Giants Cut WR Chris Davis For Failed Physical

June 29, 2010

The New York Giants cut WR/PR Chris Davis yesterday after a failed physical. Davis had only been on the team for about a week. He was signed with the team to replace WR Domenik Hixon, who will be lost for the 2010 NFL season with a torn ACL. Davis would have been primarily used on special teams as a punt returner. This is not reassuring new for Giants fans, who have already lost two players (WR Domenik Hixon, S Chad Jones) for the entire year due to injury.

Now that WR Chris Davis (5’10” 181 pounds) has been cut, it adds to the previous article I wrote about the Giants special teams possibly having some trouble this year. I want to emphasize the word “possibly” because I’m sure that Giants GM Jerry Reese will do everything in his power to replace these guys. But the question still remains, who will the team bring in to bolster the special teams squad? Reese had mentioned (after Hixon went down) that a possible trade was not a far fetched idea. This would be surprising to many fans because Reese does not discuss team business in public, ever. However, with the recent loss of players and question marks still looming in the special teams area, what else can he do? Are there any quality players available without having to make a trade?

WR Chris Davis was a 4th round selection by the Tennessee Titans in the 2007 NFL Draft. He was also waived by the Cincinnati Bengals in March.

-Chad Jones Update: Chad Jones’ father reported yesterday that his son Chad (Giants 3rd round pick in 2010) is looking and feeling much better after his horrible car accident last week. All of us here at the NYG Reporter wish Chad Jones a speedy recovery.

Are you beginning to get concerned about all of the players the New York Giants have lost thus far?

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New York Giants: Special Teams in Trouble?

June 27, 2010

The New York Giants have just started practicing and they have already lost two players for the entire 2010 NFL season. WR Domenik Hixon tore his ACL during minicamp and will miss the season. This hurts the special teams because Hixon was a very productive punt returner. Next, we have rookie S Chad Jones getting into a serious car accident (get well soon Chad) and almost having his leg amputated. Jones will also miss the 2010 season and could have put his career in jeopardy. All of Giants Nation is wishing Chad a full and speedy recovery. This doesn’t change the fact that losing Jones for the year, puts another hole in the special teams. Jones was in the mix as a replacement for Hixon, as rookies normally earn their pay on special teams, their first year on the roster.

The Giants signed WR Chris Davis to replace WR Domenik Hixon and now Giants GM Jerry Reese will need to find another replacement for S Chad Jones (is WR David Tyree still available for a one year contract?). Special Teams Coach Tom Quinn, will have his work cut out for him in 2010. Quinn has already disregarded rumors that new Giants S Antrel Rolle, will be in the mix as a returner. This is something the fans appreciate because it made no sense to the majority. CB Aaron Ross’ name however was not removed from the list of possibilities. WR Sinorice Moss and RB Andre Brown seem to be a part of the committee as well. Special Teams can easily become the achilles heel for the G-men in 2010, if they do not address the lost players with some talent of equal calibre.

There are a lot of new faces on special teams and losing P Jeff Feagles was a serious blow. K Lawrence Tynes has managed to stay on the roster some how. This could be a situation that changes before the season starts or certainly after the year is over. It was nice to see Feagles at minicamp offering help to the new blood. I hope the team can convince him to coach someday for the Giants. Rookie punter Matt Dodge appears to be the future at the punter position.

In my personal opinion, the G-Men will need to spend some extra time on this group and make sure everyone is on the same page. There were some dramatic changes made in this area and we’ve yet to learn if they have a winning formula. Special Teams will be another area to keep a close eye on during training camp, when it begins August 1, 2010.

Are you concerned about the New York Giants early injuries? Can you foresee this being a problem area Big Blue?

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Chad Jones Update, Lucky to be Alive

June 25, 2010

The New York Giants have given an update on rookie safety Chad Jones’ condition. That doesn’t mean that any questions are answered but rather that the surgery went well and he will be in recovery for a very long time. Jones has a broken left leg and ankle with some tissue damage. At one point, the conversation turned to possibly amputating his left leg but reports now confirm that it won’t be needed. He remains in the hospital and we expect a full report sometime tomorrow or certainly by the end of the weekend. Chad Jones was a 3rd round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft this year and just signed a 4-year contract with the Giants last week.

