2011 NFL Draft: 2 Days Away Giants Fans

NEW YORK – Well Giants fans, the 2011 NFL Draft is now 2 days away. Are you getting excited yet? I know that I am. A judge also ordered an end to the lockout yesterday, but the NFL has appealed. I don’t know how long that will last but at least it is some good news for the fans. Still, the big story of the week won’t be the extremely annoying NFL lockout, it will be the NFL draft.

I still dislike the new schedule Roger Goodell has implemented with trying to drain every ounce of publicity he can get over three days instead of the traditional draft weekend. I absolutely hate that the marquee day (round one) is now on a Thursday evening. The draft is too long and should go back to the Saturday and Sunday schedule in my opinion. I know a lot of NFL fans who completely agree with me as well.

To be honest, I am exhausted from doing all of the research on college players. Not nearly as much as the Giants scouts I’m sure, but none the less I’m ready to get started. The Giants needs have not changed at all. Usually a trade or something will mix up the draft needs assessment, but due to the lockout, that is not the case this year. I’m sticking with my original needs assessment by position and still believe the G-Men will take a OL/C or DT in round one Thursday. I know there has been a ton of hype about Big Blue grabbing a OT in the first round but I do not agree with those people. I know sticking to my original layout isn’t as exciting (list will be added below) as giving you some new info but I feel strongly about my picks.

New York Giants: 2011 Draft picks by position.

Round 1 pick – Center or Defensive Tackle (Center is clearly the bigger need here but the draft is stacked with talented DT’s)

Round 2 pick – Defensive Tackle or Linebacker (they have some nice talent at LB on the team already but DT could end up being an issue)

Round 3 pick – Cornerback (there is a lot of talent at the CB position but Fewell needs some new blood to work his magic on, depth as well)

Round 4 pick – Offensive Lineman (this could be a tackle or a guard, the o-line will need help soon and depth doesn’t hurt)

Round 5 pick – No 5th Round Pick, traded away for RB Darius Reynaud (5’9″ 201) who is used as a returner.

Round 6 pick A – Tight End (the team has a mission to get QB Eli Manning as many weapons as possible)

Round 6 pick B – Running Back (they need to add a young RB into the mix and GM Jerry Reese is good at finding talent late)

Round 6 pick C – Linebacker (keep stacking talent until you find the golden 3 that fit the best)

Round 7 pick – Cornerback or Wide Receiver (this guy should be used on special teams, get the most talented special teamer available here)

Who do you think the Giants will take with the 19th overall pick on Thursday?

RD – nygreporter.com

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