The 2011 NFL Lockout Ends After 136 Days of Stress

July 25, 2011

NEW YORK – The 2011 NFL lockout has finally come to an end today on the 136th day of the lockout (I do not subtract the 4 days a judge ordered the lockout stoppage in April). Thanks for the ulcer and 4 1/2 months of worrying. Maybe next year you can finish me off by telling me the Giants will be relocating to Oklahoma City or something like that. After all of the bickering and posturing, both sides have finally agreed to a deal and saved the 2011 season. I know that I am supposed to be overwhelmed with joy and excited but strangely I’m not. I feel like someone who went through a draining court process for half a year. I really thought I would feel excited but this sense of relief is still dominating my mind. I’m sure this feeling will change in the next day or two once the fire returns in my belly. I won’t have time to digest everything that has happened because football business will explode at a rapid pace now.

NFL teams can sign their free agents and begin negotiating with unrestricted free agents tomorrow. They can also start talking about trades with other teams and start talking with undrafted free agents as well. Let’s not forget all of the rookies from the 2011 NFL draft class, they need to be addressed too. The new rules on the 10 year deal are still very foggy but I expect team lawyers to pull an all-nighter to get themselves up to speed. We’ve got training camp starting in 4 days (reportedly this Friday) for Big Blue and the preseason starting in about two weeks. The NFL cancelled the Hall of Fame game and all signs point to preseason games beginning on August 11, 2011. This is going to be a very turbulent few weeks for Giants fans because there are going to be some players that leave the team. These are players that will make your heart break. There will also be some excitement for the new players the team brings in but it always hurts when you lose an old friend.

Be sure to check back with us a few times per day because the articles will be pouring out now to keep up with the news. There isn’t much to report yet except to say that things are about to get stupid, silly crazy! I’m actually starting to get excited now and should be on red alert by the time I’m finished writing this article. I would like to say good luck to all of the Giants free agents, I hope you can all come back. I would also like to say farewell to any players who might leave the team and I want to let you know that once you’re a Giant, you’re always a Giant to New York and the fans! Best wishes and good luck to you guys. And to the fans I ask, are you ready for some football?

What have you learned from the 2011 NFL lockout and how has it affected you as a fan?

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Bizarre Week in the NFL Ends Today With Possible Vote

July 22, 2011

NEW YORK – Things have really started to heat up with the lockout situation (currently 133 days). I haven’t seen this much hype since the presidential elections. We’ve got information coming in from all over the country, both from the owner negotiations and also from players hometowns and such. It is absolute madness and it might not be over today as some expect. The NFL owners approved a deal yesterday (meaning the owners agreed with each other on a deal to show players) and handed it over to the players. This means if the players accept the proposal, teams will go back to work as early as tomorrow when they open the team facilities. Sounds great right? The only problem is that players have come out saying the NFL owners sneaked in some new stuff before handing the deal to the players. Shame on the owners for playing dirty and being sneaky porkers.

After a night in which twitter exploded with theories and speculation from the sports community, we rise to a new day. So what happens now? It is hard to say but the owners have waited so long to introduce this proposal that it really puts everyone in a bad situation. The players will not accept something they think is unfair and there simply isn’t enough time to start this whole process over again without canceling games. Just like they did last night when they cancelled the Hall of Fame game which was to be played on August 7, 2011. Roger Goodell has said that if a deal isn’t reached by this Wednesday (7/27/11), more games will have to be cancelled in the preseason and it could seriously jeopardize the regular season beginning on time. My question to the NFL owners is simple, why the heck did you wait so long to hand over a proposal which has directly put everyone in this time crunch situation? Was there no sense of urgency to get this done? The only way a vote gets done today is if the NFL owners alter the current deal they gave to the players.

Meanwhile, we have Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw talking in the news about going to the Miami Dolphins. That is not encouraging news at all. Reports say the G-Men will be about $11 million dollars over the salary cap once the lockout ends and that they will need to make some tough decisions. The Giants are simply going to have to trim the roster and everyone knows it. What we don’t know is who is going to be let go or traded. Some of the more prominent names who could become salary cap casualties are DT Barry Cofield, DE Osi Umenyiora, RB Ahmad Bradshaw, WR Steve Smith, RB Brandon Jacobs and DE Mathias Kiwanuka. There are more players at risk but these six scare me the most. I do not want to lose any of these guys but the reality is that at least one of these players will not be with the team in 2011, maybe even two or more. Following the madness of keeping star players on the team, the G-Men will then have to focus on signing the rookies, who they haven’t seen play on the field yet.

