2011 NFL Draft: New York Giants Debate Begins

January 15, 2011

NEW YORK – Let the debates begin! Giants fans from all over the country are weighing in on what they feel are the biggest areas of need for the team. Since writing my own needs assessment last week, I have been getting messages from our readers about the 2011 NFL Draft. There is a tremendous amount of interest and remember the G-Men have the 19th overall pick in round one.

You already know that I am torn between drafting a linebacker or offensive lineman (Center) with the first round pick. I’ve had members suggest getting a running back or a tight end in the first round. Surprisingly, the running back position has come up the most besides the linebacker slot. I do not agree with using a first round pick on either a running back or a tight end but I certainly think they should be drafted at some point in the middle to late rounds. I still believe in the Bradshaw/Jacobs tandem but have less confidence in the tight end group.

I had left off the tight end position from my initial draft assessment because of the depth with Boss, Beckum and Pascoe but after taking a second look, it might not be a bad idea to grab another. The current linebackers did a great job in 2010 but they were certainly overshadowed by the performance of the defensive line and the defensive backs. Giants fans long for the old days when opposing teams feared the Big Blue linebackers. New York has always been considered a defensive team first and an offensive team second. New Yorkers love a strong defense and DC Perry Fewell has brought them back into the elite NFL rankings. GM Jerry Reese will surely give Fewell a couple of new toys to play with on an already tough defense.

The player research is in full throttle and Giants fans are throwing out prospect names left and right. I would love to hear some of your thoughts on this subject, do not be shy about leaving a comment in the section below. You do not need to be a nygreporter member to leave a comment. I would particularly like to hear some names of sleeper players that I am unaware of. What are your thoughts and what position do you think the Giants will draft in round one?

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