Could Ex-Giants End Up Coaching Current Giants?

While I wrote a previous article today on current events surrounding Big Blue, I began to think about two players that recently retired today. Both are former Giants players, MLB Antonio Pierce and P Jeff Feagles. There has been some mention by Giants fans of the team asking Jeff feagles to coach the punters. I cannot think of a better punting coach in the entire NFL, except maybe the coach that worked with Feagles himself.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Feagles were to take a year off, then come back as a Giants coach next season. It would probably sound something like this, assistant special teams coach. Feagles has played in 352 NFL games during his hall of fame career and punted the ball over 72,000 yards. He retired after 20 years in the NFL following the 2009 season. He spent seven of those years with the New York Giants.

No offense to current linebackers coach Jim Herrmann but Antonio Pierce would make a good coach someday himself. I’ve even heard some scuttlebutt about Pierce making a fine defensive coordinator one day. How much of this is true is up for debate but the man certainly knew the game of football. There isn’t a hater out there that can deny AP that respect. I’m not sure if he is ready to be a DC just yet, let the man get his feet wet first. I can absolutely see him as the Giants linebackers coach right away though, helping this young group of LB’s take their game to the next level. AP is a natural leader and I hope his TV career is short lived so he can return to New York as a coach next season.

Who knows if any of this will ever happen but it was worth checking out the possibility. I doubt if Pierce would give up good money on TV, to making less as a coach but you never know what can happen. I do believe that coaching will be in AP’s future no matter how the next couple of years turn out to be.

How would you feel about getting Antonio Pierce and Jeff Feagles back with the New York Giants as coaches? If you could chose only one coach between the two, who would you pick?

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