Tom Coughlin Wins ESPY for Coach of the Year

NEW YORK – Hello Giants fans, did you miss me? I have been taking a nice long break away from writing after winning the Championship and the emotional 2011 season. But I couldn’t help writing something about Tom Coughlin winning the ESPY for Coach of the Year, something he really deserves both as a coach and a man. I’m starting to get the itch to write again and could not think of a better way to re-introduce myself to the New York Giants nation, then with a Tom Coughlin article. It feels good to be back.

Let me stop now and officially say, Congrats Coach!

If you ask me, it has taken the media, the football world and even a lot of the Giants fans, way too long to warm up and recognize how good Coughlin is. A lot of the drama is caused by the morons at the major sports shows. The two Super Bowl wins in five years cannot be denied, they will win a third and be named a dynasty and you will still show no love, so let it be known then. I am very excited for this year and to see what a healthy squad can do over 16 games. This is a dangerous team when fully healthy and they just won the Super Bowl with a depleted roster. How about Jason Pierre-Paul? B-E-A-S-T!  I’m going to predict he gets over 20 sacks in 2012. I think rookie RB David Wilson is a very intriguing subject and so is WR Rueben Randle. I’m looking at DT Marvin Austin, CB Prince Amukamara, WR Ramses Barden, TE Martellus Bennett, TE Travis Beckum and WR Domenik Hixon to see what they can do. A lot fans are watching, even though they may be quiet right now but we are all rooting for you guys to have huge seasons. And so is Tom Coughlin and the front office. These guys can make a huge difference in the 2012 season when healthy and clicking with their teammates. They need a shot to do that.

I have always been a big fan of Coach Coughlin, I was never one to criticize him for bad games. By the way, at 65, Coughlin becomes the oldest coach to ever win the award. I have been vocal in the past about OC Gilbride and not caring for some of his play calling. I think this offense is a dynamic but steady OC away from winning two more Super Bowls. The G-Men have the talent, that is for sure, they could be a top offense for the next four to six years if utilized properly. I’m sure of two things about Coach Coughlin, one he is a football guy and two, he is a New York guy. He also looks out for the military and works with the Jay Fund charity, founded in 1996. As most of you know, even his son-in-law is a football player. Giants Pro Bowl OL Chris Snee. Snee will be included in the Giants ‘Ring of Honor’ once he finishes his career with Big Blue and forever be considered one of the best Giants lineman of all time. Without coaches approval, I doubt this marriage would have ever happened, so it’s nice to know that Coughlin is a good judge of character too. I love that the Giants owners continue to reward Coughlin on production with contract extensions, something else he deserves in my opinion. I look forward to seeing Coach on the sidelines for many years to come in the future and enjoy continued success under his watch.

How do you feel about Coach Coughlin winning Coach of the Year?

RD –

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46 Responses to Tom Coughlin Wins ESPY for Coach of the Year

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey rob,i missed you buddy,but im glad you had some time for yourself.congrats to coughlin for a much deserved award.he is a class act and some how with depleted rosters, he always finds a way to get the troops on track to become legit.i agree that the g-men are on there way to a third superbowl and there will be no denying that coughlin and eli will go down as best coach and quarterback tandum in history for the big blue.glad to see an article rob.24 days until chomping at the bit buddy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    By the way,that was me bobby g.i deleted my e-mail by mistake lol.

  3. Rob,
    Nice to see the first of I’m sure many excellent articles for the upcoming season. TC is the man! What he has accomplished over the course of his career is top notch. Any award that he receives is well deserved. Putting a second Lombardi in the Timex Performance Center on his watch is special and with the pieces available this season…well a third Lombardi won on his watch is the stuff that legends are made of. He was able to keep that team going when alot of us may have thought the season was a wash. That just goes to show you his character and passion for the game and for this team.
    Well buddy four Super Bowl titles and all in my lifetime. Hoping for a few more in these next several years…GO GIANTS!!