Giants owner John Mara has said that he hopes to have the naming rights to New Meadowlands stadium sold before the season starts. Most reports think the new name will be the MetLife stadium, which I absolutely hate. I have not heard one Giants fan mention how they liked that name. In the age of corporations, it was nice that fans still had Giants stadium and Yankee stadium out there. It gave fans the feeling that their teams were above selling out to the corporate animals. I understand the situation is different with the leech Jets sharing the stadium but we can dream, right? It will always be Giants stadium to me.

What are your thoughts on how the 2011 NFL lockout is being handled?

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My Question to the NFL: What Should I Do?

July 6, 2011

NEW YORK – After 117 days of the 2011 NFL Lockout, I have only one question for the NFL, what should I do? Taking a serious look at this situation has forced me to ask the question. Just like the thousands of NFL employees who make a modest wage working long hours for the teams and offices. What should they do? Just as the LeBron James commercial begged the question to the public, I pose the same question to you NFL, what should I do? I am a football writer and as such I need team news, game news, practice reports, transactions and scenarios to write about.

How much is enough? I am floored by the possibility of losing an entire NFL season because of disagreements over money. I am disgusted by the fact that a room full of adults cannot come to a friendly agreement and get back to work. There are millions of Americans unemployed right now and tens of millions on food stamps. Make a fair deal for all parties involved and stop embarrassing yourselves publicly. If you think the average guy on the street has sympathy for your situation, you are mistaken. The average guy on the street knows he is a small part of making that $9 billion pot of gold for the NFL each and every year. We are 32 days (8-7-11) away from the Hall of Fame game and there is still no deal in place? What should I do?

Should I forget my dream of getting a paid job writing for the New York Giants after almost 3 years of writing for free? What should I do?

Should I give in agree with my family and friends, who tell me that I am wasting my time writing about NFL football? What should I do?

Should I stop being an NFL fan and refuse to buy another ticket or watch another game on TV due to bitterness? What should I do?

Should I become an anti-NFL writer from now on and point out all of the negative aspects of the game and business? What should I do?

Should I drop all of the players on my fantasy football team and never play the game again? What should I do?

Should I delete this website and create a new one dedicated to the philosophy of labor negotiations? What should I do?

Should I take all of my football memorabilia and authentic Giants jerseys and sell them on eBay? What should I do?

Should I stop using any products that sponsor the NFL and their business in protest? What should I do?

Should I handcuff myself to the front gate of Giants stadium like some nut until the lockout ends? What should I do?

Should I stop using my twitter account to interact with other Giants fans and discuss NFL football? What should I do?

At the end of the day, it will be my decision to make and I’m confident that what ever I choose to do, it will be the right decision for me. I will know what to do when the time is right. The issue here should not be all of the questions I have asked above but rather why a loyal fan of the NFL should have to ask all of these questions? At a time when America is hurting, you assume that the fans will be at your doorstep once this lockout ends begging to see the show. After nearly 4 months of headaches, don’t be too sure. It is arrogant to assume that business will be booming following a lockout that should have never occurred in the first place. You reap what you sow and I fully expect the NFL to lose fans over this lockout. Despite the popular belief that the fans will always be there, the reality of unshakeable integrity is overlooked. Some people cannot be bought and some people will not trade honor for glory.

My final question in this article is simple, What will YOU do?

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New York Giants: The State of the NFL in 2011

July 3, 2011

NEW YORK – The New York Giants are exactly 70 days away from their first scheduled regular season game on September 11, 2011 against the Washington Redskins. The Giants are also about 40 days away from their first scheduled preseason game against the Carolina Panthers with the game date yet TBA (to be announced) but will occur between August 11, 2011 and August 14, 2011. The 2011 NFL lockout has now reached 114 days and there is still no end in sight. Minicamp will be lost this season. The NFL rookie symposium has been cancelled and teams are changing their regular training camp plans. Free agency has been deeply effected and although team leaders such as QB Eli Manning take it upon themselves to organize player practices, there can be no exception for the real thing. These player practices should add to the shame of this NFL lockout.

