Congrats to Victor Cruz on Winning The Vizio TVP Award

NEW YORK – On behalf of the nygreporter, I would like to say Congrats to New York Giants WR Victor Cruz on winning the Top Value Performer Award given by Vizio and voted on by the fans. I am happy that I have followed his career from training camp back in 2010 in Albany. You knew you were looking at a good football player. He was catching everything thrown to him and had worked out during the lockout with QB Eli Manning in Hoboken. Which was nothing for Cruz who grew up in Paterson, so he is very familiar with Hudson County New Jersey. So Cruz hung out with Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning and played catch on a high school field. Cruz is a star now in the New York and New Jersey areas. The well mannered and friendly ‘Salsa King’ is a good face for New York football and all of the local kids who hope to play for the Giants one day. Expect to see a lot more of him.

How about the job Giants GM Jerry Reese did with this young man? There are three players that need to get paid next year and they are WR Victor Cruz, DE Jason Pierre-Paul and DE Osi Umenyiora. I’m convinced Osi needs to finish his career with the Giants and be signed for a long term contract. The same goes for Victor Cruz who deserves a five year deal in my opinion. I would like to say good luck to Victor and the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVI. The fans are behind you guys hunting those rings. I’m all in!

The Super Bowl is now only 8 days away and the Pro Bowl is tomorrow 1/29/12 at 7:00 PM EST. Enjoy the game NFL fans!

What are your thoughts on Victor Cruz and the incredible season he continues to have?

RD –

Giants Fans, WR Victor Cruz won the Vizio TOP VALUE PERFORMER AWARD, check it out here: Victor Cruz Winner

8 Responses to Congrats to Victor Cruz on Winning The Vizio TVP Award

  1. bobbyg says:

    Well said rob.victor cruz was a blessing from GOD this season,and congrats to victor for his terrific season and i wish him many more with the g-men.i also wish the g-men the best.but i truly believe this new york football giants team has the hands of GOD on them and will have no problems winning the superbowl in indy a week from seems like yesterday when you and me were wondering if there would be a season.back when i was calling you mr.domaine lol.look how far the g-men have come.yes,the players you mentioned will be paid next season and more then rightfully so.jerry reese is,the man with the plan.and the plan came together thank GOD.

    • robdomaine says:

      Cruz is cool. He is a terrific guy who is extremely photogenic. He works hard and performs in the clutch. I will forever have nothing but respect for Steve Smith for doing my first interview for nygreporter. But that third WR position is filled. The Giants need to secure some veteran leadership but also draft a tall WR within the first 4 rounds. Cruz needs a a big new contract and is playing on an elite WR level right now. Stacking depth at the WR position, like it was the DE spot is a smart move. Continue giving Manning new weapons to work with. Offensive lineman should be drafted in round 1 or 2, I still go with a natural Center in this spot for depth. Having Reese and Fewell discuss the secondary could lead to another DB picked up within the first 3 rounds.

  2. bobbyg says:

    Sounds good to me buddy,great projections.every year i show how much i dont know when it comes to the draft needs of our g-men lol.the good thing is that jerry reese proves me wrong every year,and im good with that so amazed to see this nygiants offense and the strides they have made through the years,and more weapons at wide receiver for eli to throw too could never hurt.teams will have to pick there poison against this nygiants offense.jerry reese seen the future of the way the nfl has become so offense minded with the new rules that restrict defensive players from doing the things they used too,,which now makes it better for offenses to move the ball through the air.he knew the g-men could not stay in the old school style of football they used to play,and i applaud him for that.i kind of knew the tide was turning when eli came aboard the big blue 52 years old,so when i think about the nygiants of the 70s,80s and 90s, and how run oriented everything was,.then i watch the g-men now, when they have everything clicking and flinging the ball all over the place,im in amazement.i will tell you,its great to be a nygiants fan and to see how this team has grown and come together is just been terrific.and the nucleus is there for years to come.

    • robdomaine says:

      I’m sticking to my final score prediction and article I wrote about it. Belichick is tricky and will need to be surprised often. Special Teams group needs to be on their toes, extra work in practice. The Giants can absolutely win this game.

  3. bobbyg says:

    Im with you on the g-men being ready, and they will be.coughlins and his coaching staff will be ready for anything belichick will try,and i think it was good green bay tried those onside kicks,because now the g-men are ready for anything and they are battle tested.I am sticking to my prediction also rob.I wouldnt be surprised if coughlin and the g-mens coaching staff have a few things up there sleeves in this one.i might have to call vegas and bet on an eli to manningham flea flicka.or maybe an end around from eli to jacobs to ballard out of the backfield,now that would be fun.

    • robdomaine says:

      Coughlin will preach playing physical football and Fewell will be the mastermind behind containing the Brady Bunch. Gilbride will need to call the game of his career and make no mistakes.

  4. bobbyg says:

    This will be 6 in a row for big blue.mistake free football will be played by big blue,but this will not be a conservative called game by thinking we will see some flashy plays called by the g-mens offense.

    • robdomaine says:

      I think the Giants offense will continue to do what is has been for over a month now and win. The Giants offensive line will be the key next Sunday in Indianapolis. Leave a FB or TE in there for extra protection for Eli, so he has time to work with.

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