Let’s take a look at what early reports are saying happened. Chad Jones (6’2″ 220 pounds) was driving his 2010 Range Rover in New Orleans at approximately 6:00 AM EST. Jones apparently drove his SUV into a utility pole. Both of his passengers walked away from the accident unharmed but Jones got the worst of it, having to be removed from the vehicle. He was taken to a nearby hospital and was listed as being in “guarded condition”. His father visited him earlier in the day and said his son was alert. His agent gave a brief statement earlier in the day and promised more news soon. The Giants have been quiet about things until they get the full story (something that I completely agree with).

Michael Eisen of, gave the latest update on Jones’ condition saying that the team is there for him and his family. I’m sure that Chad Jones’ mind must spinning out of control right now. If you took a look at the photo’s of the accident or the read any of the reports, you would see that his SUV was totaled and it is by God’s good grace, that Chad Jones is alive. Let’s all say a prayer for this kid and hope that everything turns out ok for him.

Are you concerned about New York Giants rookie Chad Jones’ football career? Do you think he will miss the entire 2010 season or return at some point late in the year?

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New York Giants Cut QB Riley Skinner

June 25, 2010

The New York Giants cut rookie backup QB Riley Skinner today. Skinner (Wake Forest) was battling for a roster spot throughout minicamp but appears to have missed the mark. This is not a question of the kids heart or skills, he just went up against some guys the team feels are a better fit. QB Jim Sorgi was Peyton Manning’s backup QB for years, we all knew he wasn’t going anywhere. Sorgi will become Super Bowl MVP QB Eli Manning’s study partner. I feel that grabbing Sorgi was a good move for the G-Men, after former backup QB David Carr, wanted out of New York to seek an opportunity to start for a team.

The fact that the team cut Skinner (6’0″ 214 pounds) tells me that they feel confident in the two remaining QB’s on the roster, to backup Iron Man QB Easy Eli Manning. We know why Sorgi was brought in but what about Rhett Bomar? Is Bomar the answer for a LIVE game replacement? Expect to see Bomar quite a bit during the preseason games. Head Coach Tom Coughlin will want this kid battle tested, just in case something should happen to Manning. To be honest, I haven’t seen Bomar play enough to even have an opinion yet. The question still remains in my mind, who can handle “game time” if the team should come calling?

What do you think about the New York Giants cutting QB Riley Skinner today? Are you confident in both Jim Sorgi and Rhett Bomar. as the backup QB’s?

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Giants Safety Chad Jones Involved in Auto Crash

June 25, 2010

The New York Giants have learned that rookie safety Chad Jones, who just signed a 4-year contract with Big Blue, was involved in an auto accident today.

Jones was in an auto accident during the early morning in New Orleans and taken to the hospital. Reports have said that the hospital has him listed as being in “guarded condition”. Jones’ agent made a statement explaining that they didn’t know anything yet but would be talking to reporters later in the day.

Let me first say, that I hope Chad Jones is not seriously injured. His father said that he was “alert” when he visited him at the hospital. That is good news for fans and his friends. His 2010 Range Rover was totaled in what appears to be a very bad car accident. The crash occurred around 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM EST and Jones is said to have run into a pole. Some reports have stated that his worst injury appears to be to one of his legs. Jones had surgery to repair a broken left leg and left ankle.

Hopefully, there will be no lingering effects or anything in 2010. We will have to sit back and wait for more news to come out on it. Everything is pure speculation at this point, so I would like to wait and hear what happened before making any rash statements. From everything I have seen and read about Jones, he is a stand up kid and I truly hope he is OK. It is a shame when things like this happen to young players.

There is not much to report yet, you will have to return for updates later on. This story is just breaking right now.

If S Chad Jones is expected to miss a lot of time, who do you think will have to step up in his spot?

Get well soon Chad!

RD –


New York Giants Sign WR Chris Davis 6/23/10

June 23, 2010

Just when you thought it was safe to step away for a breath, the G-men lock and load one more time. The New York Giants were awarded WR Chris Davis (5’10” 181 pounds) off waivers by the Cincinnati Bengals today. Davis, who has played with the Titans the past two seasons, is expected to contribute heavily in the return game. WR Domenik Hixon handled the punt return duties but he will miss the entire 2010 season with a torn ACL. The team will need to find a way to replace a very productive Hixon from the 2009 season.