Players are literally risking their careers to get in some work. This is absolutely unacceptable. What a sad state we find the NFL in these days. Here we are on this 4th of July weekend and besides talking about baseball, fans have to discuss the stupid lockout and try to guess when it will end or if there will even be a season. You know that things are bad when fans care more about the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog eating contest then they do about football. Still, Giants fans remain loyal because of how John Mara and the organization are handling the situation. The Giants front office have clearly been the most vocal and have taken the lead on more then one occasion during these discussions.

Sports fans will also have a new countdown to endure since the NBA has now started it’s own lockout. When does it end? These deals and new contracts are issues that should have been worked out months before the due date, so the fans don’t have to suffer. The only thing these lockouts accomplish is locking out the fans from their favorite teams and causing a ton of resentment. I think Ray Lewis was right when he said that crime would go up due to these lockouts. The boredom that could take over the minds of our sports society might be too much to handle. Think of a world without sports and then consider what those tens of millions of fans would be doing otherwise. The idle mind is the devils playground. End this lockout and get back to work before things get ugly.

What do you think about the current state of the NFL?

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Should the Giants Think About a New Kicker in 2011?

June 12, 2011

NEW YORK – I couldn’t help noticing that a couple of kickers are free agents this year. There are more then two out there but two really caught my attention. They are David Akers and Ryan Longwell. I know that some Giants fans are big Lawrence Tynes fans but I am not one of them. It seems like we have this discussion every year about the kicker position. It tells me that other fans do not completely trust Tynes, just as I don’t. Yes, Tynes kicked that huge FG to get the G-Men into the Super Bowl but he also missed some huge FG’s in his career. Is it time to look for a long term kicker elsewhere or bring in a crafty veteran for the short term?

Both Akers and Longwell are 36 years old and can still play the game. Tynes is 33 years old. The Eagles drafted a kicker in the 4th round (really? lol) of this years NFL Draft, which most likely means Akers could end up elsewhere. Bringing in Akers would mean improving our kicking team and taking away a weapon from the Eagles in my opinion. The Giants special teams was an area of focus this offseason and they will need to do more work in that area before fans can exhale. The Giants special teams has been absolutely atrocious in recent years. Special Teams Coach Tom Quinn must have a lucky horse shoe hidden on him at all times because most coaches would have been fired by now for a lack of production.

I would prefer to have David Akers over Ryan Longwell, who seems to have aged much quicker then Akers. I still think either one would be an improvement over Tynes. I’m sure there will be fans who disagree with me but there will also be fans who agree with this sentiment. I have no qualms about suggesting the team address the kicker position. It would be nice to see the Giants bring in two rookie free agent kickers for training camp competition and possibly catch lightning in a bottle with one of those young men. The NFL lockout has now reached 93 days and fans can only hope there will even be a 2011 training camp. I’m not sure where Tom Coughlin’s comfort level is with Tynes but I can tell you that mine isn’t very high. The time has come to address the kicker position.

Who would you want as the Giants kicker in 2011 between Lawrence Tynes, David Akers and Ryan Longwell? Also, if you were the GM of an NFL team, would you use a valuable draft pick on a kicker?

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Giants Fans Endure Another Week Without Football

June 10, 2011

NEW YORK – There hasn’t been much news recently for fans to digest about the Giants. The players have taken it upon themselves to practice at New Jersey high schools, risking injury and their careers. There was an increase in the number of team members who attended but that was the extent of new Giants news. The NFL owners and players union met again this week but still no end to the 2011 NFL lockout (91 days long now). I’m starting to sound like a broken record now, even to myself. I am not immune to the frustration or the bad moods that accompany watching these silly negotiations that have turned up no solutions. It is truly exhausting trying to endure this lockout.

