Happy Easter to our Readers, Giants Mock Draft

NEW YORK – I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter! It’s hard to believe that we are this deep into April already, this year is flying by very fast. I’m glad I was able to hang out with family and relax today. I hope you all had a great weekend too. Can you believe it has been two months, since the Giants beat the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI to win the Super Bowl Championship for a second time against New England. My how time flies. The 2012 NFL Draft is the next big thing coming up and I expect football fans to be foaming at the mouth in Radio City Music Hall. The war room strategies and meetings have already started and coaches are discussing the roster with GM Jerry Reese. Fans will only have to wait another 3 weeks to find out the brilliant game plan put together by the Giants A-Team.

Be on the look out for my upcoming 2012 Giants Draft article. It should be a fun way to discuss the team needs and assess players for our ‘hit list’ on draft day. If you decide that you want to make your list on your own, may I suggest doing it by position. It makes for a much easier reference when you follow the draft LIVE and try to guess the rookies taken. I generally do a top five list for each position and top ten for the three positions with the most need. Example, WR, RB and OL look like three top areas of need on offense for the 2012 draft. The defense is pretty solid but could use more youth at the safety and cornerback positions in my opinion. The top three positions of need on defense are CB, S and LB.

If the money could be worked out on a deal, I would suggest bringing in a veteran offensive lineman and then use the first round pick on another offensive lineman. Protect QB Eli Manning at all costs. Then straight hit the defense for back to back rounds with a cornerback and linebacker taken, followed by a surprising wide receiver pick in the fourth. These picks are based solely on my opinion and will probably change the closer we get to the draft itself. The Giants needs change all of the time, so be sure to keep an eye on their transactions.

nygreporter mock draft, prospects by position:

1. Round 1, Pick 32

OT Mike Adams, WR Stephen Hill or maybe OG Amini Silatolu 

2. Round 2, Pick 63

LB Ronnell Lewis, WR Brian Quick or CB Trumaine Johnson

3. Round 3, Pick 94

CB Ron Brooks, WR Juron Criner or OG Brandon Washington 

4. Round 4A, Pick 127

WR Nick Toon, LB Jonathan Massaquoi or FS Aaron Henry

5. Round 4B, Pick 131

OL Tom Compton, CB Josh Norman or SS Brandon Taylor

6. Round 5, Pick 167

RB Terrence Ganaway, FB Evan Rodriguez

7. Round 6, Pick 201

CB Donnie Fletcher, OG Ryan Miller

8. Round 7, Pick 239

TE Nick Provo, TE Adrien Robinson

What are your top three areas of need for the Giants this draft?

RD – nygreporter.com – Happy Easter!

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9 Responses to Happy Easter to our Readers, Giants Mock Draft

  1. bobbyg says:

    happy easter friends.i would love to see some big bodies up front for eli,and i wouldnt mind another corner or defensive end.but i also believe we need another wideout to fly under the radar being manningham is gone.rob i wanted to ask your opinion about the sean peyton situation.i dont believe someone who is suspended from the nfl for a year should be allowed to handpick his successor or be allowed to make the 8 million he is losind by being an analyst on fox.to me thats speaking with fork tongue on goodells part and is no punishment when you could geta friend like parcells to take the reins.what do you think.maybe a subject for another day,hope you enjoyed easter.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, I hope you and the family had a nice Easter. I’m very curious to see what Reese does next. Will he wait until the draft before doing any other moves? Will he make one or two more depth moves? It’s going to get exciting in a couple weeks.

  2. Happy Easter to one and all!

    I’d like an OT, RB and a CB.

    Our running game was disappointing last season and Eli’s protection was poor also at times so I think OT is an issue we definitely need to address urgently.

    Similarly with Jacobs gone, we have a big void left to fill. Although we have several up-and-coming guys looking for that spot, I don’t think drafting an RB would be a bad idea. I’ve heard good stuff about LaMichael James of the Ducks and he’s a guy that I think would do very well should we get better offensive linemen. Anyone got thoughts of him or should be we going for a veteran in this position?

    Finally a CB is needed simply because of how our road to glory last year was nearly derailed by a crazy number of injuries to our defensive backs. Rookies like Prince had their naivety exploited, although to be fair to him, the lockout hindered his gelling with the team. I expect him to vastly improve but there’s no harm in adding another CB for strength-in-depth.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hello Pat, thanks and the same to you and your family buddy. I keep thinking about the draft and if they don’t go offensive lineman, the two most athletic positions in football are the CB and WR, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see them one of those two positions. Reese is too good at grabbing solid RB’s late in the draft, look at Ahmad Bradshaw and Da’Rel Scott. So I think he waits on drafting a RB until later on. We need depth at the CB position I agree and it will be nice to have an offseason without a lockout for CB Prince Amukamara and the other DB’s to get into a groove.

      • bobbyg says:

        do you feel the g-men are done with the free agent market or do you feel there might be one or 2 out there that might stir interest like plax,or is the draft the last stop for big blue bringing on bodies.

  3. bobbyg says:

    bad loss on tollefson to the raiders.head scratcher or to high of a price for g-men against cap space.dave was a great contribution to big blues success last season,he will be missed.but again after last years success i plead the 5th on who should stay or go.

    • robdomaine says:

      I agree with you. Tollefson is a great player and quite frankly, a playmaker. The G-Men are so deep with linemen, he will not need a major replacement. I think it frees up money for other pressing areas like offensive lineman or running back.

  4. […] alread seen the players I listed as draft possibilities in the first part of this article, Happy Easter to our Readers, Giants Mock Draft but I’d like to hear about other players you guys feel might be a help to the team. I know […]

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