WR Steve Smith No.12

This is where you can find all of our WR Steve Smith photo’s.


2 Responses to WR Steve Smith No.12

  1. […] WR Steve Smith – Smith has been quiet so far this year and you know what, that is just the way he likes it. […]

  2. Anonymous says:

    this message is for steve smith……i was just wondering when u b back in the starting lineup????
    because truth be known that you are honestly a big factor and i like watching you play…..dont get me wrong we have many other big and good targets but you never let anything hit the ground no matter what………i htink it would be so much easier in ELI if u we’re there to help him out ya know….so bud if you could help the g-men out bud it would be greatly appreciated….jut do me a favor and stay healthly if possible bud……your one of the BEST in my eyes…..GOOD LUCK……

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