New York Giants Training Camp News 7/28/10

Can you feel the electricity in the air Giants fans? The 2010 New York Giants training camp begins this Sunday!

It is now only four days away or roughly 95 hours away, whichever you prefer to use as a measurement of time. The point is that it is close and the players have begun preparing their minds to play football. Like Rocky Balboa, looking into the mirror in Rocky III, the players are searching their souls and asking if they have done all that they can do to be ready. If not, they can always put in the extra work at camp to get ready.

This is not a test, I repeat this is not a test. LIVE DRILLS will be held and players will be putting the pads back on in a matter of days. After, a light run through without pads the first couple of days (helmets only), the guys will be eager to hit something. Sort of like holding a pit bull back with a chain, waiting to be released. I normally do not write about the team in this manner but they have convinced me that they are not playing around this year. They are dead serious about making it back to the playoffs in 2010 and the journey begins this Sunday at training camp.

The Giants were embarrassed by what happened last season and when Mr. Mara became vocal, the message was clear. Changes were about to be made and people would lose their jobs. Not because Mr. Mara is a mean guy but because it was so painfully obvious where the problems existed and nothing could be done about it. It was best to severe ties with those individuals and move in another direction. The defense and special teams are the two areas with the most questions. There are some starting jobs still available and those jobs will be won through competition at camp. Writers are so focused on those two areas, that it might be easy to forget that the Giants have a very good offense.

QB Eli Manning didn’t get many new weapons this year and I doubt if he would even need another WR for 2010. In the 2011 NFL draft, sure I can see them grabbing another WR with in the first four rounds but not this year. Eli Manning had a career year in 2009 despite the poor overall outcome of the season. He will be even better this year. They are still trying to figure out the TE scenario. They have some quality TE’s in Kevin Boss and Travis Beckum and need to work them into the offense a bit more. This could be the area where Easy Eli creates the largest spike in production. The running backs will have their own mini battle for the third string slot. That would be RB’s Andre Brown and DJ Ware competing for that role, Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw have the number one and two spots locked down for now. RB Gartrell Johnson will also be in the mix but I expect Andre Brown to outperform them both for the third string spot. Johnson did show flashes of his ability in 2009 but will have a tough fight on is hands this season.

Be sure to check out our previous article on the 2010 New York Giants training camp for specific camp info. A must read if you are planning on attending one of the practices in Albany.

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  1. robdomaine says:

    Here is a live link to the previous training camp story we mentioned above. It is a must read for anyone planning on going to one of the Giants practices in Albany.

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