Can the Giants Beat the Packers on Sunday?

NEW YORK – Hello Giants Fans, I have a simple and straight forward question for you as the title of this article reads. Can the Giants beat the Packers this weekend? This is the question that is buzzing around the internet and I’m asking for your honest opinion. Personally, my answer to that question is yes. I know that Green Bay is a very good football team and that they have QB Aaron Rodgers who is playing on a level that few quarterbacks ever get to. I know the G-Men will also be traveling to Green Bay to play in historic Lambeau stadium and it will be very cold. Everyone knows the situation and that it will be a difficult game to win. Still, it is a winnable game.

If you asked me this question a month or so ago, I would probably give you a different answer. But seeing how this team has come together at the perfect time during the season has me going all in. I don’t think Big Blue will blow out the Packers the way they did the Falcons but I think they are going to win because of defense. I think Manning and company will put up around 24-30 points of offense and the defense will not allow more then 20 points for the Packers. The Giants defense has looked scary the past three weeks and especially the past two weeks. I will also look at the fact that the Giants have done it before in a big game. Yes, I’m talking about the 2007 run when they went in and beat the Pack in their own backyard with freezing temperatures. Players do not forget those kinds of things and it will give Big Blue a confidence boost. The most surprising thing to me is how well the Giants have played without a ton of star players. The G-Men seem to have weathered the storm of injuries that plagued them this year and have really shown the resiliency and fortitude that got them to the Super Bowl back in 2007. Imagine this team at full strength?

It is almost impossible for a Giants fan to predict a loss for the G-Men. I understand that. But as the postman at my local post office said, I am more concerned with the New Orleans Saints then I am with the Packers. I thought that was an insightful statement and something that I happen to agree with. The Giants lost to both the Saints (49-24) and the Packers (38-35) during the regular season this year. They lost to the Packers but not by much. The Saints kicked the crap out of Big Blue up and down the field, the worst beating all year. My final score prediction for the Packers game this weekend is a Giants victory 27-20.

Who do you think will win the matchup on Sunday (4:30 PM EST) between the Giants and Packers? What is your final score prediction?

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10 Responses to Can the Giants Beat the Packers on Sunday?

  1. Dan Hanaczewski says:

    Momentum. Our GIANTS have it right now, so I feel that they can win in Green Bay. The Packers will present several challenges for the GIANTS, most from their offense so to combat this our O is going to have to have a balanced game and based on their performance these past few weeks now I’m confident that they can bring it on Sunday. Getting a fast start from the O, getting our recievers involved with a few confidence building passes, and then begin to pound on their D with our running game… Both Jacobs and Bradshaw are running with purpose right now, and that only helps our ELIte QB gash defenses with the passing game. We have a great thing going for us right now with the receiving corps, cover Cruuuuuz and Hakeem makes a ply, cover Hakeem and then Super Mario can make a play…not to mention the ability for Ballard to make a few plays catching the ball as well. Keeping Rodgers off of the field in my mind is key. If they can win the time of possession that improves their chances tremendously, and yes, NO TURNOVERS!
    As far as the G-MEN defense goes, keep it up! If they can keep Rodgers in the pocket and bring that pass rush that has been revived recently…that spells trouble for the Pack. The secondary has been playing very well and they will need to do the same for the G-MEN to have a chance.
    I agree with the postman…I’m more worried about NO than GB so go 49ers! I was hoping for a re-match with GB, something about playing Brees in that dome in NO just doesn’t appeal to me…
    I think this is going to be a very close game. 24-21 NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS!

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Dan, what’s up? That is a very good point about momentum and I agree with you. The Giants are the team to beat right now from the NFC playoff perspective. By that I mean, I doubt any of the other teams want to face us. If they beat the Packers convincingly this Sunday, they are only one game away from the Super Bowl and they will have ALL the momentum.

      I’m not worried about our offense at all. Maybe the offensive line if anything. I’m mostly concerned with our secondary and I expect the team will address that this offseason once they get look at the full roster and everyone is healthy. Like you, I am a 49ers fan this weekend too. The next big question is who will make the Bowl from the AFC???

      • Dan Hanaczewski says:

        I’m doing well Rob and you? To answer your question about the AFC…my best guess is the Pats. Tebow time I believe is going to end this weekend. However, if the Broncos beat the Pats then I’ll say the Ravens. I’d love a Super Bowl re-match with that team! I have some not so fond memories of that game, like the performance of Kerry Collins, but that Ravens D was possessed!
        The suspense is crushing me again this week, can’t wait for 4:30 to get here so we can go ALL IN yet again this week. I’m seriously considering muting my T.V. and running the live stream of Bob Papa and Carl Banks instead of suffering with Buck and Aikman…those dudes just love to hate on the GIANTS. Hate away because I bELIeve!
        GO GIANTS!

        • robdomaine says:

          I would love another shot at the Ravens too. We still need to avenge that loss back in 2000. I was actually in Tampa for that game but could not get any tickets, so I watched the game at a Tampa bar. That is a good idea about listening to the LIVE stream instead of the non-dynamic duo of Buck and Aikman.

  2. ajcnj56 says:

    Hey Rob – I have been hoping for this matchup since the Dallas game. I think being on the road helps this team for some reason (SF and NE as examples). Eli is playing lights out and if the running game can contribute 120 yards, and provide the same run/pass balance I think we can win. Turnovers may be the difference. If we are within 7 points going into the 4th quarter (or better yet, ahead), we win!

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey AJ, it looks like you got your wish buddy lol game on! I also think being on the road will help Big Blue and I also think the pressure will too. If we were playing some 4-12 team, we would probably lose but because the pressure is turned up so high, I think the G-Men will rise to the occasion. Eli owns the 4th quarter. You saw my final score prediction which lines right up with what you’re saying here. it should be one heck of a game and I’m looking forward to seeing which WR will be the hero this week.

  3. bobbyg says:

    i not only think they can beat the packers,i know they will.especially if the defense not only is playing the way it has,but now with osi back who was not there the first time,the g-mens pass rush will get into that packers backfield.corey webster is going to have a monumental game,he remembers the first one up there.giants 31-packers 17.i dont know why,but i have no worry that the giants are winning this game.i think the been there done that factor wins the g-men this game in temps that should be below freezing.giants fans will be very happy come sunday evening.thank god.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby! What’s up buddy! It seems like everyone is confident about the Giants beating the Packers this weekend. You can include me in that group too lol. I don’t know if we are all over confident or if the Giants have truly broken through the mediocre wall but it feels good. The temp shouldn’t be a problem this year at Green bay too. it will be cold but not like the 2007 game. Who do you think the AFC team will be in the Super Bowl?

  4. bobbyg says:

    Im praying for the broncos and tebow for the AFC.and of course our g-men in the superbowl billed as the book of eli versus the son of god lol.

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