Hey ESPN, You Have Lost All Credibility in New York!

NEW YORK – I have reached my limit with ESPN. For the first three weeks of the 2011 season, their coverage of the New York Giants has been nothing less then insulting. It has been bias and extremely negative. They have lost all credibility in New York for delivering a balanced and fair assessment of professional football games. It amazes me that they could be so blatantly one sided when it comes to the Giants. From morning to night it has been nothing but negativity and many speculate it is because the producers are from Boston or they are simply Boston fans. If this were a playground and we were five years old that would make sense but as a grown man or woman, with a job that entails delivering accurate news, it simply falls short of credible. ESPN, which is owned by the Walt Disney corporation (80%) and the Hearst corporation (20%) need to look into what these producers are airing. This article would have never been posted if it was a one time issue but this has been going on for years now. Dozens of New York fans took to twitter these past few weeks spitting poison at ESPN for their bias, so I am not alone in my thoughts which are written here.

I’m not talking about a single negative comment or remark here (even though you can find plenty of those too). I’m talking about whole segments produced and edited in a way that makes the Giants look terrible and I’m sick of it. You have to understand that there is a difference between a commentator giving his or her opinion during a broadcast and edited segments that have the elevator music and dramatic camera angles to provoke emotion from the viewer. These guys at ESPN had aired three negative segments prior to the Giants vs. Eagles game on Sunday. This was after a week long campaign of negativity calling out Big Blue for faking injuries and currently we have to endure “day three” of them talking about poor Michael Vick being hit legally. You would have gotten away with it if some producer over at ESPN wasn’t such a glutton and turned their focus to something else but after three weeks, enough is enough.

The three segments included their homemade montage of the “Miracle at the Meadowlands” where DeSean Jackson ran back a punt for a TD last year. This was played all day and all night. The second was an interview with former Giants punter Matt Dodge that was edited to make him look like an idiot and the third was all about faking injuries during games and had the Giants as the poster child for such behavior, due to questionable injuries by the Giants during the Rams game two Sundays ago. Guys faking injuries to slow the game down has been happening since the Vince Lombardi days and happens every week in the NFL. Yet, they failed to focus on the real story which is the Giants victories. They certainly spent enough time bashing them during week one when the G-men lost to the Redskins.

Ironically enough, they seem to have the same loathing for the New York Yankees and continually share a one sided opinion about the team. I know they could have their people pull up a bunch of clips over time that show positive statements about New York teams but overall the scales are considerably tipped in favor of the negative aspects they choose to air. I encourage all of the aspiring sports reporters in New York to focus on this story and see why this is allowed to occur. I ask that anyone with s nose for the news break this story wide open and find the source of all the negativity directed at New York. I implore any millionaires out there to create a new sports television program that can deliver fair and balanced news and compete with the monopoly that ESPN has become. These guys at ESPN must think the fans are stupid and that we wouldn’t recognize what they are doing. Talk about the real news, which in this case, are the two victories the Giants pulled out with half of their team injured, instead of what you CREATE as the news in order to generate viewership.

In conclusion, I ask who ever is in charge at ESPN, a publicly traded company that produces one billion dollars in revenue on the eyes and ears of sports fans, to explain why this is happening? If you want to pump my head with hours and hours of commercials by your advertisers without my permission, then I demand that you fairly and accurately report the news on New York area teams. You have neglected the New York Giants fans long enough and it is time for a change. Everything in this story is strictly my opinion but I am certainly not alone in my observations.

What are your feelings about how ESPN handles news about the Giants and New York teams in general? Please feel free to leave comments below!

RD – nygreporter.com

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29 Responses to Hey ESPN, You Have Lost All Credibility in New York!

  1. edgerocks says:

    Hey there, it’s me @missedgehead on twitter. I could not agree more, and you are also right about the Yankees. They could not push those Red Sox any harder. Colin Cowherd admitted as much on his show.

