehl (6’2″ 240 pounds) was drafted by the G-Men in 2008 and grabbing Kehl was as easy as pick 123 in the fourth round. I’m not sure if the team felt they had better players at the position to hold onto or if they feel that Kehl is a bust. The message boards exploded at the news that certain players were granted a spot on the team, even though they are listed on the IR, production wise, it didn’t make sense to some people. The fans will have to have faith in Coach Coughlin and GM Jerry Reese, who are making these choices with the teams best interest in mind.

The activation of TE Bear Pascoe is something that needed to happen, now that Boss’ status is questionable due to a concussion. You cannot head into a game with only one TE available. TE Travis Beckum has become the number one tight end on the team for now. There is no question that Boss is the number one starter when he returns. Kevin Boss is no stranger to injuries and his aggressive play is the cause of his pain. He makes the tough catches and he takes the hits.

In other news, former Giants RB Andre Brown has been cut by the Denver Broncos. There was a lot of positive buzz surrounding Brown when he was drafted last year but reports are saying he hasn’t been the same since his injury that forced him to miss the entire 2009 season.

The New York Giants face the Indianapolis Colts this weekend (8:20 PM EST) in Manning Bowl II. Big Blue will travel to Peyton’s place Sunday night, in the highly anticipated rematch between brothers Peyton and Eli. If the Giants win this game, they will have started the 2010 season at 2-0, while brother Peyton’s Colts will have started at 0-2.

Do you agree with the decision to cut LB Bryan Kehl?

RD –