New York Giants Pride Have A Lot To Consider!

It’s no secret that the New York Giants front office has a talented scouting team. This year’s draft will be a challenge for them. So many decisions need to be made. So many needs that have to be filled. So many quality players that have to be re-signed or replaced. The 2010 season is over! What’s done has already been done. No more downs to be played or disappointing losses to be witnessed by dedicated fans. With that being said, it’s up to the Giants management to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

Giants fans are blessed to have Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell returning for a second season. I was highly impressed with his blitz packages and defensive schemes. Especially after only having one year with a talented defensive group. In my view, the Giants were slow at the linebacker position. There are some linebackers in this year’s draft with great talent and a huge upside. If Akeem Ayers is available at 19, the Giants should take him. We used Antrell Rolle way to much in the box. That suggests the coaching staff didn’t trust the Linebackers. Ayers versatility will allow New York to add to its defensive schemes and packages.

There is something else you should know, we don’t need Plaxico Burress! The Giants have a young and productive wide receiver corps. We don’t need an aging wideout who has been out of the game for close to two years. Lets sustain what we have. If you bring back Burress you will only stagnate the growth of the other receivers. Progression, not regression is needed.

As I have said before, Barry Coefield and Steve Smith are the top priorities. Along with Ahmad Bradshaw. The Giants have assigned second round tenders on a few players. I agree that Kiwi should be given a one year deal to establish his worth. In addition, to evaluate his health and how he responds to a critical neck injury. I strongly believe Steve Smith should be given the same consideration. Steve Smith is the best possession receiver in the NFL. Letting him go would be a huge loss. We have one of the most intelligent and progressive General Managers in all of sports. GM Jerry Reese will make all of the player personnel decisions with wisdom and careful thinking.

The scouting work has already started at the Combine. Both GM Reese and Coach Coughlin have addressed some issues that New York Giants fans are thinking about. We want a Championship caliber team. The season-ending collapses we want put behind us. We deserve to at least be in the playoffs contending. In all honesty, we had a much better team than the Green Bay Packers. Congrats to them. However, it hurt watching this year’s Super Bowl. I’m confident that the Giants brass will put the team in position to contend and compete. That’s all New York Giants fans are asking for. Lets go Big Blue!

“Heaven Yes”

Andrew G –

One Response to New York Giants Pride Have A Lot To Consider!

  1. robdomaine says:

    Hey Andrew, what’s going on? Those are some good insights. I agree with you about Plaxico Burress too. There still seems to be a ton of fans who want him to come back. I wish the man well and still think he deserves a second chance somewhere but do not see him returning to New York as long as Tom Coughlin is coach.

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