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Dan, thanks buddy! I agree with you and I can still hear the chants we were all doing last season “DO YOU BELIEVE?” and “ALL IN”. TC has brought the excitement of football back home to New York where it belongs.

  4. bobbyg says:

    rob,its me bobbyg.where are ya buddy.2nd preseason game already.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, I’m not sure what I’m going to do buddy. I feel like my eyes are open now and everything I’m doing is free advertising. People use to get paid to do this kind of deep analysis, promotion and writing and now I kind of feel like a sucker with the whole social media thing. I’m still a big fan of Big Blue and still love football but I do not feel the pressure to write or tweet about it anymore. It really opened my eyes when I was up for that Giants job and the person I was speaking to gave a little laugh and said he can get people to write for free and all of that, when I was informed the job went to 2 unpaid interns. Knowledgeable writers are pretty much disposable in todays social media climate. I would put my Giants analysis up against any sports writer and realized that is way too much effort to do for free. If someone took the time to check my past articles they would see I’m spot on with everything I wrote about.

      All of it is a joke and we are doing real jobs for people who do not appreciate it. Like all of the iReporters for CNN and all of that, it’s a joke and we are being played for suckers. Those were jobs people could feed their families with a couple of years ago and now everyone is more concerned with 15 seconds of fame rather then a career. The market is saturated with people who do not care about quality and 50 million users are getting heart conditions trying to be the first to tweet breaking news. It is out of control these days are really turned me off to writing. We have all been fooled.

      Still, I may write from time to time or tweet from time to time when the urge comes. I just do not know how often that will be. The hardest part about not writing is the lack of interaction with all of my readers, you see, that is what keeps us all coming back and the people making money off us know it. God Bless!

      • bobbyg says:

        I agree with you rob,its not fair.your a better writer than anyone at the post or daily news and should be a donation fund for the site and will all pitch in.i really believe that since i discovered your site,the g-men had good fortune and i would hate to see that go away.let us know what we could do.i know i would be glad to help as many of your readers would.but i agree,you deserve much more my friend.god bless you too.we will miss you.

        • robdomaine says:

          Thanks for the kind words and support Bobby. I wouldn’t feel comfortable asking my readers for money but I appreciate the thought. It’s not their responsibility to pay me or anyone for what we do. They should be able to just read the articles and enjoy them. The people making money off what we writers do are the ones who should pay.

  5. bobbyg says:

    I know your done brother,but i was watching the g-men play chicago in preseason last night and telling my wife its not going to be the same without rob domaine this year.for selfish reasons alone,do one more article telling everyone its your last.but it will be a good fortune good luck to start the g-mens season and your farewell tribute as well.maybe your last samurai warrior poem.i will even pay for it,let me know what it is and i will send the check no worries.and this way you give the g-men luck and leave on a great note for all your really going to miss your articles were like my only connection left to new york since ive been here in florida,everyone else is a fly by night fan of some other team.i respect your decision,but i hope i could drw you out just one more time to kick the season off rob domaine style.thank you for all you have done,it was an unbelievable ride last year and i took that ride with you brother.god bless.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, thanks very much buddy. I was planning on doing one more article before the season starts because I don’t want to just disappear from my readers without any kind of goodbye or anything. Like I said, I may still write from time to time if I get the itch. Thanks for being my number one fan and you have my word that at least one more article is on the horizon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and God Bless!

      • bobbyg says:

        Hey rob,glad to hear it buddy,and im serious about anything you need to keep going.we have to keep the good vibe on those g-men especially since already they are getting caught up in that injury bug again.getting ready for this hurricane down hear but it made my day to hear you were going to do at least one more.hopefully those g-men could get one more superbowl this that would be a great send off for you and the rest of us big blue fans.god bless you buddy.

  6. bobbyg says:

    I couldnt let myself be the 13th comment because its the jinx # lol.there were 13 comments in the box and i had to be 14,,tomorrow g-men boys go at it.we will miss you my friend.enjoy the season.e-mail me if your ever in naples fl,dinners on me.

