The Giants Injury Epidemic Has Become a Serious Problem

NEW YORK – The Giants have been decimated by injuries for the past three years in a row. There is nothing more frustrating to the players, coaches and fans then the team losing games because they cannot field the best talent available. It has now become an epidemic, as the Giants have lost a ton of quality players to injury for the year and we have not even started the regular season yet. At some point, even the fans have to question the conditioning program in their search of why so many players have been going down in recent years. I am not calling out anyone on the Giants staff but this seems to be more then just bad luck when the Giants have consistently lost 20% of their team for the past three years. I’m not sure who or why anyone would argue with trying to find out the reason.

It is my intention to find the problem and eliminate it. I now this is highly unlikely but we can try right. I’m sure that people will say that injuries are a part of the game and I would agree with them but this is out of control now. This isn’t your run of the mill injury list, year in and year out. We are talking about high quality players and tens of millions of dollars being thrown away. At what point do we take a long hard look into what the heck is going on with players dropping like flies every year? I say the time is now to do a thorough investigation and evaluation of the strength and conditioning habits and routines that all Giants players must adhere to. Are they too strict or too soft? Are players not being taught the proper techniques? Are the players and coaches being held accountable? Is there any other answer besides a bad luck streak?

I’m not sure what can be done but it is becoming very hard to watch these players go down. I’m sure the coaches feel it even more then me with Coach Coughlin being the pinnacle of pain during these horrible turn of events. Football is a contact sport and injuries will happen but can any of you Giants fans out there honestly say that you can remember a three year stretch where we have lost so many good players due to injury? I know that I can honestly say no to that question. Let’s find out where the problem lies and eliminate it. By my count, the Giants have lost 36 players to injury over the past three years (including this year thus far).

Here is the list of Giants players who have been injured during the 2011 offseason.

1. CB Terrell Thomas – Out for season/IR List

2. CB Bruce Johnson – Out for season/Cut.

3. CB Brian Witherspoon – Out for season/IR List.

4. DT Marvin Austin – Out for season/IR List.

5. LB Clint Sintim – Out for season/IR List.

6. CB Prince Amukamara – Out 6-8 weeks.

7. WR Duke Calhoun – Injured/Cut.

8. OL Adam Koets – PUP List.

9. WR Ramses Barden – PUP List.

10. K Lawrence Tynes – Missed final 3 preseason games. Questionable for start of regular season.

11. DE Osi Umenyiora – Expected to to miss 2-4 weeks of the regular season after surgery.

How would you explain the massive amount of injuries experienced by the Giants over the past three years?

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5 Responses to The Giants Injury Epidemic Has Become a Serious Problem

  1. A j says:

    Agree – not an expert by any means, but it seems to be something that goes along as bad luck. Many injuries can be avoided with proper strengthening, stretching techniques & conditioning.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey AJ, I agree with you buddy. At some point you have to take a hard look at what is going on in those areas before the conspiracy theories start flying around. Perhaps it is because I mainly focus on the G-Men but I do not recall hearing about other teams having this big on an injury problem. I know the Packers lost some guys last season but not like the G-Men the past three years. Something needs to be done about this and soon. Enjoy the holiday weekend buddy!

  2. bobbyg says:

    whats up mr.domaine,it seems that all the injuries are on the g-mens defense,im almost afraid to watch a game because every week ,one,two or three DBs are going down, and now the icing on the cake with clint sintum as the latest casualty.usually you can say the offense will pick-up the defense and vice versa,but now it looks like we have to have an all-star offense to win games,and thats just not the case this season.i cannot fault the lockout, or bad luck or karma on these just is what it is,and its not good.the only thing that does make sense to me,would be that the players went all out guns blazing in the pre-season,not because of the missed time,but because of all out competitive spirit,these injuries could of happened in OTA,s and training happens to all teams,its just happened way to often and to way to many players on the giants this year,and its all been on defense,which to me was the heart and soul of the big blue this year.i guess the attitude i have going in to the season as a fan is,when you think the worst is going to happen, sometimes its not as bad as we think,and they can squeak out some games,8 days to kick-off, and a wing and a we go into season mr.domaine.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, you make some great points as always. This has been a crazy day with them making the final roster cuts. I am going to write a full article about it soon. I feel bad for those guys who worked their hearts out and didn’t make the team. It happens every single year but I still can’t get used to it. This season absolutely snuck up on us and I can’t believe we’re so close to game 1.

  3. robdomaine says:

    3 days after writing this article, the team lost LB Jonathan Goff for the season with a torn ACL.

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