Giants Lose Star CB Terrell Thomas For the Season

NEW YORK – It is every NFL coaches worst nightmare scenario. Playing in a preseason game and losing a star player for the year to injury. The New York Giants have lost starting CB Terrell Thomas for the year on a bizarre play in which Jason Pierre-Paul’s leg whipped around and hit Thomas in the leg. Yes, it is the dreaded torn ACL injury that all fans know too well. I really feel bad for the guy because we all know how hard he worked during the offseason to better himself. Justin Tuck was on television being interviewed during the game and was asked what he thought about the loss of Thomas, Tuck simply said “it’s devastating”. That might be an understatement. With the Giants looking very thin at the CB position even before this horrible news, they now need to get to work on bringing in adequate backup players. The Giants lost CB Bruce Johnson for the year due to injury and also rookie CB Prince Amukamara for a couple of months with a fractured foot.

This will most likely leave CB Corey Webster and CB Aaron Ross as the two starters. Both of those guys are very capable of filling in but the real question becomes one about depth. The Giants are very thin at one of the most crucial positions in the game of football. Head Coach Tom Coughlin looked like he had seen a ghost when Thomas went down just before the half. Somehow T2 managed to walk off the field on his own but once the team came out of the locker room from halftime, the news broke about Thomas’ injury and his season being over. I can honestly say that I gasped at the news when I first heard it and still haven’t really digested the information yet. Thomas led the team in tackles last year and is clearly a defensive leader for the team. You simply cannot replace the production and a talent like that but the team will need to bring in someone who can fill in temporarily.

CB Michael Coe, CB Brian Jackson and CB Brian Witherspoon could be worked into games as fill ins too. But I still think the team will have to bring in a veteran CB for the depth chart to be even remotely near the talent they lost thus far. Rookie CB Prince Amukamara will return later in the season but I doubt they will throw him in the fire after returning from an injury. Things are about to get very interesting in the backfield and I fully expect to see a new face in Giants blue sometime this week.

How much will losing CB Terrell Thomas for the year hurt the New York Giants?

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3 Responses to Giants Lose Star CB Terrell Thomas For the Season

  1. robdomaine says:

    The Giants CB news got even worse as CB Brian Witherspoon was just brought inside for x-rays. The Giants are winning the game as I type this 34-6 but paid a huge price in the CB department. More news to follow on this topic.

  2. bobbyg says:

    I cant believe we lost him for the season,it seems just as we start looking really good on defense this happened.heres where the g-mens genius jerry reese comes through on the phone lines,the 1st thing i thought of was how stacked the nfc east is at receiver and how the cornerback depth for teams is paramount.with the eagles loaded at corner,assante samuels would be a great steal,but i know every team in the league will end up keeping all there corners at all costs when they see what happened to us last night.our pass rush looks unstoppable,david carr looks like he wants the position for 2nd,and the rhys the kicker they should start over looked great,after last week,great improvements at all positions,but after the 1st three and outs,i thought we were in for a long night.the o-line coming together inch by inch.giants fans except for thomas injury,should start getting real excited.

    • robdomaine says:

      I thought I was hearing things when they announced it buddy, I truly did. This is a huge loss for the team. I don’t have to tell you because you know very well he was our number one CB. I’m that Jerry Reese was on the phone the moment the news broke lie you said. Then when Brian Witherspoon went down and was brought into the locker room for x-rays it became a bad joke because he is the primary backup to Ross and Webster. I like the Brian Jackson kid on the team already and think he might be a temporary answer. Other then the injuries it was a pretty good game once they got rolling. I will be writing a full article this morning.

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