  7. bobbyg says:

    I dont want a response,but i was wondering if i could keep commenting in this forum after giants losses just to vent.i somehow knew when your forum stopped it was the demise of the g-men.we had the good mojo going lol.i think they still had superbowl stars in there eyes last night.i know cruz did by dropping three balls we all know he could catch with his eyes closed.defense has secondary issues and wilsons fumble could have been points.eli did well but the defense couldnt come through at the end but it got interesting with bennetts TD at the end.would have opted for onside kick myself,somehow knew we wouldnt get the ball back.i know its the first game loss but it was a division rival loss,dont like it and hope we could return the favor in dallas.we have big targets on our backs this year and it will be tough.2 supes in two years you would think everything else is gravy but i want more lol.jerry jones guaranteed victory speech makes the loss worse then it actually is,but a division loss always hurts and hopefully dont come back to haunt.its cliche but we know now its not how they start its how they finish.there i vented,much better now lol.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, tough loss last night man. I’m easing back into the mix and was on twitter yesterday for a while but still can’t seem to find the motivation to write on my own website. I believe you have to know your own worth and have developed an issue with writing for free and helping promote something that isn’t appreciating the fans or my efforts.

      I’m not sure when my next article will be but you are more then welcome to comment here whenever you feel like it. I thought Big Blue looked really good in a few areas and also saw some areas that need work. Of course, the first to pop in my mind is the secondary. We need some help there and I would expect Perry Fewell to know that very well since he is a DB/S guru. I also didn’t like Gilbride’s play calling once again with trying to run on first and second down continuously. It put pressure on Eli to perform on third downs and wasted too much time. When Dallas abandoned the run game they started clicking and I thought we should have done the same early on.

      Enjoy the weekend if we don’t speak!

      My new motto for this season is COME AND GET IT!

      Since so many teams are saying the Giants got lucky or that they didn’t earn the ring, my answer to that is simple, if you want the crown, COME AND GET IT!

      • bobbyg says:

        Awesome rob,thats the motto for sure and i 100% agree about the secondary and gilbrides play calling.if there is such a thing as a good loss,maybe this one was, and will wake them up now.

        • robdomaine says:

          I agree, this loss could be the best thing to happen to the Giants. I think it will certainly fire them up. It’s strange how often they have been getting these brutal schedules too. This feels like the 4th or 5th season in a row they are playing top talent.

          • bobbyg says:

            The schedule is brutal besides our regular NFC match ups.we both know that run last year through the playoffs except for the saints, the g-men beat the best of the best.if they fix the secondary problems and could get hot early instead of giving us heart failures throughout the season, they will be in good shape.although the win would have been great last night,the loss could be the catalyst that gets them going.eli was terrific in 4th quarter come from behind wins last year,but it would be nice if big blue could get up on teams this year and hold them down in the 4th quarter for wins.

            • robdomaine says:

              I agree and bring that point up when I hear other fans crying about being 9-7 and I say to them, did you see that schedule?? Give me a break. Plus running the table in the playoffs is never an easy task. Haters are going to hate and if they want the crown, COME AND GET IT!

  8. bobbyg says:

    I got killed on the boomer and carton show this morning,after i waited an hour on the line my question was if there was such a thing as a good loss for the g-men.they hit the button right away and were like no,there are no good losses its dallas you have to win.they went on and on with no such a thing as good i got abused and knocked off the took one for the g-men.but i disagree because i think this was a wake up call for the big blue and could catapult them into a nice winning streak.but of course they never let me finish my sentence.besides carton was talking jets all morning and i know he really dont like the g-men because he stated he took dallas and the points the night of the just like coughlin said after the loss,i took a slice of humble pie on the phone and i will call those guys next week after they spank tampa bay and go on a streak.nice to have an escape button,i forgot about those.when i lived in brooklyn years ago i would call steve cangalousi on ny1,back when jay glazer had the weekly segments and had hair lol they would knock me off when things got heated.

