More Bad News for the New York Football Giants

December 30, 2010

NEW YORK – As if the past two weeks of embarrassing losses weren’t enough, Giants fans now receive the news that star WR Hakeem Nicks and pro bowl C Shaun O’Hara will not play in the season finale against the Redskins Sunday. This is bad. I don’t have to emphasize how important those two players are to the New York offense. It’s bad enough that WR Steve Smith is out for the year, along with other key players (14 on IR list at last count) but now with WR Hakeem Nicks being held out, the team will be playing with 3rd, 4th and 5th string WR’s in a must win division game. Punt returner Will Blackmon was also placed on the injured reserve list.

I have been shaking my head at the Giants for weeks now, unable to accept what I have been seeing on the field and cringing at the reality of losing more key players. It’s a simple scenario that needs to happen on Sunday, the Giants need to win and the Packers need to lose to the Bears. Can the Giants come through with the win and honor their end of the bargain or will they collapse under the pressure, as they have done for the past two weeks against the Eagles and Packers? Granted there were some strange situations to contend with the past two weeks with the foul weather effecting the teams travel plans. The most recent case, the G-Men being stranded in Green Bay for two days (the team returned home on Tuesday afternoon) following the Sunday game.

There was some good news to come out of the Giants camp this week. DT Barry Cofield won the “good guy” award, something I think this man deserves. I was one of the most vocal writers out here to voice my displeasure in the fact that Cofield’s name come up during trade talks before the season began. Cofield is a big part of the Giants defense and any deal that would send him to another team would be foolish. I see you Barry!

I have to take Big Blue in the victory over the Redskins on Sunday. If the Giants lose to Washington, I would have to throw my arms up to the whole season. This is absolutely, one hundred percent, a game the Giants should win and if they don’t, I am going to be extremely disappointed. The Giants should literally blow out the Redskins, even though we have some key players injured and missing the game. The G-Men are still ranked in the top six for both offense (3) and defense (6). They need to win this game for the fans, for themselves and for the honor of the Giants organization.

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The Giants Meltdown Causes a Countdown

December 29, 2010

As a Giants fan, I must begin by saying that I am just as distraught and disappointed as the next. Lets face it, we’ve had our opportunities to salvage our season and make the postseason. We have had the opportunity to make adjustments with in-game coaching. We have had thorough practices and weeks of strong preparation. I must maintain my integrity as a fan and state that it seems the Giants players have given up. I’m not sure if the loss to the Eagles destroyed our morale or if they have just lost confidence in the coaching. Particularly, Head Coach Tom Coughlin. The fans are unable to see what goes on in the locker room and behind closed doors. Giants Pride looked more like a deadly sin the past two weeks. Regardless of the player politics and personal feelings the players may hold, it must and should be remembered that the fans watch the games.

Professional athletes are paid and supported by the working class fan. The fanatics who budget their money to buy tickets, jerseys and memorabilia. Additionally, players are paid to do a job.  Professional athletes are paid not to quit. They are not paid to give up. They are paid to play their hearts out and accomplish the game plan. It begins with the coaches, the starting 22 players and the rest of the 53 man roster. The Big Blue unit walked into Green Bay as if they slept all week. Where was the fire and intensity? I did not see the grit and the guts the defense usually displays on the field. It has been well documented about Coach Tom Coughlin’s second half of the season’s struggle. It was well documented about the meltdown last year. With that being said, how could this football team not have enough motivation and a point to prove?

Honestly, I strongly believe that Coach Coughlin should cut ties with the Giants. It was a great Super Bowl run in 2007, that can never be taken away from him or the Giants. However, the players just haven’t responded to him. Sometimes change is good. Even if it means replacing such a great coach with a strong reputation. We have one more game left. Even if Big Blue doesn’t make it to the playoffs, at least they can end the season with a much better showing. The fans deserve it. Especially if we have to wait until an uncertain season next year in 2011. The New York Giants are still our boys. Loyal fans are just as important. We are the 12th man on the field. Regardless of the results we must stand behind them. With a Giants win, who knows, we just may sneak into the playoffs with a little help from a Chicago grizzly bear.

