Giants vs. Titans, NFL Week 3: Game Notes

NEW YORK – The Giants lost to the Titans today by the score of 29-10 in a very bad game. Notice how I am not using the angry man tone in favor of the “I’m just really disappointed in you” voice. That’s the tone for this game, a head shaker and at times unbearable to watch. It hurts me to even have to write about the Giants like this but millions of people saw exactly what I did. There is no defending the team on this one, the players have to take responsibility for this one and move forward.

The fans have started asking for head coach Tom Coughlin to be fired. This is not going to happen and if Coach Coughlin decides to retire next year or if the Giants decide to find another coach (Cowher) then so be it. I’m a fan of Tom Coughlin. Let’s not forget what he inherited and how much character he brought to the organization. People are entitled to their opinions but let’s stay classy Giants fans. Trying to get a coach or player fired from making a living is not cool.

So many things went wrong in this game that I honestly do not feel like listing them all here for you. The team knows what happened, the fans saw what happened and I’m too drained to give a lengthy breakdown of all that went wrong. I will make it short and sweet. The offense played poorly even though they moved the ball, the defense played decent but seemed to lose it in the fourth quarter and the special teams were not very good at all. I would feel like I was picking on the team by describing this atrocious game.

There were some players who I thought had a good game, including RB Ahmad Bradshaw, WR Steve Smith, TE Kevin Boss, WR Mario Manningham, S Kenny Phillips, DE Mathias Kiwanuka. I’m sure I’m missing one or two guys but these stood out the most. QB Eli Manning was 34/48 for 386 yards 0 TD’s 2 INT’s. He needs to take control of the offense again by having a great game against their next opponent, the Chicago Bears on Sunday. The team will need to dig down deep for week four and pull out a win before things get out of hand. They should be 2-1 right now, let’s not make it 1-3 next week.

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