    • robdomaine says:

      Good for you buddy. Boomer is ok but that Carton is a complete idiot. No one in NYC can stand the guy or the way he talks to people. That is why he is still on the air. Not because he is good but because so many people hate him that controversy brings ratings. They should have let you explain yourself and we only use the term “good loss” after the fact, no one would want a “good loss” pre-game. Enjoy the weekend!

  9. bobbyg says:

    Just to add insult to injury everyone in the division wins.even the jets i wanted to lose, if the jets lost i was gonna call boomer and carton and ask them if there was such a thing as a good loss lol.but there went that idea.skins look incredible eagles look beatable and cowboys still could be had.but the skins and niners look sharpest of all.weed to put together the pieces quick and maybe shop a corner for our secondary.

    • robdomaine says:

      I was thinking that too. I also agree that the time is now to get a top tier CB into the mix. We’ve been having issues at that position for a long time now. They did address it with drafting Prince but he hasn’t shown much yet. I hope he will blossom into the CB we all think he can be.

  10. bobbyg says:

    Hey rob,this is cool going back and forth like this,im digging it.its like a personnel conversation.there are two places i wouldnt want to play if im an NFL team this is metlife statium and the other is lambeau field.g-men and packers want to make big statements this weekend.i realize anything can happen on any given sunday and thats why they play the games,however,i see the g-men unstoppable sunday.tampa bays defense was good last week,but the big blue offense is better.and i think tampa bays defense was good because carolina is not making newton do what he does best and thats throw on the run.another team thats going to ruin a quarterback because they want him to be a zombie in the pocket.another team that did that last week was the eagles,that is why vick gets killed week in and week out,but im good with that lol.

    • robdomaine says:

      It’s going to be a good game buddy. I need more info on Big Blue before i can start making picks because right now, I don’t know how I feel about their chances. There are some issues that are clear and I’m certainly rooting for them to win every week but I won’t let that blind me from the issues they have. After week 3 I believe we will all have a better idea of what we are looking at with the G-Men.

  11. bobbyg says:

    You talk about a season looked like two different teams in each half of the game.they really looked like they clicked offensively in the 2nd still very worried about our was like tampa was using the g-mens playbook against them with sullivan in the first half and probably were..where do feel we stand,im not hearing osi and tucks names at all in the 1st two games.the defense is suspect at best but could be fixed with some speed on the outside corners,i hope reese realizes this.but like we always say,better to fix when your winning.its all about that front 4 and JPP was good yesterday but if big blue dont push the line up front there burned in the secondary.but love the heart and its a great win.giddy yup now,short work week till thursday and the panthers look good.

    • robdomaine says:

      That was truly a heart stopper buddy. But I’m glad it sent a message to the rest of the NFL and the haters, do not count the G-Men out of any game. The only issues I see on defense is the secondary, everything else can easily fall apart if the opposing teams can throw on us all game. I’m looking forward to week 3 and what they do for an encore!

      • bobbyg says:

        Amen to that rob.hopefully they could make newton surprised the g-men are having these issues at corner year after year with all of these injuries.i know injuries are part of it but two weeks in a row receivers are getting behind the secondary almost at will . it might be time to buy a corner or two lol.this game thursday is huge,they really the win over tampa.hopefully will have good news by thursday night.thanks for the responses buddy,enjoy the game.

      • bobbyg says:

        Is the nonsense going to stop with the bias sports media or would have thought the panthers were winning when they were down by 16 and they scored there touchdown that didnt mean anything.then cam doush bag newton dont give the g-men credit for the win in a blowout,schlereth says the kid is just disappointed.if that was eli he would have gotten chastised.its nonsense with the league.when the g-men are on the road they play the refs the announcers and the team. im sick of it even with a win.

