2011 NFL Draft: New York Giants Top Needs

February 13, 2011

NEW YORK – Just when you think you have everything figured out, something will surely happen to change the situation quickly. Let’s take a look at some of the immediate issues the Giants are dealing with. The CBA talks, investigating the free agents available, prepping the upcoming NFL draft in April, work current Giants player contract negotiations, evaluate practice squad players, confirm health of players returning from injuries and a few other issues I am leaving out on purpose. It must be exhausting for the front office and especially for GM Jerry Reese.

Where does the research end and the action begin? Well, one of the first actions will occur in about two months at the 2011 NFL Draft. I am going to focus on this topic because it has been getting the most buzz lately. I am going to talk about what top three positions I feel will go in the first three rounds and also discuss some other positions our readers have mentioned. I have to admit that some of my thoughts have changed after speaking to our intelligent readers and listening to their thoughts on this. As always, I am basing the following information on the Giants current roster as of today 2-13-11. Things will change and so will my draft needs assessment for Big Blue come April.

I still believe the team will draft a linebacker or offensive lineman in the first round but I’m not so sure about rounds two or three anymore. The Giants could find themselves in a hole at the defensive tackle position due to free agency. This is a draft that has a ton of talent at the DT position and I would not be surprised if the G-men grabbed one with a top three pick. Throw in the cornerback position and now we have four positions that could be drafted in the first three rounds. Not to mention the tight end and running back position which some readers felt could be drafted in round one also. I could see a RB or TE being drafted easily but I doubt it will be in the first three rounds. There are only three positions that I am almost positive will not be drafted this year and they are safety, defensive end and quarterback. The Giants were pretty balanced last year on offense and defense but the team was atrocious on special teams and a lack of depth was also exposed.

Let’s take a look at my updated mock draft by position for the 2011 NFL Draft. Our readers can expect this list to change a couple of times before the draft but these are my selections as of today 2-13-11.

1. Linebacker

2. Defensive Tackle

3. Offensive Lineman/true Center

4. Cornerback

5. Running Back

6. Offensive Lineman/Tackle

7. Tight End

Feel free to leave your own mock draft by position in the comment area. I’m sure everyone will have their own opinions and we would really like to hear what the Giants fans think.

RD – nygreporter.com