I have to be honest and I mean no offense but I don’t remember hearing about the 26-year-old Chris Davis. I know that GM Jerry Reese is the magic man and can see talent where others might not be able to. If anyone knows something about Davis please leave us a comment below. All I know is that he is 26 years old and that he was a 4th round draft pick (Titans) in 2007. They don’t even have a jersey number listed for him yet. He remains a mystery man as far as I’m concerned until somebody can find out more on him.

Special teams seem like a very unlikely area of concern until you don’t have your regular players on the field. Between rookie punter Matt Dodge and punt returner WR Chris Davis in the mix, special teams will garner some extra attention during training camp in Albany. I expect the coaches will experiment with different looks on the field with different players. You can add special teams to the list, along with the LB battle I expect to start from day one, of interesting training camp battles in 2010.

Have you ever heard of WR Chris Davis before this article came out?

RD –


New York Giants Sign Two More Rookies 6/23/10

June 23, 2010

The New York Giants kept the ball rolling on Wednesday, as the team signed two more draft picks. OG Mitch Petrus and P Matt Dodge both inked 4-year contracts today, locking them down with the team for a good deal of time. They join S Chad Jones, as part of the “4-year deal” squad. Details about the contracts of LB Phillip Dillard and LB Adrian Tracy have yet to be released.

Rookie punter Matt Dodge, beat out Australian Jy Bond for the starting punting job during minicamp practices. Bond and Dodge had one of the biggest battles on the team and most reports claim that Bond kicked the ball further but Dodge was very good at dropping the ball inside the 20 yard line. Another thing about Matt Dodge is that he does not look like your typical punter. He is in excellent shape and has been described as a gym rat. Check out the video available on

The signing of rookie OG Mitch Petrus does not surprise me at all. The G-Men are slowly easing new offensive linemen onto the team. They are coming in young and learning from one of the best groups of guys in the entire NFL. Second year LT William Beatty is a good example of that. Beatty and OL Rich Seubert, will be battling it out during training camp. I don’t expect Petrus to push for a starting spot in his first year but I see what the team liked about him and I believe he can learn his role well.

The offensive line gave up 30 sacks in 2009, the most of any year for QB Eli Manning. The front office and coaches are keeping a very close eye on this group in 2010. The Giants have now made nine different roster moves on the team since monday. There are still two days left in the week and two more rookies left to sign. DE Jason “Wild Thing” Pierre-Paul and DT Linval “The Anvil” Joseph, are the last two rookies needed to lock down the entire 2010 draft class.

– Mitch Petrus, OG – 5th round pick in 2010 draft – signed to 4-year deal

– Matt Dodge, P – 7th round pick in 2010 draft – signed to 4-year deal

What do you think about all of the New York Giants roster moves made this week?

RD –


NY Giants Sign Rookies Dillard and Tracy 6/22/10

June 22, 2010

The New York Giants stayed busy on Tuesday by signing two players from this years draft class. A pair of rookies, LB Phillip Dillard and LB Adrian Tracy, both signed with the team today. The terms of their contracts have not been disclosed yet. The two linebackers join rookie safety Chad Jones, as the only three draft selections to sign with the team so far. We expect the rest to follow suit shortly. Just yesterday we were discussing who the possible odd man out would be, if the G-Men decided to sign only six out of the seven draft picks. I am officially out of the discussion because I saw LB/DE Adrian Tracy as the odd man out and I was clearly wrong about that. The fact that Jerry Reese signed these two LB’s makes me feel better. As I said, I want to see all of the Giants players doing well and that includes rookies.

The New York Giants will certainly have enough depth at the linebacker position going into training camp and why not? This could end up being one of the “epic” battles in training camp lore. There are only so many positions available and nobody knows that better then the rookies. Three out of the seven draft picks are signed, leaving only DE Jason Pierre-Paul, DT Linval Joseph, OG Mitch Petrus and P Matt Dodge unsigned for right now.

– Phillip Dillard, LB – 4th round draft choice in 2010 – signed

– Adrian Tracy, LB – 6th round draft choice in 2010 – signed

I would not be surprised to see more players added to this list sometime today. Check back for updates.

