New York QB Eli Manning Retires With 4 Super Bowl Rings?

NEW YORK – I am going to ask you a very simple question, as the title reads. Can Giants QB Eli Manning finish his career with 4 Super Bowl Championships? Win 4 rings, maybe 4 Super Bowl MVP awards? In five years from now, will you remember that I wrote this article and told you Eli Manning will be in discussion for greatest NFL QB of all-time? If Giants QB Eli Manning wins 4 Super Bowl Championships, he is immediately vaulted onto the top ten NFL quarterbacks of all-time list, where he lands on that list is another question but he’s on that list. Nevermind those silly polls the NFL official website had last year that infuriated Giants fans, as Easy Eli remained cool as ice. Eli Manning is already an NFL Hall of Famer right now, today and he is in the prime of his career. I really think he can win four rings. I think the New York Giants are going to win 2 more Super Bowls by 2017. The G-Men might even win a championship at home, when New York/New Jersey hosts Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife stadium in 2014.

A Giants vs Jets Super Bowl in East Rutherford would be bigger then Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Forget about the ticket prices. I can’t even imagine what a pair of tickets to the Super Bowl is going to cost the fans as it is. If the Giants are playing the Jets, even the upper tier seats might go as high as $10,000 each in New York City. There is no doubt in my mind that this would be the highest grossing event in human history and a $300 million dollar boost to the local economy.

All of this talk eventually leads to the dynasty team discussion and rightfully so, in my opinion. The time table for winning 3 Super Bowls is a decade. You have a ten year window in which to win 3 Super Bowl rings to be considered a dynasty team. The Giants have won 2 Super Bowl rings since 2007 and have until 2017 to win just one more. I believe they will win two more rings as you know. With Jerry Reese locked down at the GM position and Tom Coughlin as the leader of the team once again, the Giants are in a nice position to do some damage for a very long time in the NFC East and the NFL in general. These offseason moves have been outstanding for the most part and it’s not over yet with the draft coming up in two weeks. Look for Big Blue to have another superior draft in 2012.

Do you think QB Eli Manning can retire with 4 Super Bowl rings one day?

RD –

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15 Responses to New York QB Eli Manning Retires With 4 Super Bowl Rings?

  1. bobbyg says:

    I believe it will happen within the next couple of years because the soul core of this team is intact with some important new additions.i believe the g-men are in the hot zone right now and will strike while the iron is hot.other teams have been losing star players this offseason,while big blue lost replaceable players and added solid additions with the draft moves still coming.eli will host saturday night live may very happy because peyton hosted and was very funny and i believe in eli to be just as funny too.look for a cameo from peyton that should be hilarious.i not only see 4 superbowl rings and mvp awards for eli,but many more appearences on SNL.eli is the true son of new york and we are blessed to have him.start writing up some samarai warrior poems my friend,the g-men are about to go on a serious roll witihin the next few not only remembering this article,but im printing it and its on the fridge.we heard it from nygiants reporter first lol.

    • robdomaine says:

      I think so too. I think they can do it within 5 years for sure. I am equally excited to see how Eli Manning does on Saturday Night Live. I think he has already shown that he can be funny.

      It’s funny how just a year ago I would have been blasted for an article like this and now it’s just us believers left lol.

      • bobbyg says:

        Were all in with the g-men for life buddy.get the samarai warrior poems ready.antrell rolle was on boomer and carton this morning saying the only thing better then winning the superbowl would be to go win it again.he showed his all in tattoo and said big blue is ready to push all there chips to the middle of the table again.all in.

        • robdomaine says:

          No doubt about it man. They are releasing the 2012 NFL Schedules in about 2 hours in a 3 hour event on ESPN. A part of me is wondering if things are getting a bit out of hand now with televised 3 hour events.

          • bobbyg says:

            i agree.they could have made a mini series about the saints and the bounties on nfl network.its all propaganda until the games actually start.

              • bobbyg says:

                looks like we might lose osi this season.i dont understand why.this guy really helped the gmen win 2 superbowls.maybe its a personal thing because he airs his dirty laundry about his contract not happy about this situation.i still believe the g-men are better off with osi then without him.however im sure im wrong as always lol.

  2. AdamK says:

    The Giants are going to repeat this year when they beat the Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII. After that they’ll go about 3 years without rings… Until an injury plagued year which will net them Barry Sanders Jr. in the draft. Sanders helps bring Eli and the G-Men two more rings. 5 rings!

    • robdomaine says:

      That’s the spirit Adam! Five rings (one for the thumb) sounds better then 4 rings, that’s for sure lol. I hope your story becomes reality one day, beating the ravens in a revenge game would make it even sweeter.

  3. I totally believe he can win 4 rings, if not more. The one thing that worries is me, how much longer can he play for?

    He’s already 31 years old, but he’s been virtually injury-free since joining us. However he took a tremendous amount of hits this season (take the NFC championship game as a prime example!) and although I don’t doubt the man’s toughness, he’s human and can only take so much!

    I hope he doesn’t get injured like Peyton but with Tom Brady saying before that he wants to play until he’s 40, I don’t see why Eli can’t do that too. So another 2 rings between now and 2020? Why the hell not? He’ll cement his legendary status with those 4 rings!

    • robdomaine says:

      Morning Pat, you make some good points as usual. I’ve always felt that Eli Manning would play until he was 38. For some reason I have that number stuck in my head. Like you said, he hasn’t had any major injuries and he is a tough guy. Also, a lot depends on how much protection the G-Men get him on the O-line.

      • bobbyg says:

        are you ready for the draft mr.domaine.who will the g-men draft to get eli 2 more rings buddy.its the reason i hate mock drafts,everyone who is projected gets snatched up before big blues pick.but nice problems to have picking high and late.that means a great season the year before.the draft choices in the past 2 years are playing this season for the g-men.its nice when you can get guys you know will be on the field within the next 3 years for the organization,so its like the draft was last season and the year before for the g-men.big blue wins the draft because of there system year after about a night before draft article,it seems fitting.

    • bobbyg says:

      hey pat,great points as always.i believe jerry reese will address the o-line situation through the draft so eli dont take those crazy hits this season the way he did throughout last season.i also see another 2 rings for the g-men,but i believe it will happen sooner than later because the soul core of this team needs to stay intact and that means it will have to be done within the next 4 years,great news for us g-men fans foreseeing this success in a short period of time.and as far as eli goes,i believe he will play until 37 or 38 and will retire a new york football giant.i dont believe that the way eli takes care of his body and watches what he eats should give g-men fans any doubt eli will be playing for many years with big blue.a lot of people dont realize that eli is a fanatic with his training regiment,and combined with a solid offensive line will solidify a long career.

  4. bobbyg says:

    hope everything is good buddy.have not seen an article in a while.ring ceremony and draft came and went and now there talking plax again.maybe not a bad idea with the nicks injury coming into play.anyway,hope all is well.

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