“Heaven Yeah”

Andrew G. –

Giants vs. Packers, NFL Week 16: Game Notes

December 26, 2010

NEW YORK – Giants fans can finally put the loss to the Eagles last week behind them because today’s game against the Packers had playoff implications. I have to admit that I am truly not over that loss yet but I will not dwell on it here today. The Giants faced an extremely tough Green Bay Packers team today and had to come out with a win to go back to the playoffs. Most of our readers know that I had picked the Packers to win the Super Bowl before the 2010 NFL season began, so I was nervous but not worried. The Packers won 45-17 in another embarrassing loss for the G-Men.

The 1st quarter of play was a nightmare for Giants fans. The Packers took a quick 14-0 lead and looked like they could move the ball at will. The Giants could not seem to do anything against them offensively or defensively. Then things began to turn around in the 2nd quarter with a nice fumble recovery by Justin Tuck and a couple of New York touchdowns that tied things up at 14-14. One touchdown pass from Manning to Manningham went for 85 yards, the longest of QB Eli Manning’s career. Manning hit the 30 touchdown mark tonight for the first time since Y.A. Tittle did it for Big Blue back in the day. The Packers were ahead 21-14 at halftime.

Things didn’t get much better in the 2nd half, as the Packers continued to move the ball at will against the Giants 2nd ranked defense in the NFL. It became difficult to watch once the 4th quarter rolled around and the Giants playoff dreams were slipping away, as the time quickly ran off the clock. The Giants completely collapsed in the 4th quarter once again. The 6 turnovers and 5 penalties by the Giants were the difference in this game, much as it has been all season. I hate to point a player out but QB Eli Manning has been making some horrible choices lately with throwing the ball. If the Giants miss the playoffs, they have nobody to blame but themselves. It hurts me to say that but it’s true. They had every opportunity to make the post season but did not get the job done today. What else can I say? The Eagles clinch the NFC East with the Giants loss today as well.

Let’s take a look at some of my notes from today’s game.

– QB Eli Manning had a poor game and has been making some bizarre choices with the ball lately. He finished with 301 yards 2 TD’s and 4 INT’s.

– WR Hakeem Nicks continues to impress whenever he is on the field. He finished with 93 yards and 1 TD.

– RB Brandon Jacobs had a few good runs and a key fumble. He finished with 47 yards 0 TD’s and 1 fumble.

– DE Justin Tuck had a great game and a key fumble recovery in the 2nd quarter. He also had the only sack.

– WR Mario Manningham had a big day and finished with 132 yards and 1 TD.

– S Kenny Phillips led all defensive tacklers and was all over the place today. He had a solid game.

– RB Ahmad Bradshaw had a rare bad day and a key fumble. He finished with 31 rushing yards and 41 receiving yards 0 TD’s and 1 fumble.

– CB Aaron Ross got his wish and was returning punts for Big Blue today.

– TE Kevin Boss had a couple of key dropped passes in the first half and a failed fumble recovery in the second half. He finished with 0 yards.

– S Antrel Rolle had a key forced fumble in the 2nd quarter and had a good game overall.

– DE Jason Pierre-Paul was injured and left the game in the first half. He eventually returned later in the game.

– K Lawrence Tynes has been great for Big Blue this season and made all of his extra point attempts (2) and lone FG attempt tonight.

– P Matt Dodge had a better day then last Sunday but fans are still not sold on him.

– The Giants defense seemed a bit sluggish in this game for some reason. They finished with 1 sack and 1 forced fumble.

– The Giants offensive line was terrific once again and continue to be the anchor of the offense. The did however give up a sack.

– The Giants special teams continues to need work but they had a better game then last week.

– Head Coach Tom Coughlin should not be worried about his job. The media needs to relax with all of that trash talk.

– DC Perry Fewell puts together some great schemes and plays. However, he had his hands full tonight.

– OC Kevin Gilbride is still a hot and cold play caller. It’s hard to feel confident in him when you see some of the plays he calls.

– Special Teams Coach Tom Quinn should be on his way out at the end of the season and I’m not sure it’s all his fault.

– The Giants lost the time of possession battle horribly by a time difference of 37:01 to 22:59.

– The Giants were stranded in Green Bay due to bad weather back east. This is the second time in 2 weeks that the team has been stranded.

