Giants Roster Shakeup Continues as Regular Season Nears

NEW YORK – The Giants have come a long way since Monday night. The only problem is they have headed in the wrong direction. I’m one of the most positive Giants fans you will ever come across and even I’m concerned now. Giving a pep talk doesn’t really mean anything when we are discussing the talent on the roster. That speaks for itself and it always confuses me when people talk about staying positive when the team loses star players due to injury. Positivity has nothing to do with on field production. I’m a positive guy but the reality is that the team needs to get some talent on the field and quickly because we are about two weeks away from the start of the regular season.

The Giants have lost CB Terrell Thomas, CB Bruce Johnson, CB Brian Witherspoon and DT Marvin Austin for the entire 2011 season. Johnson and Witherspoon were cut because of their injuries. Rookie CB Prince Amukamara will also be out for 6-8 more weeks due to a fractured foot. Over the past week, the team has also cut CB Woodny Turenne, S Cary Harris, WR Sam Giguere and LB Kenny Ingram. Has anyone else noticed the large amount of defensive players that have either been cut or landed on the season ending IR list? Of course you have. That is why I am concerned and a pep talk just won’t cut it for me at this time. The one player currently on the roster that I would like to see get some playing time is CB Brian Jackson. I have been the only writer I’ve seen so far talking about Jackson (6’0″ 212 pounds) and calling for him to get a shot. He is a quality player and wonderful human being and someone you want on your team. I hope he gets a chance to win over the coaches and fans this year.

The Giants have addressed the massive loss of talent by signing three players over the past week. The new signings include CB Brian Williams, S Derrick Martin and DT Jimmy Kennedy. The Giants also re-signed S Deon Grant, which could end up being one of the most important signings this offseason. The backfield still has a lot of talented guys back there but depth is the real issue. I doubt if GM Jerry Reese is done bringing in players. He is using a pragmatic approach to dealing with these injuries and quite frankly, I don’t think there is a better way to handle it. I also agree that a few of the younger players will need to step up this year and contribute to the team. They may be thrown into the fire but how they react to that will decide their future with New York. It doesn’t seem fair to these players but hey, life isn’t always fair.

On a sad note, the Giants have officially sold the naming rights to Giants stadium. Fans will now have to tolerate it being called the MetLife stadium for the next 20 years. Of course, the true blue fans (like me) will forever call it Giants stadium.

How would you solve the recent issues facing the New York Giants?

RD – nygreporter

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12 Responses to Giants Roster Shakeup Continues as Regular Season Nears

  1. bobbyg says:

    i guess from the beginning of free agency,i have had so many doubts with the team,with the plaxico burress fiasco,losing boss to the raiders and all the veteran offensive lineman going,i was counting us out from the start,but you stayed positive all the way through because you see the things the average fan dont see or know,you talked me off the bridge with all the losses through free agency,and my attitude now, is the worst of the worst has happened to big blue in the last week,so im thinking it has to go up from here.i know reese has the phones ringing to grab whoever they can to help at cover corner.we still have a load of talent on defense with a monster pass rush and like you said,the young guns have to step up now,this is there time to shine.they have to go out with that loose nothing to lose attitude, and realize that through adversity the true players who fight next to each other come together as a team, and the g-men had a lot of adversity this week with all the injuries.but im not telling you to be positive,im telling you we have no other choice but to be.and unless you see some quit in this team,which i dont think would ever be the case,were not giving up on them yet.heck,if were going down,lets go down swinging.believe me mr.domaine,stranger things have living proof.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, the whole Plaxico Burress situation never really had me concerned. I felt from the beginning that Burress would seek a fresh start some where and I’m just g;ad he didn’t go to the Eagles. I’m still very positive about the team this year but I’m definitely concerned. The Giants have solid defensive linemen and solid safeties. The linebackers have been questionable for a couple of years now and the cornerbacks are the new concern. I know we can rush the passer and knock out WR’s but what the LB’s and CB’s situation tells me is that we are going to have a problem against the run. I say this because of our CB’s can’t cover the WR’s, then LB’s will be dropped back leaving our gut wide open. I’m still positive but very concerned is all.