The major sports sites began rolling out their fantasy football programs, just in case there is a football season in 2011. CBS Sports and ESPN specifically rolled out their fantasy programs to fans. The mock drafts are beginning to pick up in what seems to be the only football ravenous fans have had in a while. The chats in these mock drafts all revolve around the question about whether or not there will be a season. The same old story we’ve been hearing for the past three months. Still, doing these mock drafts and setting up a real fantasy league gives one a sense of normalcy for this time of year.

The only other piece of news that could be considered “Giants related” was the release of former WR Plaxico Burress from prison on June 6, 2011. This has become a much larger topic of discussion due to the lack of NFL news in general. Should the Giants re-sign him or not. That seems to be the biggest question surrounding the Giants this week. All I can say is, Thank God it’s Friday. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and maybe we will hear some good news early next week.

How are you spending your time without NFL football this summer?

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The Giants Have Some Decisions to Make This Week

June 7, 2011

NEW YORK – The talk of the town this week is without a doubt Plaxico Burress. Since being released from prison yesterday he was one of the hottest topics on the internet and the world of sports media in general. Most Giants fans felt a chill run up their spines when Burress emerged wearing a Philadelphia Phillies baseball cap. One could not escape the thought of it being a hint that he plans on signing with the rival Philadelphia Eagles. While everyone keeps asking the question about whether or not the Giants should re-sign Burress, most forgot to ask if Burress wants to re-sign with New York.

Besides the Burress madness sweeping the city, another question that must be asked revolves around the current group of Giants wide receivers. What is the state of the WR’s already on the roster? That answer is simple, the state of the New York Giants WR’s is strong. Could the team use a proven veteran like Burress for depth on the team? Absolutely. Do they need Burress on the team to define that position? Absolutely not. Hakeem Nicks, Steve Smith and Mario Manningham have proven to be perfectly capable of handling the job. Not to mention some young talent with Victor Cruz and the rookie Jerrel Jernigan waiting in the wings for their shot. There are a handful of other WR’s trying to fight for a roster spot as well, so there is no shortage of wide receiver talent on Big Blue.

Many fans have been crunching the numbers and showing QB Eli Manning’s progress with and without Burress on the team. It is nice to see some numbers but I think it goes beyond all of that. There is a ton of data to consider before making a big decision like this. Plaxico Burress will be on an NFL team this season for certain. Hopefully, he doesn’t go to a rival team and play against the G-Men twice per year but if he does, so what? The Giants will deal with it. He won’t be any more of a threat then say DeSean Jackson or Miles Austin. The Giants have a very scary secondary, so I say bring it on. GM Jerry Reese is no fool and if he chooses not to bring back Burress, you can bet he has a very good reason. With all of this being said, I want to make it known that I believe Plaxico deserves another chance in the NFL. I hope he can reunite with Giants. If he doesn’t sign with Big Blue, then I wish him well with his new team. The NFL lockout has now reached 88 days and is actually affording Burress some R&R before he has to get down to business. My advice to Burress is to enjoy it while it lasts and I would like to say good luck to the Giants on having to make a very tough decision.

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Former Giants WR Plaxico Burress is Going Home Tomorrow

June 5, 2011

NEW YORK – After spending a little under 2 years in prison for shooting himself in the leg at a New York night club, Plaxico Burress will finally be released tomorrow. In what played out like a Broadway show or New York soap opera, the ending to this story has finally arrived. Or has it? If you ask me, I would say this story is just starting to heat up with the uncertainty of where he will play. First, we must allow Burress to spend some time with his family and friends. That is something he must be really looking forward to and I think he should take at least a week to recover from the trauma of being a prisoner for so long. Soak up that TLC and then get down to business. There really isn’t any rush since this NFL lockout (86 days long now) is ruining the 2011 season anyway.

I would suggest the New York Giants take a long hard look at this situation (I’m sure they already are) and realize the value of bringing back a proven WR for the league minimum. Yes, he hasn’t played football in 2 years but neither did QB Michael Vick and he ran QB Donovan McNabb out of his own house in Philadelphia. Speaking of Michael Vick, the rumors say he has been trying to get the Eagles to sign Plaxico. I would not like to see this happen at all. The Giants simply cannot afford to let something like that happen. The man has served his time (he received an unfair prison sentence if you ask me) and he appears to have a new appreciation for life. What could it hurt to give him another shot?

