Happy Thanksgiving to our Readers and Giants Fans

November 24, 2011

NEW YORK – Hello Giants fans, I would like to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving! I would also like to wish the players, staff and coaches a very Happy Thanksgiving and their families as well. This includes Kate Mara (follow back @nygreporter or have your agent email me, I want to interview you) and both the Mara and Tisch family owners. I would like to thank all of you for the classy way you conduct business and for the entertainment you have given my family for generations. I still firmly believe the Giants will be back in the playoffs this year.

I hope all of you can think of something to be thankful for this holiday season. I have heard a saying that goes “You buy the ticket, you take the ride”. It means no complaining, you take the ride of life and one thing leads to another and based on your choices, an outcome blossoms. Today is the perfect day to call an old friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in a while. Have them pass the phone around the room and catch up with everyone. Some of you can’t be home for the holidays, I have been there myself once or twice. Keep your head up and maybe things will be different next year. To the military stationed all over the world, you are not forgotten. Thank you for your service for your country. I hope all of you have some peace this year and get to enjoy yourselves a bit. If you see someone in uniform, stop them and shake their hand.

The Giants play the Saints and QB Drew Brees on Monday Night Football. This is going to be a very difficult game to win but knowing the G-Men, they could end up blowing them out by 25 points. I believe the Giants can beat anyone but the Saints and Packers were clearly the top two teams we had to play all year. The first of the two is about to go down on Monday night. The Giants must stop Saints TE Jimmy Graham (force the Saints to use a TE as blocker in defensive scheme), RB Darren Sproles and the defensive ends must get to Brees often. QB Eli Manning must have one of his standard big games to get Big Blue that seventh win of the year. Be safe and be smart, drink responsibly.

Turkey Day NFL Games/Times/Stations

12:30 PM EST – Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions on FOX Sports.

4:15 PM EST – Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys on CBS Sports.

8:20 PM EST – San Francisco 49ers at Baltimore Ravens on NFL Network (Boo!)

Monday Night Football

8:30 PM EST – New York Giants vs. New Orleans Saints on ESPN.

What is your all time favorite Thanksgiving family tradition? What is your traditional meal?

– The traditional Thanksgiving day meal in my family has always been turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, peas, carrots, cranberry sauce, apple sauce, biscuits, brown gravy, pie, beer and wine.

RD – nygreporter.com – Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving New York Giants Fans

November 25, 2010

NEW YORK – Everyone here at the nygreporter would like to wish all of our readers a very Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that most of you will be with family and enjoying some great food and good company. For those of you who are unable to be with family, for any number of reasons, you are not forgotten either. Especially the men and women serving our military overseas. We are thankful for the service our military provides to keep America safe and strong. I hope that our readers remember the reason for Thanksgiving and can perform a random act of kindness to someone who truly needs it. These are rough days we are living in and you would be surprised by how much it means to some, to receive a simple act of kindness.

Be thankful that you are able to have such a charmed life in this great country of ours and keep your head up during these hard times. I hope that you all enjoy some great food and drink and the football games that have become a part of the Thanksgiving tradition. There are some really good games on today, including our division rivals, the Dallas Cowboys facing the red hot Saints. Dallas (3-7) isn’t a real threat to our standings but it would be nice to watch them lose on Thanksgiving anyway.

God bless all of you and your families and don’t forget that the New York Giants will face the Jaguars this Sunday at 1PM EST at New Meadowlands stadium. Fans will anxiously be expecting a victory against Jacksonville to bring the team back on track. If ever there was a must win game, this is it. I predict a 34-17 Giants victory.

RD – nygreporter.com