  2. bobbyg says:

    i did forget to add, that it will always be giants stadium to me also.

  3. bobbyg says:

    thats something i really did not think about,the run game against us and the vulnerability it leaves dropping guys back because of the cornerbacks situation.have there been any whispers of additional players coming in besides the 3 signed yesterday so big blue could guys on the the line without worrying about the corners.and do you feel the jets game with our starters playing deep into the 3rd quarter will be a good overall determination of where the g-men will be at the start of the regular season.i also heard lito shepard was coming in for a tryout,is this true and if so,do you feel it will it work out for big blue.

    • robdomaine says:

      This might sound crazy but I would give Kiwanuka a shot at the middle linebacker position and keep speedy LB’s on the wings. Kiwi is certainly smart enough to run the defenses and they are going to kill him by making him try to run down WR’s from behind. Keep him in the middle as a run stuffer and let Boley run down those guys from his natural position. I haven’t heard about any other players coming in but that doesn’t mean Reese is relaxing. We may simply run out of time before any fix can be made. And remember, it is the second half of the Giants schedule that is the most brutal. If the G-Men lose a good portion of those front end games due to new players not knowing the system, then we’re in trouble.

  4. bobbyg says:

    i agree as always mr,domaine.just got the news we signed CB brian williams from the falcons and they said lito shepard also tried out and the giants could add another corner soon.the sad news is bradshaw wont play with a sore back and they hope coats will get back soon.

    • robdomaine says:

      Yes, it has been a very busy week buddy. This crazy hurricane could still cancel the game in my opinion but you never know. I hope you got yourself prepared the best you can and I hope you and your family are safe. Remember, it is better to have supplies and not need them, then to need them and not have them. God Bless!

  5. bobbyg says:

    i cant believe new york is getting a hurricane.its usually us down here in southwest and your family be safe mr.domaine,you and your family are prayed for as well as all who are in the way of this hurricane.they actually moved the game to 2pm,and i actually cant believe there going to play,thats new york for ya,never say die attitude lol.but as we speak,lito shepard went to the raiders.but we are getting huge props from jamie dukes and warren sapp,they feel we are going to the playoffs,nice to get that pat on the back from those guys.mike and mike are all gloom and doom with there two a days and picked us 7-9.

    • robdomaine says:

      It certainly is unusual and crazy. We’ve had lightning storms, earthquakes and now hurricanes all within one week of each other in New York. Mother nature has lost her mind.

  6. bobbyg says:

    7pm,monday night,nfl network.jets and g-men.i wiil give them the preseason game as long as we show some sparks,lets take the regular season game when it counts,actually i prefer both lol.keeping within the topic of shake-ups on the roster,it seems there heading in the right direction with williams at corner,even though he has been injury prone,they said he is a 100 percent healthy this year after the physical.thats something the big blue have not heard a lot of this pre-season.i would feel comfortable with one more corner to get us through that 1st part of the season and hopefully get amakumura back.and again,keep safe,ive been getting all the reports of the storm heading that way.throw the family on the plane before they get the airports closed and head down here to naples lol,but seriously keep out of harms way and our thoughts are with you guys up to you soon mr.domaine.

    • robdomaine says:

      I just wrote and entire article about it buddy. Try clicking on the banner up top that says nygreporter. I’m not sure if you know that you can do that and it will list the newest articles first, it should make your experience on the site better and easier.

      Williams is actually a very durable player. I like the move too but still think we need to bring in one more CB. I mean we’ve lost three for the year and have Prince out for two months. The storm is expected to hit us tomorrow afternoon. I am prepared and hope that it doesn’t cause too much damage. God Bless!

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