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Merry Christmas to our Readers and Giants Fans Everywhere

December 25, 2010

NEW YORK – I would like to wish all of the New York Giants fans out there a very Merry Christmas. I hope that the United States military all over the world know that they are not forgotten either and we wish them a very Merry Christmas too. I hope that our readers have the chance to spend Christmas with family and friends and enjoy what is most important in life. It seems that with each passing year, we get more wrapped up with our lives and forget to stop and smell the roses. I hope you are not one of these people and if you are, you can change. Take some time to spend with family today or call an old friend but most of all have a very Merry Christmas! God Bless!

As we celebrate this wonderful holiday today, it’s easy to forget that the Giants have the most important game of the 2010 season tomorrow (4:15 PM EST) against the Green Bay Packers. If the Giants win, then they are in the playoffs. The Giants will need to bring their “A” game to Wisconsin because the Packers are a very good team. As usual, they are expecting foul weather in Green bay which should only add to the drama. The G-men know what they need to do and I expect them to come out with the victory in a close game. This could very easily be a three point win in a battle between two NFC powerhouses. I am going to enjoy sitting back and watching this game on the TV in a warm house. I hope you enjoy the game as well.

RD –



The Giants Fell! Now it’s Time to Fight!

December 21, 2010

I’m sure Giants fans all around the world are both shocked and appalled by the Giant collapse this past Sunday. We should be! However, there is nothing stronger than the feeling of disappointment. A 21 point lead in the 4th quarter seemed to be nothing less than a sure victory. I distinctly remember, as I watched the game that I felt that we would have a spurt of complacency because the lead gave the G-men comfort. What I didn’t expect was the combination of both physical and mental errors that plagued us down the stretch. We didn’t remain cognizant that Micheal Vick was still on the field with his talent. I didnt expect that the coaches would allow such a meltdown in a critical game.

I would like to begin with the offense. Eli Manning had a respectable game. But not a great game for a franchise player. As matter of fact, Eli didn’t need to be great. He just needed to sustain drives. With the number of 3 and out’s the Giants had, all we did was give the Eagles more opportunities to cut the lead. In all fairness to Eli, I must say that the run game wasnt as strong as it had been for the past 2 weeks. It wasnt what we needed it to be, in order to burn time off the clock and limit the number of possessions we gave Philadelphia. I thought Coach Gilbride would have done more of an effective job down the stretch in order to seal the deal. Instead we got dealt one of the worst defeats in league history. However, keep your heads up Giants fans! This loss may be a blessing in disguise going forward.

Sometimes Embarrassment can procreate Empowerment. The Giants were given a very tough wake up call. We had the collapse last year, so many players vowed to never allow it to happen again. Then we had the debacle this past Sunday with the last home game at the Meadowlands. A bad way to leave the Giants fans with such a bad taste in their mouths. Okay, that’s understood now. The best way for Big Blue to reconcile this season and the love of the Giants fans is to dominate in the coming weeks. I don’t mean just win but we will have to embarrass a few teams and take a few heads. We need to thrive in the postseason and then bring home the Lombardi Trophy!

We fell, but now it’s time to fight. Giants Pride was out of character last Sunday. What we do in Green Bay and Washington will tell what Big Blue is all about. It will be a sure and clear definition of how a team responds to adversity. Just as Eli reminded us, we lose as a team not just individuals. Giants Pride will live on!

Andrew G. –

Giants vs. Eagles, NFL Week 15: Game Notes

December 19, 2010

NEW YORK – The second contest between the Giants and Eagles this year had become the most anticipated game of the season for both teams. Once the playoff picture and divisional championship picture became clear, it was obvious that this game was going to decide the future of both clubs in the NFC East. The Giants simply dominated the Eagles for the first three quarters of the game and then became undone in the fourth quarter. This was not a very enjoyable game to watch for Giants fans, as Big Blue lost by a score of 38-31 on a punt return by DeSean Jackson with 12 seconds left in the game. The Eagles improve their record to 10-4 and take sole possession of first place in the NFC East, as the Giants fall to 9-5. There were a lot of fights during this game as well. It seemed like there were players locked up with each other after every single play. I almost got physically sick after watching this embarrassing loss.

