Big Blue is Making Waves Early in the Free Agency Pool

NEW YORK – The Giants have started making roster moves. The biggest signing of the day was Boston College star LB Mark Herzlich. This is a kid that seems to charm everyone he meets and he has also shown his inner strength by beating cancer. I do not want to focus too much on him beating cancer (awesome story) because I’m sure this young man wants to put that all behind him and focus on the future. I hope other sports writers will leave him alone about that too. Let the kid play football now.

Giants GM Jerry Reese continues to show why he is an elite general manager in the NFL by having a great morning in the free agent market. The collection of undrafted rookies he has made deals with all bring unique talents to the table. Of course, Herzlich was projected to be a first round pick before he got sick and I have been hearing a lot of good things about this fullback Hynoski.

I will list a few of the players below but this is by no means the complete list. These are just a few players the team has worked on this morning. You can absolutely expect the list of players to grow but I thought I would give our readers a taste of what the day has brought so far. You can expect the madness to continue throughout this week and all the way up until the season starts. The two biggest needs for Big Blue are linebackers and offensive linemen.

Let’s take a look at some of the players the Giants were able to grab today.

1. LB Mark Herzlich – 6’4″ 250 pounds, Boston College

2. FB Henry Hynoski – 6’2″ 260 pounds, Pittsburgh

3. DB David Sims – 5’9″ 200 pounds, Iowa State

4. DT Martin Parker – 6’2″ 303 pounds, Richmond

5. LB Spencer Paysinger – 6’3″ 235 pounds, Oregon

6. DE Justin Trattou – 6’3″ 250 pounds, University of Florida

Which player are you hoping the G-Men will re-sign out of the current Giants free agents?

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4 Responses to Big Blue is Making Waves Early in the Free Agency Pool

  1. bobbyg says:

    I love that jerry reese is a guy that giant fans know is on it and will get it done,and for some strange reason,i still believe the g-men have a chance at plaxico burress or a wideout with the same skill set,and even though i believe the giants wide receivers are extremely talented,i would love to see a another veteran wideout signed by the g-men this season,especially not knowing what the situation is with steve smith the g-mens veteran receiver.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hi Bobby, we are very lucky to have a GM like Jerry Reese. We never have to worry about stupid choices being made or even bad choices for that matter. I’m really not worried about the Giants WR’s. The offensive line is going to need work and depth though. With the team releasing Rich Seubert, we are going to be even more thin then we already are. I’m going to miss Seubert as most other Giants fans are.

  2. bobbyg says:

    A big amen to that,with suebert gone,im wondering if the rookies jaquain williams and james brewer will contribute right away,or will they be a work in progress.i know with the lack of time because of the lockout,it will be extra hard for the rookies to step up this season,but i have extremely high hopes this year for big blue.

    • robdomaine says:

      I think Petrus will get more playing time now. I agree these rookies will not be ready very fast this year due to the lockout and lack of work with the teams. I don’t expect very many rookies league wide to make an impact this season. Just one of the downsides of the lockout. A rookie player would have to be exceptional to get on the field in 2011 in my opinion.

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