The Giants Must Beat The Buffalo Bills on Sunday

NEW YORK – I know that some of our readers will say that I am out of my mind but I truly believe the game against the Bills this Sunday is a must win. The argument goes back and forth all the time about this subject of “must win” games. I was very vocal about the Giants needing five wins before the bye week in order to have a good shot at making the playoffs. There is no way they can do that now but getting four wins will help a lot more then going into the bye week at the 500 mark with a 3-3 record. Asking Big Blue to win at least seven of the final ten games is a huge task and very difficult to imagine with such a depleted roster due to injuries. I have faith in my team but that is a remarkably difficult obstacle to overcome.

What was once a “easy win” on the schedule has become anything but that. The Buffalo Bills are one of the hottest teams in the NFL this year and will give the G-Men a run for their money. I still believe the Giants have the talent to win this game but a lot of factors will need to come together in order to do so. The biggest thing the Giants must do is not turn the ball over. The Giants have so many players injured, that they may have to re-think their entire insurance policy for players or they could go broke. I get physically sick when I think about the past three years and the absolute dismantling of my beloved Giants due to injury. It has become a running joke among football fans and is truly embarrassing. You can save the whole “it’s a part of the game” speech when talking to me because I don’t want to hear it. Many fans feel like I do and don’t mind losing a game if our starters are on the field and they get outplayed. Losing a dozen guys within the first two weeks is simply horrible and absolutely effects a football team.

Everyone will be giving you their “expert” opinions and strategies for this game, so I will spare you my own opinion. The only thing I have to say to Big Blue is win the game. I don’t care how you do it but the team needs this win, the fans need this win and your playoff hopes need this win. I projected five wins for the Giants in the second half of their schedule before the season started. I am sticking to my prediction and hope that I am wrong. If the Giants enter the bye week at 3-3, I am going to say the chance of them missing the playoffs for a third straight year is about 75%. These are only my opinions and as I said, I hope that I’m wrong.

RD –

On behalf of the nygreporter, I would also like to say Happy Birthday to the United States Navy on turning 236 today. God Bless and Protect you all and thank you for your service!

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2 Responses to The Giants Must Beat The Buffalo Bills on Sunday

  1. bobbyg says:

    i not only think and agree with you that this is a must win,but i also think that the giants coaches jobs will be at stake also.not to mention a loss would mean two consecutive home losses,and that would not be you say,i dont care how,just win the game.still disgusted from last weeks debacle,just a really bad blown opportunity,still unsure who the g-men are,or will show up from one week too the next.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, I don’t think Coach Coughlin or Coach Fewell have anything to worry about but Coach Gilbride and Coach Quinn surely do. They might be the two in trouble if their squads don’t produce on the field. Last week was an embarrassing loss and I think the players will play a little harder against the Bills on Sunday. At least I hope they will.

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