Do you like the way Giants GM Jerry Reese has handled the off season thus far? Which of these rookies do you think will impact the team the most in 2010?RD –

New York Giants Cut Five Players 6/21/10

June 21, 2010

The New York Giants got right to business on Monday morning, following this father’s day weekend. The G-Men cut five players today, on the official first day of summer (summer solstice) and one of them might surprise you. Throughout the minicamp practices, two players were locked in a battle for a starting role. Of course, it isn’t the most sexy position but punters Matt Dodge and Jy Bond have finally found out who won the fight.

Punter Jy Bond was cut from the team today, so it looks like rookie Matt Dodge will be the New York Giants punter this season. Ex-Giants punter Jeff Feagles was spotted working with the guys during minicamp. I loved hearing that he was coaching/helping at the stadium and wonder if GM Jerry Reese has already offered him a coaching job with the team?

The Giants official website said that the team needed to cut these five players in order to make room to sign their draft picks. So far, rookie safety Chad Jones is the only rookie to sign (4-year deal) with the team. Does the fact that the team only released five players, mean that only five out of the remaining six rookies will be signed? Who would seem to be the odd man out in this scenario?

The players who are safe include S Chad Jones. DE Jason Pierre-Paul, LB Phillip Dillard, DT Linval Joseph, OG Mitch Petrus and P Matt Dodge. That leaves rookie LB/DE Adrian Tracy the odd man out from what I can see happening. The only player I can see him going up against out of this draft class, is OG Mitch Petrus. One of those two guys will be gone before the season starts and if I had to bet, I would say Adrian Tracy will be gone. We still need to see who the team decides to replace WR Domenik Hixon with. Hixon will miss the entire 2010 season with a torn ACL. We are almost at the end of June, which is one of the more quiet months for NFL news. Things will begin to pick up speed in July though.

Let’s take a look at the five players who were cut today 6/21/10.

– Jy Bond, P

– Vince Anderson, DB

– Carson Butler, TE

– Lee Campbell, LB

– Micah Johnson, LB

What do you think about the five players that were cut today? Were there any you hoped would make the final roster?

RD –

Josh Berman’s Giants Update: Edition 4

June 19, 2010

This week, the New York Giants began and completed minicamp activities. We here at the nygreporter, have gotten some excellent coverage from our very own Robert Domaine and already there are a lot of topics to cover. By far, the biggest story making headlines is the loss of WR Domenik Hixon for the season. Hixon tore his ACL during practice on the new turf of New Meadowlands Stadium. Hixon was not an intricate part of the offense, although he was second in the league last season in punt return average. The true story behind the story here is the safety of the turf. Safety Antrel Rolle and wide receiver Steve Smith both seem to believe the turf is to blame for Hixon’s injury, however GM Jerry Reese respectfully disagrees. Rolle claims to have seen the injury and remarked that Hixon “…didn’t make a cut or anything”. Smith thought the turf was “real slippery”, a sentiment Rolle also expressed saying, “I was slipping on each and every play”. Reese and Coughlin both expressed their belief that Hixon did not get caught on the turf and that “it could happen on any surface”. Either way, it will be a developing story to watch for the remainder of the offseason.

Osi Umenyiora has stated that he does not want to be a distraction in camp this season and that what has really been hurting is his pride. According to ESPN, Osi wants the best man to play this season. Osi, who was benched for the last four games of last season, spoke publicly about his unhappiness with his role in the team. Since then, Osi has gotten very quiet. I truly believe he and the rest of the defensive line, will have a good, productive, and effective relationship this season. If they can work together, the returning linemen and the new additions should be poised for a very good season, as Perry leads them back to an attacking pass rushing force.

Amani Toomer is still making headlines even in his retirement. Amani plans to run the New York Marathon this year; he will be running for the New York Road Runners youth program. Timex has sponsored Toomer, promising to donate 1 dollar for every runner he beats. Amani will be the first NFL player to run since Lynn Swan did so in 1993.

One final note, I was thrilled to see the Philadelphia Flyers lose the Stanley Cup. As I told you in my last edition, being close to Philly (as the city is affectionately called) is painful enough, but the comparisons to the Flyers’ post-season run to the Giants’ Super Bowl run was unbearable. Seeing a different outcome was a wonderful, and selfish, surprise.

Josh Berman-