Giants Players Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands

May 8, 2011

NEW YORK – QB Eli Manning organized a practice with some of the players this past week. He took the initiative after the lockout flip flopped back and forth and is still currently about to enter it’s second month. It is an absolute shame that the players have to go to Hoboken high school in New Jersey (we love Hoboken) to get some work in. The New York Giants had nearly a quarter of a billion dollars playing on a high school field so they could get some work in. That’s crazy. It is also awesome. It shows Manning’s maturation into the true leader we all knew he would be one day. He crossed that line years ago but more importantly he has maintained it. I say bravo to Eli and the players who went out and played ball for a couple of days to get the blood flowing. Now that is old school!

Former WR Plaxico Burress was also in the news this past week. Burress will be released from prison in a month and the $64,000 question remains, will he play for Big Blue? There have been a ton of reports saying he will not be with the Giants. My perspective on the matter has not changed. I say the man deserves another chance since he has paid his debt to society for a crime (it was really an accident) where the only person injured was himself. For those not familiar with the story, Burress shot himself in the leg at a NYC nightclub with an unregistered gun. The guy had been a bit of a problem child before the incident but I am confident he has learned to appreciate the blessing of playing football for millions of dollars. The Giants truly have nothing to lose with giving him a league minimum contract for one year to see how well he does. Reports had Eagles QB Michael Vick very interested in speaking with Burress. Giving Burress a one year deal is worth it just to keep him from going to the Eagles as a scorned man. He is reportedly in terrific shape and could still be a very dangerous wide receiver in the NFL.

The rest of the NFL news has been extremely quiet. The lockout is now in it’s 58th day and still nothing has been worked out. It is now going to effect the minicamps and is getting close to messing with the OTA’s scheduling. Tom Coughlin will adapt and adjust but wouldn’t it be nice if he could follow the schedule he had planned all along. They still have to work on free agency, where I expect there will be a feeding frenzy among teams who are just waiting for the light to turn green before taking off.  Free agency is going to be a ton of fun once the lockout is over for all of the NFL teams and NFL fans.

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2011 NFL Draft: D-Day Has Arrived Giants Fans

April 28, 2011

NEW YORK – Everybody can exhale because the draft has finally arrived. It feels like it has taken forever to get here, but the wait is finally over (sort of). Well, at least day one has finally arrived, and Giants fans will learn who the first round pick (19th overall) will be later this evening. Thank goodness because this lockout has fans ripping their hair out. Speaking of the lockout, the situation has become confusing with the judge ordering it to stop but team facilities still being locked up. It is still unknown how the lockout will affect trades and transactions in general during the entire 2011 draft. Let’s not worry about the lockout for the next 3 days and enjoy the draft.

The G-Men have a few areas of need that have been clearly explained for months now. The top three needs the Giants have are offensive linemen, linebacker and defensive tackle. This seems to be the general consensus for most fans and myself. I still firmly believe the team will walk away with one of these positions of need tonight, but if RB Mark Ingram is available, he may be too much to pass up on. The tight end and cornerback positions have also been mentioned quite a bit this offseason.

I have complete faith in GM Jerry Reese (the draft guru) and the rest of the Giants staff and scouts. They have done an outstanding job for years now, and I see no reason why 2011 should be any different. With that being said, the only two positions that would literally shock me (being drafted in round one) are the defensive end and quarterback positions. Everything else is fair game.

Be sure to come back later and check out our draft coverage. We will be doing an article on the Giants 1st round draft pick and giving our opinions on their choice. On behalf of the nygreporter, I would like to say good luck to the Giants organization. The draft begins at 8:00 PM EST tonight. Enjoy!

Who are you hoping the Giants draft in the first round later tonight?

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