Giants Still Rolling at Halfway Point of the 2011 Season

November 8, 2011

NEW YORK – The New York Giants are 6-2 and in first place of the NFC East. Things could not be going any better for them at this point in the year, they are coming off an emotional win against the New England Patriots and facing the elite teams on their 2011 NFL schedule during the next few weeks. I am very pleased to see them winning games. They are winning games even when they are not playing very well or fielding their best players. I have tremendous confidence in the G-men and most of our readers could confirm that fact. But even I thought the Giants would be having a much tougher time then they seem to be having. I never lost faith but was very concerned about the depleted squad. The Giants have made believers out of everyone, including the haters.

Some of the football “experts” will say the Giants haven’t played any elite teams yet or the level of competition has been subpar. My message for those people is to just be quiet, take a look at every single NFL team schedule and you will see a balance of good and bad teams. People need to start giving the Giants credit for what they have done with a completely decimated roster. I’m sick of the New York bashing that fans have to endure with these television programs, who give too much personal opinion and not enough factual accounts of the events that take place. Even the haters out there cannot deny the fact that Big Blue is in first place and cruising through their schedule. I’m not being egocentric but simply stating the facts of the Giants current situation. It was nice to see Archie Manning come out and voice his displeasure with the Joe Buck and Troy Aikman FOX Sports pairing, that can’t seem to help bashing the Giants at every possible opportunity. Fans have been extremely vocal about their displeasure with this situation and Papa Manning validated what we were all thinking.

I am here to report that the state of the New York Giants is strong heading into week 10. The Giants have four difficult opponents coming up starting with the revamped 49ers this weekend. This is a game that Big Blue can absolutely win. The 49ers have a very good defense but so do the Giants. If it comes down to the quarterbacks having to win the game, which I think it will, I’d take Eli Manning and wouldn’t look back. I’m not taking San Francisco lightly because they are a good football team but I still think the Giants “shock and awe” road tour will continue with another victory. My final score prediction is Giants 19 – 49ers 13.

What are your thoughts about the Giants performance at the halfway point of the 2011 season?

Side Note: I would like to say RIP to a boxing legend, Joe Frazier. One of the greatest boxing champions in history!

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