The Giants Fell! Now it’s Time to Fight!

I’m sure Giants fans all around the world are both shocked and appalled by the Giant collapse this past Sunday. We should be! However, there is nothing stronger than the feeling of disappointment. A 21 point lead in the 4th quarter seemed to be nothing less than a sure victory. I distinctly remember, as I watched the game that I felt that we would have a spurt of complacency because the lead gave the G-men comfort. What I didn’t expect was the combination of both physical and mental errors that plagued us down the stretch. We didn’t remain cognizant that Micheal Vick was still on the field with his talent. I didnt expect that the coaches would allow such a meltdown in a critical game.

I would like to begin with the offense. Eli Manning had a respectable game. But not a great game for a franchise player. As matter of fact, Eli didn’t need to be great. He just needed to sustain drives. With the number of 3 and out’s the Giants had, all we did was give the Eagles more opportunities to cut the lead. In all fairness to Eli, I must say that the run game wasnt as strong as it had been for the past 2 weeks. It wasnt what we needed it to be, in order to burn time off the clock and limit the number of possessions we gave Philadelphia. I thought Coach Gilbride would have done more of an effective job down the stretch in order to seal the deal. Instead we got dealt one of the worst defeats in league history. However, keep your heads up Giants fans! This loss may be a blessing in disguise going forward.

Sometimes Embarrassment can procreate Empowerment. The Giants were given a very tough wake up call. We had the collapse last year, so many players vowed to never allow it to happen again. Then we had the debacle this past Sunday with the last home game at the Meadowlands. A bad way to leave the Giants fans with such a bad taste in their mouths. Okay, that’s understood now. The best way for Big Blue to reconcile this season and the love of the Giants fans is to dominate in the coming weeks. I don’t mean just win but we will have to embarrass a few teams and take a few heads. We need to thrive in the postseason and then bring home the Lombardi Trophy!

We fell, but now it’s time to fight. Giants Pride was out of character last Sunday. What we do in Green Bay and Washington will tell what Big Blue is all about. It will be a sure and clear definition of how a team responds to adversity. Just as Eli reminded us, we lose as a team not just individuals. Giants Pride will live on!

Andrew G. –

3 Responses to The Giants Fell! Now it’s Time to Fight!

  1. robdomaine says:

    Great stuff Andrew! I could not agree with you more. I have to say that I am still not over the loss to the Eagles but I should be OK by the weekend. We need this win against Green Bay to make it back to the playoffs. I hope our guys can come together and get the job done. You’re right, it’s time to fight now!!

  2. apollojewels says:

    Heaven Yeah! Rob! This what makes the story of sports great! you never know what will happen! for some strange reason this game reminded what Reggie Miller did to the Knicks in the Garden! Remember that? I expect us to come out and dominate this week! The only way to nullify the disappointment and discussions until atleast the postseason. Im looking for our team to have a strong week of preparation and practice.

    • robdomaine says:

      I can’t believe you brought up Reggie Miller, I can’t stand Reggie Miller because of those Knicks games lol. We have to win this game against the Packers and make the playoffs, you’re right that is the only thing that will do.

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