New York Giants OL Koets Proving His Value

October 14, 2010

In the last few years, whenever anyone thought about the Giants’ offense, one of the first things that came to mind was the offensive line. One of the most coveted units in the league, the Shaun O’Hara-lead group has been a real asset to Big Blue.

Nevertheless, there comes a time where every asset depreciates. Fighting against age, O’Hara went down with an ankle injury and has now missed three consecutive games. Looking at a logic standpoint, us Giants fans should be very worried, but yet for some reason we are not. Well, I give you that reason, his name is Adam Koets.

Ever since he had to step up to cover O’Hara’s spot Koets has been  playing with confidence and quality, allowing the offense not to missa beat.

Drafted in the sixth round of the 2007 draft, Koets used to play tackle at the Oregon State University, where he was a second team All Pac-10 Conference selection after helping the team to average 360.6 yards per game in his senior season. Also in his time with Oregon State, he was a three-time Academic All-Pac 10 Conference selection.

Being very smart, and an athletic player for his size (6 ft 5 300 lb), the Giants coaching staff, who favor versatile players, quickly recognized Koets’ ability to play multiple positions within the o-line, and, being in need of a backup center, decided to try him at such position during the 2009 off season.

One season later, this Santa Ana, California, native, sky diving, bungee jumping adrenaline-seeker is exactly what Big Blue hoped he would become: a quality, smart and versatile player able to fill in and keep the high level presented by owner of the position, and, most importantly, allowing me to sleep at night…

Saulo Padua –

New York Giants Face Trap Game

October 14, 2010

The New York Giants, looking to increase their first winning streak in a year, face the NFL’s punching bag of the last few seasons, the Detroit Lions (1-4), at home in the new Meadowlands Stadium. Easy matchup, one might think. That is where a mistake can be made. As I said, this is a trap game.

The Lions, although having only one win in the season, have more fight in them than meets the eye. Just looking at the games this season, out of the 4 losses, it is very easy to see that those games were not decided until the very end.

In the season opener against Chicago, a blown call nullified a Calvin Johnson touchdown that would most likely assure the win for Detroit.

Then you move on to analyze the Eagles game, and the story continues. The Lions scored a touchdown with 1:55 left, made the two-point conversion, putting the game at 35-32, then on the ensuing kickoff they recovered an onside kick. They were not able to capitalize on that, but again the game was decided on the final seconds.

Against Green Bay, a team that is supposed to be one of the finest in the NFC, once again Detroit was able to push the game until the fourth quarter, the final score being 28-26. These three games could have easily gone either way, and Detroit could be, say, a 3-2 team, just like our beloved Giants.

With that in mind, it is paramount to stay focused and duly prepare for this game. As it is said quite frequently in this organization, “every game is important“. The way the Giants have been playing is impressive and inspiring, however, paraphrasing Antrel Rolle, it is always better to win three in a row than two in a row.


Saulo Padua –