New York Giants 2010 Pre-Regular Season QA

NEW YORK – Hello Giants Fans, how about that title? I was going to make it longer but decided against it. After watching the Giants beat the Patriots 20-17 for the final preseason game last week, I began to wonder how the G-men would do against the Panthers in week one. Giants fans want revenge for the Panthers crushing Big Blue at the end of last season. This game means a lot to the fans, no matter what is said in the newspapers or on the websites.

The 2010 NFL regular season officially begins tomorrow night and the Giants play the Panthers this Sunday afternoon (9/12/10 – 1PM EST). The preseason is over and the time has come for the real deal.

During the long dry summer, Giants news can be few and far between, so it’s no wonder that fans were ravenous for information on the players this entire off season. There were a lot of new faces added to the roster and sadly, some that have gone elsewhere to play. Let’s evaluate some of the possibilities with these new players and predict the Giants fate as a team in 2010. GM Jerry Reese has done an outstanding job taking care of the problem areas and he has also secured some great talent for the coaches to utilize.

Let’s take a look at some of my pre-regular season predictions on who will perform well.

Question: Who will turn out to be the greatest addition to the team following the 2009 NFL season? Answer: S Antrel Rolle

Question: How many Giants will make the 2010 pro bowl and who will they be? Answer: 5 players including QB Eli Manning, WR Hakeem Nicks, CB Terrell Thomas, FB Madison Hedgecock and OL Chris Snee.

Question: Who will break a team record for receiving yards in a single season? Answer WR Hakeem Nicks

Question: Who will deserve the game ball for their performance against the Carolina Panthers? Answer: QB Eli Manning

Question: Will WR Victor Cruz surpass WR Mario Manningham for the third WR slot? Answer: Not in 2010 but if Cruz continues to play as he has in the preseason, it will be hard for the coaches to see him on the bench during the games.

Question: Will RB Ahmad Bradshaw be able to carry the load as the starting RB? Answer: Yes, he will be fine and RB Brandon Jacobs will get the goal line carries.

Question: Will new OL Shawn Andrews turn out to be the steal of the waivers this off season? Answer: It’s too early to say but I’m rooting for him.

Question: Will the New York Giants defense be a top ten defense in 2010 under new DC Perry Fewell? Answer: Yes, I believe the G-men return to form defensively in 2010.

Question: Who will lead the Giants defense in sacks this season? Answer: DE Justin Tuck

Question: Will QB Eli Manning surpass the 4,000 passing yard mark again in 2010? Answer: Yes, I believe Eli Manning will have a pro bowl year.

Question: Will the New York Giants return to the playoffs in 2010? Answer: Yes, the Giants will be back in 2010.

Question: Who will become the starting MLB for the Giants this year? Answer: LB Jonathan Goff

Question: Who are the Kings of the Castle at New Meadowlands stadium, the Giants or the Jets? Answer: The New York Giants

Question: Will the New York Giants win 12 or more games in 2010? Answer: No, I believe they will finish with a 11-5 record.

BONUS QUESTION: Who will win Super Bowl XLV on 02/06/2011? Answer: Green Bay Packers

Be sure to come back and check out our game notes for the Carolina Panthers game over the weekend!

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7 Responses to New York Giants 2010 Pre-Regular Season QA

  1. Josh Berman says:

    Interesting that you mention Cruz overtaking Manningham, I have been thinking a lot about this lately and I can’t really decide what I think. Mario doesn’t have a very consistent past. If he starts out the season shaky then the coaches will be looking for Barden or Cruz to step up. The WRs have really great talent this season, but they are a little thin too. Nicks and Smith are both proven starters but then it gets a little hazy. Manningham, Cruz, Barden, and Calhoun are the only other players on the depth chart. If Manningham struggles then Cruz may be the best option.

    P.S. Have you seen lately, check it out!

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Josh, I’m not sure either. Both Manningham and Cruz have shown flashes of their skills and I like them both. I just think Cruz might get a few shots because Coughlin hasn’t seen him in a real time game yet. I’m rather curious about that myself to be honest.

      Hey if you are going to do a story about the Giants and Panthers game, which day is better for you Sunday night or Monday morning? I don’t care which day so you can decide and let me know so we don’t both do articles the same day.

      • Josh Berman says:

        I’m planning on putting up a schedule breakdown story late tonight, I can do a Panthers story Monday if you’d like.

        • robdomaine says:

          No problem, I will do game articles on Sunday nights then. If you need to switch just let me know. Have your classes started yet?

          • Josh Berman says:

            Yeah, I am in my second (going on third) week of classes. They are really good for the most part, except Psyc…I was never good at that mind stuff lol.

  2. robdomaine says:

    lol well that’s great news buddy. I’m sure you are going to kick butt in college. I can’t believe the season starts tomorrow. I’m going to write an article about George Martin later today, explaining all he has done for first responders. It has become sort of a tradition with me. Enjoy the weekend!

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