Giants Must Shut Up the Eagles by Winning on Sunday

NEW YORK – I don’t know when it became cool to talk trash in the media but the old school football players know that you let your skills do the talking. There have been a few Eagles players who think it is cute to talk trash about the Giants. The G-Men need to step up and play their most physical game of the year so far. Win or lose, the Giants must leave that game with the respect of the Eagles players and media. I’m tired of listening to both of them bad mouth Big Blue at will and show no respect. If the Giants do not get pumped up for this game, I don’t know if they can for any other game this entire season.

It started a month or two ago when Eagles RB LeSean McCoy called DE Osi Umenyiora soft and overrated. Then we heard more chatter from the Eagles players about QB Eli Manning and most recently we had Eagles player Jeremy Maclin talking trash about S Antrel Rolle. He said that Rolle is insecure or scared but didn’t know which one it was. I fully expect Antrel Rolle to take issue with that comment and separate Maclin’s head form his helmet at some point. I want our younger readers to understand that I do not support playing dirty or taking cheap shots. That is not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about the Giants taking their game to another level and hitting the Eagles players with everything they’ve got. I’m talking about playing with a chip on your shoulder and shutting up the loud mouth Eagles players with superior game play on the field. I hope the media gives the Giants as much coverage for destroying the Eagles on Sunday as they have about how funny it is for the Eagles to disrespect the Giants or how bad it is for the G-men to fake injuries.

I find it funny that a team that has won zero Championships can talk trash about a team that has won three. The Eagles need to be put in their place and I can only hope that Big Blue can do it this weekend. The Giants lost WR Domenik Hixon for the year with a torn ACL after his circus catch against the Rams. The team announced it yesterday and he is the latest Giants player to go down for the year. The amount of injuries (for a third straight year) that the G-Men have had is dumbfounding. Is it any wonder why they missed the playoffs the past two years, when they were decimated by injuries, just as they are this year. Something needs to be done about this. Make a change on the staff or do something to show you’re concerned about the complete collapse in the health of our players. I don’t think fans realize that we are starting rookies and second string players in crucial spots on the field. You cannot fake talent or replace superior talent with inferior talent. This is in no way disrespectful for the guys who are trying to step up, I’m simply talking about depth charts and where players fall on that chart. The Giants will play the Eagles in Philly on Sunday at 1:00 PM EST.

How do you feel about the Eagles talking so much trash this year?

RD –

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15 Responses to Giants Must Shut Up the Eagles by Winning on Sunday

  1. bobbyg says:

    the bottom line is unless the giants can punch them in the mouth and come up with a win,there going to keep talking.they won the last 6,and since spags left,we have not beaten them .the giants had a very good game plan on defense last year and played two great games,but still lost with mostly all there starters.i just think that if the g-men can stop making mistakes and could put 3rd down conversions together they can win.i also think that they have to knock vick out and tee off on the back ups.bottom line rob,we just dont have the personnel on the field,the rams basically threw the ball at will with the g-mens decimated secondary,i dont even want to think about namdi or ELIs favorite corner to throw too, assante samuels. .this is one game the giants have to really show heart and impose some will on mike vick,otherwise the eagles could do all the talking they want if big blue decides too play the same game they usually play against the birds,and thats keep it close to the end of the 4th, and give up a fumble or big 3rd down pass or running could almost call the games the way they played out over the last three years.gilbride better pull some rabbits out of his playbook this week,and not show the looks on offense the eagles defense know the giants will call.i will always bleed big blue, i feel the giants summon a pass rush and eli shocks eagles nation this week,brandon stockley,if we ever needed a slot reciever,this is the game,giants 24-eagles 14.

    • robdomaine says:

      I cannot remember a time when a team has talked more trash then the Eagles and Jets lately. They weren’t saying anything were the roles were reversed that is for sure. They smell blood now that Big Blue is so banged up and like a school yard punk decide now is the time to poke the lion while it is hurt. it makes me sick to be honest and these stupid people in the media run with it and jump on the bandwagon.

      ESPN was still talking about “faking” injuries 4 days after the game. It is absolutely ridiculous how much jealousy there is out there against New York. At this point, I am just giving pep talks because deep inside I’m worried. the Giants have lost too many players to compete on the same level as a full squad. it is the truth and it hurts. My confidence n them making the playoffs and going beyond has diminished a lot. I still have a bit of faith but faith doesn’t replace talent on the field.

      • bobbyg says:

        remember,the only way to deal with a schoolyard punk,is too hit them far as the faking injuries is concerned,they need to get a life on espn,because teams have been doing it to buy time outs for the 43 years ive been a football fan,its just that now with the media and i phones,everything is magnified to the point of ridiculous.but i agree as far as the jeolousy goes against the new york giants,dont forget,i have to deal with the south florida, we where a different jersey every a day as long as its not a giants shirt pinapple heads lol.keep the faith rob,your the only solice i have with this team,im with you all the way,we will shock a lot of people this week.