        • robdomaine says:

          Hey buddy, it’s New York vs. the World and always has been. Those Boston loving ESPN guys are the worst though. The Giants completely dominated that game in every aspect and there is no other way to describe it if you know anything about football. Only haters could see that game any other way, so enjoy the fact that the haters are mad because the G-men are playing good. Enjoy the weekend! God Bless!

  12. bobbyg says:

    Hey rob,just thinking the g-men better win by more then 2 touchdowns with these replacement know how these giants eagles games always come down to the wire.i would hate to see those refs decide the game especially after monday nights debacle.although i cannot stand green bay,you want the game called right.the regular refs can have off days as weve seen for years,but these guys have been totally inconsistent and we have been seeing it in all the games in the last 3 weeks.if the g-men match the performance they had against the panthers,i see no worries.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Buddy, it looks like the old refs won’t be a problem now but I understand what you were saying. That was a really horrible experience for NFL fans. Roger Goodell is working his way into the ranks of all-time worst Commish with these replacement refs, the NFL lockout, Thursday Night Football and the international games. Those four issues alone make this guy pretty bad. Enjoy the game and your weekend buddy! God Bless!

      • bobbyg says:

        You enjoy your weekend also buddy.lets pluck some eagle feathers sunday night.

      • bobbyg says:

        Man they played good in hostile territory.hate to go down two games in the division especially on a missed field goal try.i still like the g-mens chances,they are never out of any game.eli just keeps putting together these 4th quarter drives.even though its a tough loss they still put themselves in position to win and i cannot be mad at em for that.we miss you rob and all of your great articles and i still appreciate the fact that you blog with me.god bless my friend,it looks like another rollercoaster season lol.

        • robdomaine says:

          That was a crazy and strange game. I couldn’t get a feel for the pulse at all the first half and then things came to life a bit in the second. Tough loss and a game we should have won for certain. I really hate losing to any NFC East team but especially the Eagles. The G-Men will regroup and get back on track!

  13. bobbyg says:

    Hey rob.its amazing how similar to last year this season is going with the injuries.i know every team is going through it,but these g-men year after year have to endure these injuries using rookies and they stepped up for them.but we need to get nicks on the field.he would have been the difference maker in the eagles game for sure.i would love to go without another injury for the rest of the season,but if we had to play any team without nicks again,it would be the browns this week at home.its just with the doctor ordered,no pun intended lol.have a great week buddy.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, yes the similarities are certainly there and these injuries have become commonplace now. It’s so annoying that for at least 5 years now, the G-Men have not fielded a complete team. Our secondary simply cannot stay healthy and it drives me crazy.

      • bobbyg says:

        I know your not feeling the inspiration like you once did,and i understand that 100% you deserve more.but i think it might be time for a samarai warrior poem.maybe we could get that good mojo going again for the not trying to pull you back in like pacino in godfather 3 lol.but you have to admit that your articles and warrior poems had a really good vibe to last years season and i think the vibration of that and your followers blogging were a big part of that superbowl run last year.the budda monks believe that there chants have the power to go across countries through vibration to affect world peace.i believe rob domaines articles have the power to win the g-men superbowls.just

        • robdomaine says:

          Thanks for the vote of confidence buddy but I simply haven’t felt the urge to write lately. I have been interacting with all the fans with twitter on game days though. I feel very strongly about knowing my own worth and doing all of that work, analysis and writing for free just isn’t acceptable to me anymore. It’s a shame because I really do love to write and talking about Big Blue is something I will do for the rest of my life. Twitter on game days is the best i can do for now.

          • bobbyg says:

            Alright i just joined the twitter world @Robertperrette. or @bobbyg hopefully we could tweet successfully.

            • robdomaine says:

              Welcome to twitter. I sent out a welcome tweet to you and to the Giants fans that follow me, so you should be getting some requests to follow you soon. I wouldn’t use that privacy setting though, it just creates extra steps for you always having to approve people who just want to follow you. Enjoy!

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