The New York Giants Are Going to Win the Super Bowl!

NEW YORK – The New York Giants are going to beat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl by the score of 38-27. This is my prediction. I think Tom Brady will throw at least 1 INT while Eli Manning is solid with 400 yards and 4 TD’s, O INT’s as he wins Super Bowl MVP for a second time. The Giants defense will hold and cause a few turnovers. I’m expecting two turnovers by the Patriots, that lead to 2 quick Giants TD’s. Victor Cruz should have at least 2 TD’s. I think Jake Ballard will also have a receiving TD. And I expect Super Mario Manningham to grab a SB TD! Hakeem Nicks will be double teamed the whole game. The Giants defense will sack Brady at least 3 times. JPP will have a very good game and play on another level to confirm why is was voted into the pro bowl. I would like to introduce the world to No.90 Jason Pierre-Paul for the Giants. Just in case you haven’t seen him play.

I like the fact that Eli will play in Indianapolis. This is the most intriguing part of the game to me. Tom Brady might be seeking revenge but Easy Eli is all about producing results on the field and owning the fourth quarter. I expect no less in this game from him. Winning this Super Bowl simply means that Eli Manning is officially standing right next to Derek Jeter in the all-time clutch player award in New York lore and New Jersey lore as well. The thing is, I believe that Manning really wants this game more then Tom Brady and there is nothing Belichick or Brady can do about it. Perry Fewell will need to call the game of his life but Manning is already in the discussion for greatest Giants QB of all time. The Giants will win the next Super Bowl ring on February 5th with all day coverage from @nygreporter on twitter up until game time. I’ll do my best at halftime lol and then do some post game coverage.

The New York Rangers are playing well this year but we need the Knicks to get it together. I now they will eventually. This is the best team in years for New York fans. It is great to be a New York fan in general right now and the Yankees coming up. It feels like there was just a small earthquake in New York, weird. I expect the Patriots to put up a good fight but the Giants simply have this teams number for some reason the past few years.

What are your final score predictions for the Super Bowl? Who will win the Super Bowl MVP award?

RD –

Giants Fans, WR Victor Cruz won the Vizio TOP VALUE PERFORMER AWARD, check it out: Voting OVER Now

side note: Thank you Jorge Posada for all of your years with the Yankees. I’ve seen your entire career. God Bless you and the family.

12 Responses to The New York Giants Are Going to Win the Super Bowl!

  1. 31-14 to the Giants. Eli for MVP!

    • robdomaine says:

      Good guess, you think the Giants defense will be able to hold them to 14. You might be right by the way the are playing lately.

      • Might seem a bit crazy but I just think we’ll click and they’ll freeze somehow. I believe the psychology of losing 4 years ago and this season to the Giants will play on their minds a lot. I think our offense will be merciless and our defense will be its usually self!

        • robdomaine says:

          I agree with you about the psychological edge going to Big Blue and the fact that we’ve already beat them in the regular season. I believe QB Eli Manning simply won’t be denied this victory.

  2. Rob,
    28-21 GIANTS WIN!! I bELIeve Eli will pick apart the NE defense. I would expect a heavy dose of Cruuuuuuuuz with Hakeem definitely playing an important roll. Super Mario is going to score, no doubt. I really want to see a Cruuuuuuuz Salsa Dance in the big game. What I am hoping for is a Brandon Jacobs that will smash to NE defense to pieces and a Bradshaw that will break their ankles! The run will be more effective than it was againest the 9ers.
    The defense…the real reason for a GIANTS victory in this Super Bowl. Reminiscent of the ’07 team this defense will not so kindly place Brady on his back on a few occasions. When this happens, and you can clearly see it in Brady’s demeanor he gets frustrated. It’s like he doesn’t want to get hit, but it also interferes with his timing. I agree Rob, he will throw a pick or two…
    NE will put up a great fight, no question but the NEW YORK GIANTS just have too much momentum at this point to be denied…GO GIANTS!!

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Dan, I see you have it a little closer. This is going to be a tough game anyway you look at it and for a number of reasons. It is going to be fun to watch. I agree the defense will ned to hold and allow Eli to do his thing. The Giants defense is way better then the Patriots.

  3. bobbyg says:

    I like the prediction rob.mine is nygiants 37,new england patriots 14.i see victor cruz scoring 3 TD,s and hakeem nicks scoring 2 TD,s ,with the g-mens defense getting a safety on brady,i see the patriots revenge motivation factor biting brady and the pats.look for the g-men to go up on the pats right away,causing mr.brady to make mistakes and throw 3 interceptions because of the giants pass rush.i see the g-men in control of this one by the fourth quarter.get your confetti ready giants fans.i think eli is going to be the mvp and break phil simms passing total from the 1986 superbowl against the bronco,s.

    • robdomaine says:

      Bobby (in my Robert DeNiro voice from The Fan) lol Nice you have them blowing out the Patriots too very interesting. I simply do not think the Patriots will be able to stop Eli Manning, even if it goes to a shoot out. If Eli Manning wins this Super Bowl, it means so many different positive things for his career. He will play the hardest we’ve seen him play all year in this game.

  4. bobbyg says:

    OH,and by the way,the g-mens toughest test was against the 49ers.eli will pick apart the pats secondary,and the giants offense will do whatever it wants all night way the pats defense gets to eli.and i believe after the o-line watched what the 49ers defense did to eli on film,they wont let the pats defense near eli.look for the g-mens defense to mop up whatevers left of brady and the pats.gmen win the superbowl going away.the new york football giants are truly blessed.

  5. bobbyg says:

    I also believe the g-men earned the right to be at least a 7 point favorite in the superbowl.they play in a tougher division then the AFC ,and by beating the falcons,packers and niners solidifies the g-men as the odds on not one to buy into vegas lines.however,this should motivate the gmen and there coaching staff.the media is talking revenge game for a motivational factor for the pats.i think the g-men going in as underdogs in the superbowl is going to have some motivational foundation for the big blue players and coaching just seems to me,that when people in the sports media world talk about tom brady and the pats they get side tracked and lose sight of the fact of how good eli and the nygiants really are,remember,if it wasnt for rodgers unreal season,eli wins MVP.this to me is great bulletin board material for the g-mens locker room.i was talking to you last week about how my wife and i finally were in a place where we could get direct tv.and what a pleasant experience it is to watch new york stations as opposed to espn.but it still boggles my mind how the nydaily news and the post still have writers that pick against the g-men.the run through the playoffs is not only one of the best runs ive seen.but one of the toughest ive ever seen.rob,they would not be here 9 days from going to the superbowl if this ny giants team was not destined to win it all.these new york football giants have the hand of GOD on them,just like he had his hand on eli and tyree in superbowl 42.the g-men are blessed to win it all,in spite of all the nygiants doubters.not to mention the players the g-men have on the field that were not in the regular season meeting with the pats.just something to talk about buddy.

    • robdomaine says:

      They take in to consideration the regular season final standings, which the Patriots have a better record. Still, let them call the Giants the underdogs, they like that. The Road Warriors are gearing up for a full week of madness. Followed by a game of football for a ring. The G-Men need to take it nice and easy and stay focused.

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