The Giants were dealt some bad news this week after losing star WR Steve Smith for the rest of the season. Fans were concerned that this would have a negative impact on the Eagles game but the Giants took care of business in that department. The Giants have placed at least 14 players on the season ending injured reserve list. These are star players that I’m talking about in most cases and not just reserve backup players. The G-Men have been devastated by these injuries for the past two years and I’m not sure how they continue to compete at this high level. I guess we need to give GM Jerry Reese credit for making Big Blue a deep team, something that I do with pleasure because Mr. Reese is a genius and I’m glad he is working with the Giants.

The G-men gave fans a scare in the fourth quarter by letting the Eagles get back into the game with a couple of late TD’s. They needed to close the game out strong but were not able to do it. It was much more nerve racking to watch on TV, then it sounds here in words, when the Eagles tied the game up 31-31 with 76 seconds remaining in the game. I was literally pacing around the room for the remainder of the fourth quarter. I found myself on the floor when punter Matt Dodge punted the ball straight to DeSean Jackson, who proceeded to run the ball back for a TD, with zero time on the clock and giving the Eagles the win. My jaw dropped and I could not believe what I had just saw. If the Giants miss the playoffs this season it is their own fault. It’s really horrible that they lost this game today and it will be something that could take years to get over, if ever.

The Giants travel to Wisconsin next weekend to face the Green Bay Packers at 4:15 PM EST in a game that should prove to be a great one with playoff implications.

Let’s take a look at some of my notes from the game.

– QB Eli Manning had a good game today and controlled the offense most of the game. He finished with 289 yards 4 TD’s and 1 INT.

– RB Ahmad Bradshaw contributed on some key plays and finished with 66 yards.

– WR Mario Manningham was thought to have an injury today but had a great day. He finished with 113 yards and 2 TD’s.

– WR Hakeem Nicks continued to roll since his return and finished with 63 yards and 1 TD.

– RB Brandon Jacobs got involved in the offense today and finished with 34 yards.

– TE Kevin Boss had a few nice catches and finished with 59 yards and 1 TD.

– WR Derek Hagan got into the game and made a few catches. He finished with 36 yards.

– DE Justin Tuck played like a madman today and gets my game ball. He led all defensive tacklers and finished with 1.5 sacks.

– S Antrel Rolle continues to show why he was the most important addition to the team in recent years.

– DE Osi Umenyiora had more of an impact on the game then the stats show with some play disruptions.

– K Lawrence Tynes continues to have a solid season by making all of his FG attempts (1) and extra point attempts (4).

– DE Dave Tollefson left the game with a knee injury and did not return.

– P Matt Dodge had a decent game but is still an inconsistent punter by NFL standards. The kid made a horrible punt to DeSean Jackson at the end of the game that was returned for a TD.

– The Giants offensive line was shaky in the first quarter but then returned to form to close out the game. They gave up 2 sacks.

– The Giants defense was all over the field today. They are playing like the second ranked defense that they are. They finished with 3 sacks, 1 INT and 1 forced fumble.

– The Giants special teams continues to be the biggest disappointment of the 2010 season. Today was horrible because they gave up an on-side kick possession and punt return for a TD.

– DC Perry Fewell has done a masterful job in containing QB Michael Vick in both divisional games with the Eagles this year.

RD –


New York Giants and Red Cross Team Up for Charity

December 15, 2010

NEW YORK – The New York Giants have teamed up with the American Red Cross for their second annual blood drive. Fans who want to help out can go to New Meadowlands stadium this Saturday December 18, 2010 at 7 AM EST – 2 PM EST. This is a great charity the G-men have become involved with and they will be giving out a special T-shirt to all blood donors. Six fans will also be randomly selected to win an autographed football. Not too bad at all huh fans?

Fans will also have access to the Legacy Club in the stadium and have a chance to mingle with Giants alumni members. There are five former Giants players scheduled to appear at the event. Those players include Joe Morris, Howard Cross, Bart Oates, Sean Landetta and Karl Nelson. What a great opportunity to meet these guys and get a photo or autograph from them. I encourage all Giants fans who are able to make it out to the stadium Saturday to do so and lend a hand for a great charity.

There is a link below to the website where they ask fans to make an appointment because there are a limited number of appointments available due to time restrictions. So be sure to click the link below and do what you can for the American Red Cross and New York Giants organization.

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