  2. bobbyg says:

    it was also something that was huge in the late 80s and 90s,the trash talking and bounties that seem to be reinventing themselves again over the last few years will soon be obsolete.we know goodell will jump on all this soon and hand out fines and suspensions,especially the bounties that are being called on QBs.i like coughlins philosophy,do your talking on the field.the giants even though holding a series lead in this rivalry with the eagles,really need to get off the snide of those 6 consecutive go down a 7 time in this series would be devasting,not to mention the 2 losses in the nfc will be a hard hole to climb out of.i know its easy for me to say,but the big blue need to go all out and and leave it all on the field no matter what,i mean,what else could happen,play loose and let it fly.forget the close to the vest stuff and go out swinging onto the field.but i think this is a game that even with all the giants injuries,could really set them off on that roll they need to get on,and would be a huge confidence builder.the only thing i dont like is when i seen interviews in the locker room this week talking about the eagles game,the body language seemed off.i hope im wrong about that and the g-men and there coaching staff have some different looks too show in this all important game.

    • robdomaine says:

      I know that trash talking has always been around but lately it has gotten out of control and the worst is the media jumping on board and picking sides with their arrogant show hosts. Makes me sick.

  3. bobbyg says:

    you know,your the only one i talk giants with rob,i turn those johnny come lately analysts off when they start to trash talk the g-men or get negative towards wife cant understand why we as real giant fans get upset.but its a new york thing,and definitely a g-men thing.just remember that when they start to win,and they will will see all of them change there tune.chin up bud,its rivalry weekend and stranger things have happened.

    • robdomaine says:

      I certainly hope you are right buddy. It is hard to be optimistic about fielding half of a starting team though. The next two games will be the biggest measuring stick in my opinion. Once that first quarter of the year is over, I will be able to give a better opinions but as of right now, things do not look good.

  4. bobbyg says:

    another thing now with football is,its so popular that too fill in the week before the games if nothing is newsworthy in practices,they put all the nonsense stuff on the air.things that would never hit the airwaves are talked about on all the sports networks.unless its the game and what goes on in the game,i call it the soap opera of sports.i dont buy in to the he said she said stuff.the power that we forget we have as fans is we can turn it off and stop watching when we want,but we get drawed in like svengali is hypnotizing us and get riled up to spark us up as fans,i think thats why fans really take it to heart when our teams lose.its all part of the media machine that drives the country now .but i know its different when you have a site to bring info about the giants to the fans,you have to stay up on it and its tough when the g-men get berated and you have to stand there and write about it,especially rivals like the eagles.the simple way to stop it and cure all ills is to just win the game.back to the new look giants offense,now clayton and stockley have to really contribute.i would hate to see the same giants typical game plan.its all about gilbride really thinking out of the box this week.and as far as the defense goes,they have to knock vick out of the game with that pass rush,because if the corners play like last week against the rams,big blue is going to have a long day.i believe some how,the g-men come away with a much needed win.

    • robdomaine says:

      I think fans like you and I keep a pretty steady head about us. I try not to get upset and for the most part have been a pretty level headed guy. The media guys do get me angry sometimes as does poor sportsmanship. We are already at week three and whatever the front office was going to do should have been done by now. They might make one or two more changes but this is pretty much the team we will have all year. Lets hope they can win tomorrow and get back in the right direction.

  5. bobbyg says:

    i could not have said it better my friend,lets enjoy the game and will dissect happy clayton is back,he is a good team guy in the locker room and on the field.we will talk after the game rob,enjoy the weekend.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, I am looking forward to the game but I’m nervous. Not so much about the Eagles but the whole season in general if these guys can’t gel quickly and learn the system. So I will try to remain calm until after the game like you say. Enjoy the weekend too buddy!

  6. bobbyg says:

    i was not going to send a comment until afterwords,but im really anxious about the game and have been up with the birds this morning,no pun intended.this is it,this is where the g-men have to summon all there heart, and even with all the injuries have to will this win in philly.all the trash talk,the desean jackson return last year,that all goes away with a win.they need this one rob.gilbride really needs to break out the playbook with this one,the way to deal with the injuries on the offensive side of the ball is to restructure the playcalling and roll eli out of the pocket and use jacobs as a blocker out of the backfield.its all about eli being comfortable today rob,and buying him seconds.and like bob papa said early in the week,they could give up some yards on defense but have to protect against that game breaking play the eagles always seem to come up with.although im anxious,i really believe this one is big blues chip on there shoulders game.we will talk later buddy,strap on your seat belt,here we go.

  7. bobbyg says:

    its 407pm buddy,hows your faith now.we did it.your 5-2 1st half record looks real good now my friend,awesome win,look forward to your rundown.

    • robdomaine says:

      I feel great man. I had a good feeling about this game today and I don’t know why. My final score prediction was close too. I had them winning 27-16 and missed it by 2 points lol. It was a great day to be a Giants fan. I already wrote my game notes article!

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