Oh, the smell of a new season….

March 17, 2010

After the beginning of free agency and since last Monday, when the players went back to work, there is a fresh smell in the air. Us Giants fans can all try and forget about the 2009 season and focus on what lies ahead in 2010.

Will the roster moves, the coaching staff changes and even more importantly, the rehabilitation of several players be the catalyst to jumpstart a playoff season for Big Blue? Will Eli Manning continue his growth with new quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan, and the help of new backup Jim Sorgi, the very man who helped his older brother prepare for games?

Can Brandon Jacobs return to his bruising self, who terrorized linebackers with his low shoulder blow? Will our defense become respectable again under the guidance of new defensive coordinator Perry Fewell? What about Chris Canty proving his value, Osi Umeniyora showing what he is really made of, and Justin Tuck being able to use both arms again, will that happen? Moreover, can Kenny Phillips return at 100% and fulfill his star potential and will Antrell Rolle become the leader that this defense needs him to be?

So many questions…amongst all these doubts, there is only one thing that is certain: I can’t wait until September!

Saulo Padua – NYGReporter.com

New York Giants Need The Luck of the Irish

March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of our Irish readers here at NYG Reporter. I made a cup of coffee today and decided to check out the available linebackers in free agency AGAIN. I saw that fan favorite Kirk Morrison is still available as well as D’Qwell Jackson. I also noticed a name that all Giants fans are familiar with, Nick Grieson. It got me wondering if the G-men will really pick up a linebacker via free agency or if there is a big trade on the horizon in New York. I’m sure that new DC Perry Fewell will be able to make the most of the players he gets. I just do not think the Giants would be willing to place all of that responsibility on a rookie LB or a linebacker that they feel they are “settling” on via free agency. This leads me to believe that a big trade is coming before the season starts. The Giants have no choice but to find a new defensive general.

So then I started thinking about the possible trades the Giants could make, in order to upgrade their soft spot in the middle of the defense. This is where I hit a wall. The Giants need a true star and leader at the MLB position. They need an Eli Manning on defense to lead by example and bolster that group of players. In order to get a star of that caliber, Big Blue would need to give up a serious player and probably some draft picks. Who do you think would be worth trading away and what player would be worthy of giving up so much for? There aren’t very many star linebackers in the league at the moment and the ones who are, will certainly not be available for a trade. And I now find myself back to square one. This is the most confusing aspect of the Giants off season moves in my opinion. This is a critical piece to either find success or have another mediocre season.

What do you think the Giants should do about the middle linebacker position before the year gets started?

RD – NYGReporter.com