    Not one word about the Giants’ victory….it was not as if they were in the game.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey thanks for leaving your opinion here and showing your support. It makes me sick to listen to their shows lately. I can shake off most of their negativity but the past three weeks have been too much to ignore.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great read, however ESPN is only one of the Giants haters, try listening to NFL Network it just as bad. I watched and listened to Warren Sapp crap all over the Giants prior to the Eagles game, I wonder what he saying now

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey thanks buddy. There has to be a reason for all of this venom being spit on the Giants and I hope this can be the start of trying to figure out why. I mean is it because we are the largest sports market in the world and they need controversy to generate viewership or website traffic? if so, they simply went to far this season.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good Article Robert, I agree with you. You can’t even turn on ESPN anymore because all they do is bash the Giants.

  4. mike says:

    A lot of people don’t like the Big Apple. Try listening to McCarver, Joe Buck, Chris Colingsworth, Ron Jaworski, etc. I don’t take it personally. The Giants and Yankees have had an incredible amount of success. Success brings just as many haters as it does bandwagon fans. All of these people nay-saying the NY teams played against them and/or rooted against them growing up. Their real issue is these NY teams have had a lot of success against them personally and against their teams.

    Let ESPN doubt the G-Men. It only inspires our guys. They seem to play their best when they are doubted the most. All of the sports stations have ADD. One week they are crowning Rex Grossman and Andy Reid and firing Coughlin, the next week they are bashing Grossman and doubting Reid and saying what a great job Coughlin did. Look at Romo. After week 1, all the news was how he chokes. Now he is the poster child again after winning two close games with a major injury. They change like the weather.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Mike, thanks for the comment and you’re right about McCarver and Jaworski but they don’t own their own television stations. They can give their negative reports on the Giants all they want but ESPN is actually editing and producing negative segments to boot. I’m sick of it. Giants fans want the same kind of full reporting that the other teams get when it comes to recapping a game. Talk about Manning’s 4 TD’s and 0 INT’s or the break out game that WR Victor Cruz had. Not just focusing on what Vick said as the losing QB. I’m over their bias and something has to be done about it.

  5. MIchael says:

    Hi its @1speedgo1 here. This is a great article. I never really noticed it til this year that all ESPN does is bash the Giants. it just makes me sick. NFL Network had a segment last night about the Giants but they were actually talking good about them. right after the Redskins and Cowboy’s where the cowboys won with 6 FGs and now TDs and Tony Romo had 1 INT and 0 TDs, ESPN starts going off about how Tony romo won the game. REALLY!!! no he didn’t Tony romo is not a kicker. if you praise Romo for what he did vs the redskins then you should bow down to Eli Manning for throwing 4 TDs and 0 INTs. and i can’t believe that Antonio Pierce with ESPN.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hello Michael, thanks for the comment. There are so many little things that I have picked up on over the years that I did not even mention in the article portion. Like how they cut to commercial almost every year during the NFL Draft when it is the Giants pick or how they decide to put our head coach Tom Coughlin on some imaginary “hot seat” every year. Someone over at ESPN thinks they are cute by doing this but the culmination of negativity has spawned into this article that I also sent directly to ESPN themselves. Thanks for your support.

  6. Robert, This article couldn’t have been said better. It is extremely disappointing when watching Monday Night Countdown that each of them seemed to think that Vick has a point. Look MAYBE the one hit was borderline high…not everytime he threw a pass. Hopefully ESPN will read it…GO GIANTS!!!

    • robdomaine says:

      Thanks very much Daniel. I find it extremely disturbing that they give so much attention to these guys who are either doing the wrong thing in their personal lives or something bad on the field. And yet, they ignore a clean cut good guy, like Eli Manning, who is a class act on and off the field. They bash Eli every chance they get. It feels like they would rather glamorize or crucify players for doing the wrong thing, rather then acknowledge and praise the players who try to live the right way. I think they forget that kids watch their show and they should try to be responsible in the stories they choose to air.

      I grew up watching ESPN and I want to be a fan of their show again but this blatant disrespect of New York, week in and week out has to stop or they will lose a lot of viewers.

  7. robdomaine says:

    Another sickening fact is the Giants players who have to publicly speak to the media and defend themselves over the hits they put on Vick. They should be celebrating their victory and not defending legal hits because a player accuses them of some dirty play. It’s a joke and the media needs to start giving the Giants the respect they deserve for pulling out the upset win with half the team injured, in Philly during a playoff atmosphere!

