2012 Giants Mock Draft Continued, Need Versus Best Available

NEW YORK – The New York Giants can feel the draft creeping up on them. I cannot believe it is almost time for the 2012 NFL draft to kick off. In just about two weeks, fans will know who their first round pick will be. I have even heard some suggest the Giants trade away this years first round pick, for a first round pick next year and a second rounder this year, then work the two second round picks. I don’t know about this strategy because GM Jerry Reese usually keeps all of his draft picks. The Giants are very good at the draft and have had a tremendous draft record the past decade.

The best possible example of Jerry Reese taking the best player available is CB Prince Amukamara. Nobody, including myself, thought Prince would still be on the board at the Giants pick that year but he was. There is nothing you can do in a situation like that but take the guy. So this is always a very good possibility and it will not be a surprise to you, if you take your notes and follow it LIVE on the computer and TV. You’ve alread seen the players I listed as draft possibilities in the first part of this article, Happy Easter to our Readers, Giants Mock Draft but I’d like to hear about other players you guys feel might be a help to the team. I know we have more readers out there, so let me hear your thoughts on this. The Giants should slowly begin to pull away from the media for a while. They never reveal their poker hand to the media and I like it. Here is the draft order below.

New York Giants Draft Order

1. Round One, Pick No. 32

2. Round Two, Pick No. 63

3. Round Three, Pick No. 94

4. Round Four A, Pick No. 127

5. Round Four B, Pick No. 131

6. Round Five, Pick No. 167 – Traded to Bengals*

7. Round Six, Pick No. 201

8. Round Seven, Pick No. 239

Feel free to copy and paste the draft order and fill in the blanks in the comment area. What is the best way to attack the draft this year?

RD – nygreporter.com

To all of the Giants players who will not be returning to the team for the 2012 season, we wish you well with your new teams and all of the best for the future! Once a Giant, always a Giant!

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4 Responses to 2012 Giants Mock Draft Continued, Need Versus Best Available

  1. bobbyg says:

    typing righty now finally because of this broken arm,happily to actually do it again i really like the running back which a lot of teams like,trent richardson out of bama.i love the kid colby fleener a tight end from stanford.and if these guys arent around im sure jerry will suffice.but now my o-linemen both from ohio state,mike adams and bobbie massie.everyone i think are projected for our g-men rob,never come through for me.the draft is such a gamble but im sure our genious at the helm will get us through.other then that,my picks are pretty vanilla.

    • robdomaine says:

      I’m glad you’re feeling better Bobby. No more UFC fighting for you ok? lol they are going to need a veteran running back for sure to back up Ahmad Bradshaw. Bradshaw gets hurt a lot because he runs so hard and makes some really hard cuts out there. Plus, the were ranked last in the running game last year, changes had to happen.

  2. AdamK says:

    1. Round One: Harrison Smith S Notre Dame – The Giants need three safties and currently they have two. They run the Nickel a whole lot and replacing Deon Grant in the package with Rolle can help hide some of the holes in Antrel’s coverage game.

    2. Round Two: Amini Silatolu, G/OT, Midwestern State – The Giants have a hole at LG and like versatile linemen. Makes sense to me.

    3. Round Three: Billy Winn, DE/DT, Boise State – Big, athletic, and versatile. Tollefson’s replacement.

    4. Round Four: Robert Turbin, RB, Utah State – Another position where the Giants could use some depth.

    5. Round Four: Ryan Broyles, WR/PR, Oklahoma – I stole this pick from another mock but I really like it.

    6. Round Five, Pick No. 167 – Traded to Bengals*

    7. Round Six, Pick No. 201 – James Hanna, TE, Oklahoma – Position of need and an intriguing prospect.

    8. Round Seven: Ronnie Cameron DT, Old Dominion – The Giants just brought him in for a workout.

    FA Signing: Rhett Ellison, FB/TE, Southern California – Former TE who was moved to FB. He might be able to fill the h-back role for the GMen.

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