WR Ike Hilliard Retires as a New York Giant

July 30, 2010

This has been a day full of blasts from the past. Two former New York Giants decided to retire with the G-Men and have it go down in the record books that they are part of the family forever. They are Ike Hilliard and David Tyree. The fans hold both of these players in very high regard, especially WR David Tyree who helped the team win a Super Bowl. Ike Hilliard is a fan favorite because he was with the Giants for most of his career after playing at the University of Florida. Both WR’s David Tyree and Ike Hilliard, were drafted by the New York Giants. Hilliard in 1997 and Tyree in 2003.

I had the pleasure of seeing Hilliard play at the Swamp during the nineties (1996) at the University of Florida. Ike (5’11” 210 pounds) spent eight years with the Giants after they drafted him and then the next four years with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was a gifted wide receiver and a fan favorite, just as David Tyree was/is. Two former Giants WR’s coming back to the team, signing with the team, then retiring with the team. This is something that does not happen everyday in the world of football.

Ike played alongside Amani Toomer for a lot of years and I’m sure that Toomer would have nothing but good things to say about No.88 Hilliard. Ike took the heat off of Toomer on more then one occasion allowing Toomer to flourish. Toomer can hold his own in any situation and I do not want to sound like Toomer needed help. It was just a good fit to see them both on the field doing their thing.

Everyone here at the nygreporter wishes Ike Hilliard and his family all of the best!

Are you happy to see that WR Ike Hilliard has retired as a New York Giant?

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