OL Rich Seubert No.69

This is where you can find all of our OL Rich Seubert photo’s.

One Response to OL Rich Seubert No.69

  1. Frank E. Kurczewski says:


    I know you will remember me from Giants’ camp in Albany–from your rookie year (versus Cedric Scott), through the battles with Keith Hamilton, your very serious leg injury, and, then, your miraculous recovery and Super Bowl victory. I’m the old guy (now approaching 79) with the blonde daughter who was perhaps your biggest fan. I love free agents who make the grade and you eclipsed even my estimation of your value. My daughter brought you the “terminator glasses” from her store in NYC and I sat with your mother and father at one of the “scrimmages” at Albany.

    However, you do not know that Keith (slender with the glasses) is my son (youngest; I have 3 daughters) and, his daughter Vera, is my granddaughter. It’s certainly a very small world. I have been going to CA to see Keith since 1998. I was more than surprised to learn that your son and Vera attended the same school in SLO! I pay half of Vera’s tuition there since Keith’s wife divorced him. How did you ever end up in San Luis Obispo? We are going to have to get together and talk Giants’ football when I next visit CA.

    I was a Professor in Biology at Syracuse from 1966 through 1999. I took an early retirement when I had to have stents put in my coronary arteries. Entirely my fault for living the “good life style.” If you ever get to Syracuse, with or without your family, get in touch with me and I’ll wine and dine you and talk about your domination of Cedric Scott!

    Frank Kurczewski


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