The Giants Meltdown Causes a Countdown

As a Giants fan, I must begin by saying that I am just as distraught and disappointed as the next. Lets face it, we’ve had our opportunities to salvage our season and make the postseason. We have had the opportunity to make adjustments with in-game coaching. We have had thorough practices and weeks of strong preparation. I must maintain my integrity as a fan and state that it seems the Giants players have given up. I’m not sure if the loss to the Eagles destroyed our morale or if they have just lost confidence in the coaching. Particularly, Head Coach Tom Coughlin. The fans are unable to see what goes on in the locker room and behind closed doors. Giants Pride looked more like a deadly sin the past two weeks. Regardless of the player politics and personal feelings the players may hold, it must and should be remembered that the fans watch the games.

Professional athletes are paid and supported by the working class fan. The fanatics who budget their money to buy tickets, jerseys and memorabilia. Additionally, players are paid to do a job.  Professional athletes are paid not to quit. They are not paid to give up. They are paid to play their hearts out and accomplish the game plan. It begins with the coaches, the starting 22 players and the rest of the 53 man roster. The Big Blue unit walked into Green Bay as if they slept all week. Where was the fire and intensity? I did not see the grit and the guts the defense usually displays on the field. It has been well documented about Coach Tom Coughlin’s second half of the season’s struggle. It was well documented about the meltdown last year. With that being said, how could this football team not have enough motivation and a point to prove?

Honestly, I strongly believe that Coach Coughlin should cut ties with the Giants. It was a great Super Bowl run in 2007, that can never be taken away from him or the Giants. However, the players just haven’t responded to him. Sometimes change is good. Even if it means replacing such a great coach with a strong reputation. We have one more game left. Even if Big Blue doesn’t make it to the playoffs, at least they can end the season with a much better showing. The fans deserve it. Especially if we have to wait until an uncertain season next year in 2011. The New York Giants are still our boys. Loyal fans are just as important. We are the 12th man on the field. Regardless of the results we must stand behind them. With a Giants win, who knows, we just may sneak into the playoffs with a little help from a Chicago grizzly bear.

“Heaven Yeah”

Andrew G. –

One Response to The Giants Meltdown Causes a Countdown

  1. robdomaine says:

    Good stuff Andrew. I’m trying to stay positive and keep a good attitude about the game this Sunday. This is another game the Giants should win but I hate the fact that we will have to depend on other teams winning or losing, for us to return to the playoffs. I will always stand by my team but it has been rough trying to defend them the past two weeks. What else can we do but keep our fingers crossed and hope for a tremendous performance by the boys in blue.

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