Giants Offensive Line is the Elephant in the Room

NEW YORK – The New York Giants have been outstanding at the offensive line position for many years now. These guys have done such a good job protecting QB Eli Manning, that they have become almost an after thought. Fans could always rely on those guys to do their job and NFL fans acknowledged their superiority by voting the big guys into multiple Pro Bowls. We now find ourselves in an interesting predicament and completely unfamiliar territory with having to be concerned about the offensive line. Yes, the offensive line is the elephant in the room that nobody has talked about at length. If Eli Manning is going to continue his Iron Man streak for the most consecutive regular season starts, the offensive line is going to need a seamless transition into the new season.

One of the biggest player moves that really made me nervous was the acquisition of QB David Carr. I mentioned this is a previous article but I would like to explain to you why I am nervous. Eli Manning hasn’t really needed a true backup QB so far because he has proven to be extremely durable. A quiet tough guy if you will. With all due respect, Jim Sorgi and Sage Rosenfels aren’t exactly they guys you want running your team for any long period of time. Are the Giants concerned about Manning’s safety with this new offensive line? Do they lack confidence in the new group who will be taking over for Rich Seubert, Shawn Andrews and Shaun O’Hara? Are they concerned with the depth at that position if one or two guys fall to injury? Or did GM Jerry Reese just see an opportunity to sign a quality player familiar with the system?

The starters most likely will be William Beatty, David Diehl, David Baas, Chris Snee and Kareem McKenzie. The others include Mitch Petrus, Adam Koets, Kevin Boothe, rookie James Brewer and newly signed Chris White who appear to be the primary backups. There are a handful of other players on the team who will be competing for a role on the offensive line but the players I just mentioned appear to be the front runners. This is going to be the year that certain players will have to step up. I know that is an overused term but it is quite literally what will need to happen in 2011 for the Giants to stay competitive. Some have speculated that Seubert, Andrews or O’Hara could return and play for a smaller contract. With the Giants issues with the salary cap, it is a possibility but unlikely at this point.

In summary, I am very concerned about the offensive line this year. I have faith in the players talent but the lack of experience concerns me. I am also wondering how long it will take QB Eli Manning to become familiar with a new center in David Bass. If those two guys can’t get on the same page quickly, the team is going to be in trouble. If not for the salary cap issues, I would like to see the team bring in another veteran to help out this very young offensive line. Even if it were just to add depth, I would feel much better.

Are you concerned about the Giants offensive line for the 2011 NFL season?

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9 Responses to Giants Offensive Line is the Elephant in the Room

  1. bobbyg says:

    of course the giants are concerned with the 0-line and it scares me too, to see them worrying about a quality backup for eli.however there are a few remnants of the past on that o-line and hopefully they can gel really quickly with no lag time in between.because any lag time means eli taking a beating this season.the g-men need to use jacobs a lot as a blocker out of the backfield to buy more time.and then again maybe this new crew on the o-line will shock a lot of people.with all the moves the eagles made in free agency,the giants need to give eli time to throw the ball,because with that cornerback tandem the g-men will be in big trouble.i know i focus on the eagles and the reason is that the giants have to use them as there measuring stick for success especially after last seasons let down game against them,the cowboys will also be coming strong at us,so whatever jerry reese needs to do,he better do within the next 12 days before the first preseason game.because the season can get real ugly real fast.looking ahead at key games,of course the eagles,cowboys and jets,those are the giants report card games.clocks ticking.

  2. bobbyg says:

    maybe i havent been doing all of my homework,when i look at the g-men signing oc-david baas from the niners and tight end ben patrick fron the cardinals,i feel a little better.i know where on the o-line in this topic,however it looks like the g-men are polishing up the defense also with gabe watson also from the cardinals.even though the o-line has some questions and is unproven yet, just like all the other teams in the league as of today,after seeing our roster,it does look as if the giants made some solid moves with this free agency on both sides of the ball and i do feel pretty good about our chances.i was listening to espn radio the other day and this caller said that the giants didnt win championships through free agency,they did it through there drafts.i forgot that by getting caught up in the free agent madness.i must say i feel pretty good about our team.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, Jerry Reese has had a pretty solid free agency given the salary cap issues he faced. The signed about a half dozen players that should be able to contribute right away if needed. They still need work but he is doing the best that he can. I keep hearing some fans bad mouth him and the team because they think nothing has happened but we know better. The Giants have absolutely built their teams through the draft. that has been the philosophy since way back in the day.

  3. bobbyg says:

    im starting to see that the g-men actually have a decent o-line,probably better than most teams,even if they are unproven yet.but the boss move to the raiders sickens me,i just felt the kid really never reached his full potential with the big blue offense and if we are solid on the o-line and thats a big if,i think it would be a shame for boss because i think he really would have broken out for us this season.he did win a superbowl with the g-men and he was a significant factor throughout the playoffs in 07,but it would have been nice to see him back to win another one.i also feel the giants wideouts will blow up this season and after my up and down bipolar feelings with this team,i really think we will give the nfc a run for there money.looking very forward to the first pre-season game,going against cam newton and shockey sounds like fun to open it up,even if it is for a quarter or two.i was wondering mr. domaine,do you think because of lack of training camps,they will play the starters longer in pre-season games,just thought i would ask

    • robdomaine says:

      There is no doubt that the Giants have a talented offensive line but the issue is how soon can they gel together and start working as one unit. I agree with you about Boss. He never panned out the way we expected him to and I was a bit surprised by how often he was injured. His durability is certainly a main factor in why the team let him leave. The only way the WR’s will have an opportunity to flourish is if the offensive line can become a unit and protect the QB. If Eli can’t get the ball to them, they will have a sub par season in my opinion. I absolutely think the shortened football practices due to the lockout is going to effect every single NFL team out there.

  4. bobbyg says:

    keeping it within the o-line,i was such a big advocate of brandon jacobs blocking more out of the backfield last just seemed that the weakness of the g-men was third down conversions,i thought if we just blocked that monster up front and handed it to bradshaw,we would have been more also would have bought eli a second or two more to get the ball out,it just seemed the big blue was so rushed on a lot of third down conversions and to me it seemed that other defenses knew what we were doing before we did it and that we were going to be vanilla going to jacobs.and that was fine when he used to power through and over guys,but last year and the year before,that didnt seem to be the case.and i think it would surprise some defenses blocking him out of the backfield once in a would be nice to see that maybe in the first few weeks of the season,at least until the offense is comfortable,it would probably be successful and just something else to throw into the bag of offensive plays.heck,tight ends,running backs,wide receivers,we should and could block them all off the line until the o-line comes together.defenses might look a little baffled,and someone would be open.sounds easy when you just talk about lol.

    • robdomaine says:

      I was right there with you Bobby. I thought they will use Jacobs to plow an even bigger hole for bradshaw but it rarely happened. They let go of Madison Hedgecock this year too. He was a guy I really liked a lot. I’m looking for the TE’s to take a bigger role in helping block and I just hope that o-line can gel together quickly. I’m also getting concerned about Steve Smith for the first time. I’m hearing he may miss the first 2-4 weeks of the season.

  5. bobbyg says:

    hi robdomaine,im not receiving new forums in my e-mail.we have much to discuss on steve smith going to the eagles lol.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, I needed to take a break from it all man. I just posted a brand new article and it explains what went down. My head was still spinning from the bad news, so I wanted to take some time to clear my head.

      I am dumbstruck by Steve Smith going to the Eagles. What an epic fail to let the guy go to a rival.

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