Super Bowl XLVI Kickoff is Mere Hours Away

NEW YORK – Super Bowl Sunday has arrived fans and we are about five hours away from kickoff now. There is an electricity in the air today and the internet is exploding with news and content. It has been a long two weeks but we are mere hours away from finding out who will be Super Bowl XLVI Champions! It’s exciting and I’m eager to get the game started. I am still extremely confident the Giants are going to beat the Patriots. Call it a premonition or whatever you like but I think the G-men get another ring by midnight.

Fans who want to get some really good info on the game should check out twitter and build a solid timeline of friends and contacts. Once you get into a groove with those guys it is actually a lot of fun. We’ve stuck together the entire season and should be given a Giants Super Bowl ring for our loyalty in the face of adversity and for all of the free social media work we do to keep Giants fans sane. But first the Giants have to win the ring. Expect the unexpected and be on your toes the entire game. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is sneaky and not above using high school tactics to gain a first down. Tom Brady is another shifty eyed sneak to watch.

I hope all of our readers and Giants fans everywhere have a great day and enjoy watching the big game tonight. Remember, do not drink and drive, think about the kids out there! I know that Big Blue is representing in Indianapolis and have heard reports that most of the public float of tickets were purchased by New York fans. Let the tens of millions of fans watching on TV or listening on the radio hear you loud and clear. Take over Lucas Oil stadium and give the Giants players a small edge. I also hope the fans stay classy and remember that families go to these games. It’s a big deal and great moment for anyone who gets the chance to go to the Super Bowl. I hope you all have the time of your lives! If you take photo’s at the event and want to share them for free, check out the nygreporter Flickr group called “New York Giants Free Pics”. It is to help those who have Giants websites and need free use Giants photo’s. I would love to see more Giants fans post pics on there and see what you see at the Super Bowl. Just make sure the only photo’s you post to the group are ones you have taken yourself. Here is the link to the website: New York Giants Free Pics

There is nothing left to say or analyze and no trash talk left to bark. The Giants and Patriots are going to play a football game in a few hours that will determine who is the best team in the NFL this year. One last time, my final score prediction for this game is a Giants win 38-27.

How will you spend your night watching the Super Bowl?

RD – – Good Luck Giants!

Please Support New York Giants Legend, George Martin’s “A Journey for 9/11” Charity. Never Forget!

12 Responses to Super Bowl XLVI Kickoff is Mere Hours Away

  1. Ajcnj56 says:

    Twitter is great, very informative and lots of fun. Spending the day like I have every away game with my wife. My son & I go to home games. I have on my 2007 post- SB shirt that commerates the streak-ending win. DENIED stamped over 19-0. I have been wearing this since the first GB game,

    Let’s Go G-Men!!!!

  2. bobbyg says:

    Me and the wife are stuffing our faces watching movies until the kickoff.cant take the wait no more,or the sports media shows,its overkill at its highest.the time is now to play the game big blue fans have been waiting two weeks for this.we are all in and ready for a new york football giants victory,NYGIANTS 37-PATS doubt about know we will be up all night rob.big blue wrecking crew will wreck the pats tonight.

  3. bobbyg says:

    Rob,they did it.what a year buddy.thank you rob domaine for your a follower of yours as long as you will have me.big blue forever.what a special season thank GOD.i will never forget our conversations from before the season started until know your stiff and you know our new york football giants.

  4. bobbyg says:

    i meant stuff not stiff.this is a family website lol.

  5. ajcnj56 says:

    Hey Bobby – I did the same about the movies too. I could not watch another minute of pre-game talk either! It was a great night, great game, and another SB classic.

    Interesting that since 2004, that belichik is 7-6 in the playoffs after the whole spy gate thing happened. He is a great coach, and I loved him as a Giant, but I was so happy to see Tom beat Bill for the 2nd time in a row!

    With the age of this team, we can really be the team to beat for years to come.

    • robdomaine says:

      It looks like you guys have found your pre-game rituals if they G-men make it back to the Super Bowl and they probably will soon!

    • bobbyg says:

      Hey AJ,your right.i believe this nygiants team is set.we will keep the movie ritual, it seems to work on top of prayers to GOD for 7 weeks straight .great to see tom and eli in that hall of fame conversation.awesome,just awesome.

  6. robdomaine says:

    Hey Guys, now that we know the Giants have won Super Bowl XLVI. Do you guys agree with the talk about COughlin and Manning going into the Hall of Fame? I certainly do and I think Eli has just moved up the last step to be shoulder and shoulder with Derek Jeter in New York. I’m a Yankees fan too as you know, so I really mean it when I say that.

    I also think Manning is the best QB in Giants history now and Coughlin is flirting with being the greatest coach of all-time for Big Blue. He isn’t done yet so let’s wait until he decides to leave the game to evaluate his career, right now he is already in the discussion.

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