New York Giants: Voluntary Workouts Going Well

The New York Giants have been back in the stadium for about a week now getting ready for next season. They have been attending the voluntary off season workouts (I use the term voluntary loosely here) in preparation for the 2010 campaign. The official site of the New York Giants had a bunch of videos recently posted there showing brief interviews with players. Everyone seemed very up beat and happy to get back to work. There was a great sense of pride on behalf of the players, who were interviews in the new facilities. The new locker room caught my attention on more then one occasion because it is so much of an upgrade from the old Giants stadium locker room (I had the pleasure of checking out the old locker room before they tore down the old stadium).

The best news I heard from all of the interviews, was the fact that the running backs seem to be doing much better. We talked about the Running back situation a little bit in our previous story called New York Giants: Danny Ware are you? Hearing that kind of positivity straight from the mouths of the players helped me relax. Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw in particular, seemed to be ready to get going, almost eager to start the season. These guys play with a lot of pride and you could almost see the enormous chip on their shoulders as they spoke to the reporters. I like that, in fact I think the whole team will be playing with a chip on their shoulders this season. Last year was an embarrassment to the team and something they will surely rectify in 2010.

Did you get a chance to watch the short videos on What did you think about them?

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2 Responses to New York Giants: Voluntary Workouts Going Well

  1. Padua says:

    I’m actually appalled about how few articles there are out there regarding how the players have looked so far.

    I read everyday that JaMarcus Russel showed up over 290 pounds, and that Alex Smith has been outperforming David Carr in the 49ers activities, but not one piece about how our beleved Giants are doing, nothing specific, anyway…

    If I could I’d be on the Giants faclities every single day just to check up on the team….

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Saulo, good to hear form you buddy. I know what you mean. I’m already sick of hearing about JaMarcus Russell too. They had a nice collection of short 5 minute interviews with the players on I found it to be a good appetizer for the off season. You should check them out if you haven’t already. Check out that George Martin interview too, it’s really a good look at a great man.

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