Burress has most of his friends on the Giants rooting for his return. The front office and Tom Coughlin will have no choice but to address this situation during this upcoming week. The biggest question is where would Burress fit into the current scheme? Clearly and unfortunately, WR Mario Manningham would see the largest decrease in playing time and I have to say that Manningham has won me over. He is developing into a big time player. On the flip side of that coin, could you imagine having Plaxico Burress, Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith on the field at the same time? Now that is scary. This only works if Steve Smith is fully healed from his injury, which is said to be coming along nicely and if Burress is still the same player he was before his prison sentence. New York owes Burress for that Super Bowl winning catch and I truly believe the man will be a changed man forever after this experience. Give Burress another shot and let the chips fall where they may. Either way, on behalf of the nygreporter I would like to say, “Welcome Home Plaxico”.

Would you like to see WR Plaxico Burress return to the Giants for the 2011 NFL season?

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Happy Memorial Day to Giants Fans Everywhere

May 30, 2011

NEW YORK – I would like to say Happy Memorial day to all of the U.S. military around the world. I would also like to thank our military for everything they do. You are not forgotten! I hope Americans take the time to explain the true meaning of this holiday to their children. I hope we can take a moment of silence to remember all of the fallen soldiers who gave their lives to protect this country. My Uncle John is one of the people who died for this country. I’m sure most of our readers have a family member or know someone who has lost a loved one in war. Beer and BBQ are always nice but let us never forget the true meaning of this day of remembrance.

The NFL lockout has now reached 80 days and I would suggest the owners and players do the same thing. Do not forget the meaning of the game. Do not forget why you play the game of football and why you choose to own an NFL team. While you are arguing over millions of dollars the fans are suffering. Your fan base is suffering. The fans certainly have no choice but to wait things out and it’s a shame. Make a deal soon and end this nonsense that is almost 3 months old now.

I have been watching the ships, planes and helicopters for fleet week. If you haven’t had the chance to check it out, I suggest you do sometime. It makes me proud to be an American when I see the awesome power of the military. Seeing the USS New York floating down the hudson river and knowing it was built from the steel of the World Trade Center gave me chills. If there is one thing I would like to say, it is simply do not forget. Always remember why we have this holiday and try to take a moment for those who have fallen with honor. God bless you and your families and God bless the U.S. military all over the world. You are not forgotten!

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New York Giants Memorial Day Weekend News

May 28, 2011

NEW YORK – We have entered the 78th day of the 2011 NFL lockout. There still hasn’t been any real progress in resolving the lockout and here we are now during Memorial Day weekend. In fact, the NFL has cancelled the 2011 rookie symposium in Ohio, something that has benefitted rookies for years by giving them first hand knowledge of what to expect in the pros and how to conduct themselves off the field in order to protect themselves from the wolves (both male and female). Perhaps, Big Blue team leaders can take the Giants rookies under their wings and break down the “real deal” knowledge on being an NFL player.

The NFL also decided to make some rule changes to the game. These changes were immediately criticized by the players and media alike. I’m not going to list them all here but let’s just say they are concerned about “player safety” in the most violent game on the planet. Throughout all of this, we still have Roger Goodell stating that an 18 game season is going to happen. Well, he isn’t really saying it out loud directly but he is certainly preparing the teams and players psychologically for the inevitable change to the game. I’m still not sure how I feel about this after seeing the Giants have over 25 players land on the IR list the past two seasons. More games seem to equal more injuries to most experts.

Steve Smith was recently in the news talking about his progress in rehabbing his injury. He said things are going well and he is ahead of schedule. Some Giants players are on vacation this weekend and enjoying some R&R in beautiful and tropical locations (you know who you are). The Giants announced the 10 winners of their fan contest and QB Eli Manning was dissed by being left off the top 100 player list (this list is a joke) that was in the news this past week. Head Coach Tom Coughlin held his annual Jay Fund golfing event and Eli Manning continues to organize “player practices” to try and stay in shape. There isn’t much more football news except to say we are less then 15 weeks away from the first scheduled regular season game against the Redskins. Keep your fingers crossed that there is a season Giants fans.

What do you think about the NFL and owners making all of these changes to the rule book and also canceling the rookie symposium? Enjoy the weekend!

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