Oh, the smell of a new season….

March 17, 2010

After the beginning of free agency and since last Monday, when the players went back to work, there is a fresh smell in the air. Us Giants fans can all try and forget about the 2009 season and focus on what lies ahead in 2010.

Will the roster moves, the coaching staff changes and even more importantly, the rehabilitation of several players be the catalyst to jumpstart a playoff season for Big Blue? Will Eli Manning continue his growth with new quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan, and the help of new backup Jim Sorgi, the very man who helped his older brother prepare for games?

Can Brandon Jacobs return to his bruising self, who terrorized linebackers with his low shoulder blow? Will our defense become respectable again under the guidance of new defensive coordinator Perry Fewell? What about Chris Canty proving his value, Osi Umeniyora showing what he is really made of, and Justin Tuck being able to use both arms again, will that happen? Moreover, can Kenny Phillips return at 100% and fulfill his star potential and will Antrell Rolle become the leader that this defense needs him to be?

So many questions…amongst all these doubts, there is only one thing that is certain: I can’t wait until September!

Saulo Padua – NYGReporter.com