  8. bobbyg says:

    i just turn them off and watch nfl network.at least they give the g-men some love.the only guy on espn that picked the g-men this week was tom jackson.and the only other guy that actually gave big blue play, and is not even on espn any more was sean salsbury.there all about the corporate machine,everything is sponsored by something or other,even mike and mike get me annoyed with there stone cold lead pipe locks on fridays,they make a big production out of it even when neither mike is hosting,its all taped.if you watched espn after the giants beat the eagles,you would have thought they lost.everything was mike vicks hand,is he healthy for next weeks game,no love for the g-men.just turn them off,its the best revenge.oh, and the g-men winning the superbowl.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, what’s up buddy? It’s crazy how many people are relating to what I wrote here and how many are equally fed up with this happening. I find it interesting that they chose to finally acknowledge Manning by giving him the player of the week honors. I doubt if I had anything to do with it but why wait until Tuesday to give the guy some praise for a tremendous performance?

  9. Spot on. Completely agree with you.
    I am at the point that i don’t watch ESPN unless i have no other choice to see my teams ( Giants, Yankees) play. Not even to see “last night/week” highlights of the sports i love.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey thanks for the comment buddy! it’s a shame because a lot of us grew up watching ESPN but I just can’t support them anymore with all of this bashing. They should admit what is happening and then do something about it. Everyone would respect them much more of they did that.

  10. bobbyg says:

    hey rob,great article and tremendous feedback by all your readers.me and all the other giant fans here in southwest florida are boycotting espn,oh wait a minute,im the only giants fan in southwest florida lol.

    • robdomaine says:

      LOL Bobby, I’m sure you are not the only Giants fan down there buddy. There are a tremendous amount of Northeast transplants that moved down there. Some even call South Florida, New York South lol.

  11. MIchael says:

    its @1speedgo1 again. one more thing about how espn is praising tony romo after his 0TDs 1 INT game that gave the cowboys 6 FGs, if they praise tony, then they should treat Eli as a god for his 4 TDs 0 INT game vs the eagles.

  12. bobbyg says:

    thats the thing that gets me,eli had a tremendous game and you hear nothing about it.but when the kid throws an interception,thats all you hear is that he is not a top 5 quarterback.and your right about the ny transplants here in southwest florida,there just 11o years old and think Y.A.tittle is still the QB of the G-men lol.

    • robdomaine says:

      Exactly Bobby, that is part of their programming and not a coincidence anymore. I’m not saying it is diabolical or purposely being done but it could certainly be classified as negligent.

      lol what do you mean? YA Tittle isn’t the Giants QB anymore? hahaha just kidding.

  13. bobbyg says:

    just yesterday,there were amazing comments on the espn article of the neglect disrespect and bias of the g-men.just minutes ago on nfl network,fran charles showed an interview of mike vick stating that even if he had a broken hand would play this week,when fran charles took it back to the studio,he said the last thing vick and the eagles would want, was to be 2 full games behind the redskins and cowboys.not once mentioning the giants.hows that for neglect.

  14. bobbyg says:

    hey rob,maybe like the 2007 season when nobody paid attention to the g-men,this might be all the motivation they need,i believe the giants need that chip on there shoulders.i also think with all the analysts that make there picks at the beginning of the year,they ride those teams as far as they can and give them play until they get knocked off there pedesta because they hate to be proven wrong.and like everyone on espn and nfl network, which is owned by jerry jones ,they pick the cowboys every year.once they have there monumental collapses,you hear nothing or they down play it.i will be working late until saturday morning,but i look forward to your rundown article.tremendous feedback by all your readers on this one rob .

    • robdomaine says:

      That would be a nice surprise if they could pull off another type of season like 2007, no doubt! I truly think they need more of their talent on the field and not so much more motivation. These guys are all “type A” personalities and I’m sure they want to return to the playoffs. It’s simple math from here on out. They are still making transactions in week four of the regular season, that is not good at all. Thanks for the kind words too buddy!

  15. Sportychic56 says:

    I agree totally! It’s ridiculous how blatantly bias they are! I couldn’t believe how our win turned into a “Woe is Vick” fest! Ridiculous!

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey thanks very much for stopping by. lol that “woe is Vick” comment is classic! Now we have to hear about the poor Red Sox losing and how wonderful there FIRED coach was for 8 years, que the violins. Unbelievable!

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