Giants Make Final Roster Cuts, Ready For Season

NEW YORK – The New York Giants made their final roster cuts today and have now trimmed down to 53 players. This is a painful time for the players who worked their butts off but simply do not have a spot on the team due to roster limits. Every year, there are a couple of cut players that are very surprising to me and this year is no different. I would like to wish every single one of those players who were cut today all of the best in their future ventures. It is a harsh lesson that some of these young players must learn that things such as this are always about business and never personal.

The most surprising cut to me was DT Jay Alford. I have liked Alford since the team drafted him and will always consider him a New York Giant. The second surprise came from the team releasing RB Andre Brown. I thought Brown would be on the final roster for certain since both Jacobs and Bradshaw have had recent injuries. Brown himself was injured his rookie season and missed the entire year. Right or wrong, the team is now ready for the regular season, which begins at 1PM EST on Sunday September 12,2010 against the Carolina Panthers.

Here is the full list of the players cut today to make room for the final roster.

1. Jay Alford

2. Andre Brown

3. Rhett Bomar

4. Derek Hagan

5. Seth Williams

6. Courtney Brown

7. Jacob Bender

8. Tim Brown

9. John Busing

10. Alex Hall

11. Nate Collins

12. Scott Chandler

13. Jim Cordle

14. Tommie Hill

15. Dwayne Hendricks

16. Gartrell Johnson

17. Todd Londolt

18. Jerome Johnson

19. Bear Pascoe

20. Matt O’Hanlon

21. Dominic Randolph

22. Herb Taylor

23. Guy Whimper

24. Sha’reff Rashad

Which player cut was the most surprising to you? Which player still remaining on the team is the most surprising to you?

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6 Responses to Giants Make Final Roster Cuts, Ready For Season

  1. Josh Berman says:

    I agree with your surprise over Alford and Brown, I’d also add Hagan and Pascoe to that list. Tightends are thin right now (only 2 on the roster) and Hagan had nice hands and was a special teams star.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Josh, I agree with you about Hagan and Pascoe. I’m not sure how I feel about QB Sage Rosenfels as the backup QB either. I trust Jerry Reese completely but these were some strange moves. That RB we traded picks for to is a new name to me. Hopefully, everything works out. This might be the first time I can remember Reese trading away picks in recent memory.

      • Josh Berman says:

        Reynaud seems to be a decent return man, he did most of his work on punts averaging 10.3 a return last season. He had some success returning kicks but he wasn’t used often. I’m not sure why Sage was necessary. I think Bomar could have done just fine, I wish Reese would have had a little more faith in him.

        • robdomaine says:

          I agree with you about Bomar. I didn’t think he did that bad either. In fact, I thought he showed a few flashes when he was playing.

          • Josh Berman says:

            Bomar and Bear both were signed to the practice squad, Brown was picked up on waivers by the Broncos. Any idea what happened to Alford? Why he was cut? Why he wasn’t signed to practice squad?

            • robdomaine says:

              Good question buddy. I have been doing what I can over the holiday weekend but to be honest, I have been reading more then writing and haven’t been home much. I need to check that out. I know that Denver signed RB Andre Brown. haven’t heard about Alford. I hope he comes back.

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