New York Giants and The Number 23

I can hear you thinking out there. The number 23? Do you mean the Jim Carrey movie where he plays a crazy person obsessed with the number 23? The answer is no. The significance of the number 23 here (about three weeks) is the amount of days until the first New York Giants preseason game. Which in a weird way, still contributes to the fictional star’s theory of the number 23. Jim Carrey was right about the movie because we are in fact, 23 days away. Hmmmm (scratches head) very interesting indeed.

I cannot believe we are this close to the start of a new season. It has been a long stretch for Giants fans who have become accustomed to seeing Big Blue in the playoffs. The players and coaches seem ready to get back to work after an extended off season. That is a good start and changing some of the bad habits in the locker room will help. I believe this will happen not only by the reality of a poor 2009 season still lingering but a genuine desire to return to the playoffs and make another Super Bowl run. The Giants are a very talented team and have only improved during the off season. I believe the Giants will return to the playoffs in 2010.

If we are now only 23 days away from the first preseason game, which is against the Jets in a Monday Night Football matchup, then how close are we to training camp? The Giants will begin training camp a week from Monday on August 1. July, was almost as slow as June was for news about the G-Men. Fans can expect things to happen more rapidly now that we are so close to training camp. I know that some will say preseason games don’t mean anything but I do not agree with those opinions. I enjoy watching the rookies and third stringers play the game. There is no greater measurement of a player, then to see them perform on the field and preseason games might be the only opportunity for them to do that all year.

I am particularly curious to see how backup QB’s Jim Sorgi and Rhett Bomar perform this preseason. The departure of David Carr has truly left a question mark at an important position. Hopefully, fans will never see the backup QB’s play during the regular season as QB Eli manning keeps his Iron Man streak going in 2010.

Who do you think will win the preseason Monday Night Football game between the Giants and Jets?

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