New York Giants Sign Rookie DE Jason Pierre-Paul

July 31, 2010

The New York Giants have signed rookie DE Jason Pierre-Paul, who was the last unsigned rookie from the 2010 draft class. The Giants are clearly impressed with Jason “Wild Thing” Pierre-Paul (that’s a nickname I gave him) because they made him their No.1 overall pick in 2010. JPP’s deal is worth roughly $20 million over five years with $11.6 million guaranteed. Some say that Pierre-Paul could be the steal of the draft, while others think the G-Men reached too high to grab him. Only time will tell but nobody can argue the fact that he is a raw, athletic freak of nature, something that doesn’t come around very often. Most scouts were comparing his body type to the original freak, Javon Kearse. The coaches will be particularly interested in seeing what No.90 JPP can do during training camp.

The fans were certainly impressed by the now infamous video of JPP, who made a bet with a team mate over who could do the most summersaults. Pierre-Paul then proceeds to flip over and over and over and over and just when you think he must surely stop any moment now, he does ten or fifteen more. The final count was somewhere in the mid-twenties and he won the bet. Why is this so impressive? Oh, I forgot to mention that Pierre-Paul is 6’5″ 270 pounds (see link in comment area).

Make no mistake about it, JPP is a work in progress. He is eager to learn according to the coaches but he went to a small college and didn’t start playing football until late in life. If his mind can catch up with his physicality, he could become a force in the NFL sooner then many think. Fans are very excited to see what JPP can do.

Do you think that Jason “Wild Thing” Pierre-Paul will be a starter by the end of this year or do you see him possibly developing next year?

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