nygreporter Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary, Thanks Fans

NEW YORK – Hello Giants fans, it’s been a couple of weeks since we last spoke. I took a nice, long break from writing. The last time we spoke it was Valentines Day and the time before that we were still talking about the Giants beating the Patriots 21-17 in Super Bowl XLVI. The Giants players and staff gave fans the VIP ‘blue carpet’ treatment at the DVD release party yesterday. Thanks to Marc and Max over at Vivendi Entertainment and NFL Films for the invitation. I would also like to thank Brittany over at Taylor for the info on Giants legend Sam Huff. 5-Time Pro Bowler LB Robert Lee “Sam” Huff is being honored by the Pro Football Hall of Fame and AllState Insurance in Farmington, West Virginia on Monday March 12, 2012 at 5:30 PM at the Farmington Community Center. Check it out if you can make it to the Hall of Famers hometown for the festivities.

I can’t believe it has been two years already working with my own website. Of course, I have been writing all of my life in one form or another. I would like to thank our readers and let you know that I have officially signed on for another year to cover the Giants with this website. I will continue to keep this a family friendly environment and readers should fell free to leave comments on any of our stories, the more the merrier. The Giants are now 2-time Super Bowl Champions over the past five years, that still feels incredible to say and the haters have been out in full force with Cowboys fans going back to the 1990’s Dallas teams and comparing them. Philly fans are still in shock and awe about the atrocious display of football skills the Eagles broadcast LIVE worldwide to millions of NFL fans. Eagles fans just straight up hate, they pull no punches but can get annoying after a while. I haven’t heard a Redskin fan talk any trash since the 1980’s (Yes, I’m getting old, don’t worry about it). The G-Men and Easy Eli are elite.

Things have really been going well and I look forward to providing our readers with some in depth New York Giants draft coverage from my perspective. On a side note, I like the WR Domenik Hixon signing and I think our special teams just got a lot better. Slapping the franchise tag on Weatherford was music to my ears and all of the players on “Team I Got a Ring” too. Giants GM Jerry Reese gets big props for this bold move and extremely loud and incredibly close statement to the other players in regards to contract negotiations. That is a display of loyalty to the mad man punter Steve Weatherford as well. Hey, what can I say, the guy has become a fan favorite and we follow him on twitter (Follow back man @nygreporter). The dude is jacked and plays like a football player.

I hope WR Mario Manningham (What’s up Super Mario?) can resign with the team. The fans love this young man and he  is just starting to get a feel for the offense. The last place I would subtract from is familiar weapons for QB Eli Manning. I love the “Nicks Cruz Travel Agency: Destination Endzone” duo out there but they still need one more piece to the puzzle. I believe Manningham is that guy. I will be doing an article this week on player positions to look at in the upcoming draft in April. Until then, the New York Giants remain Super Bowl XLVI Champions, that is all.

Do you have any favorite moments from the past year at nygreporter? It’s a loaded question.

RD – nygreporter.com – Happy 2 Year Anniversary!

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10 Responses to nygreporter Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary, Thanks Fans

  1. Rob,
    I am happy that I found your site this season. Your articles are fantastic and this past year was filled with the good and the bad from the GMEN. I hope that Super Mario and the GIANTS can work out an equitable deal for him to stay in Blue. That’s the part of the game that I’m not too fond of…the business side of it. But that is the NFL.
    Speaking of the NFL, WOW what about the Saints situation? In my opinion Williams, Payton, and the GM should pay dearly for this. I’m not talking about just a fine either…they’re all millionaires so money doesn’t hurt them, I’m talking about a suspension duration…well at least a year. Anyway…enough about the aints…

    Thank you for the weekly articles during the season and throughout the magical playoff run. I’ve enjoyed your insight of the team we bleed BLUE for. I’m looking forward to next season…
    GO GIANTS!!!


    • robdomaine says:

      Hello Dan, good to hear from you buddy. Thanks very much for the kind words too. I simply love New York Giants football. I hope Super Mario can stay too.

      The Saints situation is messed up and there seems to be a target on their backs now. It’s going to get ugly. I still hope Peyton Manning retires and joins the Giants coaching staff as QB Coach or something lol.

  2. bobbyg says:

    Happy 2 year anniversary rob,glad your here for another season.absolutely love the franchise tag on weatherford,great energy for the g-men.im also happy about hixon,i thought the kid was headed for a great season before his injury and look forward to his strong comeback this season.i know with reese,all things will sort themselves out this off season.if i learned anything about 2011,it was trust in reese.and of course my favorite moment on the site was all the great conversations with the fans leading up to a nygiants superbowl victory that im still on cloud nine from.looking forward to all of your articles rob,and lets do it all again.im all in.and you have to open the season with a samurai warrior poem,its tradition lol.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, what’s up buddy? Long time no speak. The Giants are already on top of their game and making some interesting moves. It was sad to see Peyton Manning released today too. I’m sure brother Eli will comfort him through this crazy period. The big focus will be on the upcoming draft and minicamps. I’m looking forward to an exciting offseason!

  3. bobbyg says:

    Would you believe there talking about a plaxico return again rob.its like deja-vu all over again lol.i like your peyton scenario coming to help on the offensive side of the ball for the g-men.and i have to say,its nice we will be talking football instead of a lockout like last season.it all seems so long ago.im glad your back for another year, because it would not be the same without you on the site.besides,who but you could talk me off the cliff when i go on my rants lol.

    • robdomaine says:

      lol I saw that too and no I can’t believe that we are still talking about Plaxico Burress. I say let the man go about his business elsewhere and no hard feelings. I also think they should keep Manningham because as we saw very clearly, injuries can occur and devastate a team at any moment.

  4. Padua says:

    Rob, happy anniversary man. I’m proud to have been part – even if just a tiny part one – of this great website, and moreover I’m proud of the progress you’ve achieved in here. These two years went by like a whirlwind (though it could be because I do what I do)!! Anyway, I have no words to describe the feeling of seeing this little project, the one we used to talk about back in those B/R days, take shape and begin its take-off route. I’m sure a lot of great things are to come for you and for NYGReporter.com, and I can’t think of a person who deserves more than you do.

    Cheers, man!

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Saulo, thanks very much buddy. it’s good to hear from you. I appreciate all of the kind words and I look forward to reading some of your work again soon. Have fun and be safe as always old friend.

  5. Hey Rob,

    Congratulations on reaching the big milestone! I’m delighted to have discovered this website in the past year, it’s helped my understanding of the Giants so much more. Hope you enjoyed your well deserved break and looking forward to the new season already!

    • robdomaine says:

      Thanks very much Pat, I appreciate it buddy. I look forward to talking Giants football with you and all of the other guys and girls who have started to talking more on here. I think we are going to have a great year! God Bless!

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