Giants Part Ways With LB Kehl, Activate TE Bear Pascoe

NEW YORK – The team announced a surprising move yesterday with the activation of TE Bear Pascoe from the practice squad and onto the team. The Pascoe move isn’t what surprised me, in fact I announced that the moment I saw TE Kevin Boss go down during the Carolina Panthers game. What surprises me is the fact the the team cut LB Bryan Kehl. I guess the fans have to accept what the team feels is in it’s best interest but I thought Kehl was a hard worker and someone who could flourish when he grasps the game.

Bryan Kehl (6’2″ 240 pounds) was drafted by the G-Men in 2008 and grabbing Kehl was as easy as pick 123 in the fourth round. I’m not sure if the team felt they had better players at the position to hold onto or if they feel that Kehl is a bust. The message boards exploded at the news that certain players were granted a spot on the team, even though they are listed on the IR, production wise, it didn’t make sense to some people. The fans will have to have faith in Coach Coughlin and GM Jerry Reese, who are making these choices with the teams best interest in mind.

The activation of TE Bear Pascoe is something that needed to happen, now that Boss’ status is questionable due to a concussion. You cannot head into a game with only one TE available. TE Travis Beckum has become the number one tight end on the team for now. There is no question that Boss is the number one starter when he returns. Kevin Boss is no stranger to injuries and his aggressive play is the cause of his pain. He makes the tough catches and he takes the hits.

In other news, former Giants RB Andre Brown has been cut by the Denver Broncos. There was a lot of positive buzz surrounding Brown when he was drafted last year but reports are saying he hasn’t been the same since his injury that forced him to miss the entire 2009 season.

The New York Giants face the Indianapolis Colts this weekend (8:20 PM EST) in Manning Bowl II. Big Blue will travel to Peyton’s place Sunday night, in the highly anticipated rematch between brothers Peyton and Eli. If the Giants win this game, they will have started the 2010 season at 2-0, while brother Peyton’s Colts will have started at 0-2.

Do you agree with the decision to cut LB Bryan Kehl?

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2 Responses to Giants Part Ways With LB Kehl, Activate TE Bear Pascoe

  1. Josh Berman says:

    The team announced this morning the Boss will miss the game against the Colts. Beckum will get the start, as he should.

    • robdomaine says:

      Yes, I read that earlier too. Now I’m worried about William Beatty and how much time he is going to miss. Injuries are the most frustrating part of football hands down.

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