Championship Momentum

Championship Momentum

By Andrew D. Griffin

The Giants have developed a Championship momentum.  We have had several quality wins.  We have made adjustments that were necessary to make. We have run the ball effectively.  We have simplified the offense to Players coming off the street.  The approach has been a professional one nonetheless.  Players are coming out with a vendetta with a swagger with something to prove.

Derek Hagan and Devin Thomas have made Jerry Reese look like possibly the Executive of the Year.  Reese and his team have been very reliable and responsible. The response by the players has been exceptional.  Reminded the Giants fans, with me included, that the Front Office knows what they are doing.  Coach Pat Flaherty has also reminded us that coaching is more important than millions paid.

Players aren’t soldiers. However, competitive professional athletes perform and prepare like they are preparing for Combat.  Big Blue plays like its war on the field.  So many Giants deserve Purple Heart mention.  Playing while they are hurt and giving it all that they can on the field.  Purple Heart players strive to improve in the medical room to get back on the field.  The medical staff monitors their healing, the players self-medicate with taking mental reps and attending meetings.

We will face the Vikings this coming Sunday Afternoon.  We need this game and we need to sustain our momentum.  We should get a few pieces to our Combat Performance Team on the field.  Hopefully Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith will grace us with their presence once again on the field.  Hopefully David Diehl will return to bulk up the offensive line and provide depth.  They seem eager to get back which is a plus. A New York Giants game can never come soon enough in the week.  Let’s Go Big Blue! Another game! Another victim!

“Heaven Yeah”

Andrew G. –

4 Responses to Championship Momentum

  1. robdomaine says:

    Good stuff Andrew. I like the way you end your stories with the Heaven Yeah instead of the usual Hell Yeah. That’s pretty cool and unique buddy.

  2. apollojewels says:

    Hey! Thanks Rob for the support. I have a few more articles I will be posting by end of this great day! Yes to Heaven! No to Hell!

    “Heaven Yeah”

  3. Padua says:

    Apollojewels, that’s a cool nickname. Championship momentum, huh? I like the enthusiasm. Welcome to NYG Reporter man, good to have another set of thoughts here, the more the better.

    I tend to agree with what you said, but we still have the Iggle-stigma. Somehow the stupid birds have had our number since ’08, and we need to find a way to beat them in two weeks when they go down to NY. I truly believe that if the G-men can beat the Eagles they really are championship bound.

  4. Josh Berman says:

    Hey Andrew,

    Nice to meet you, my name is Josh, I have been a writer here since basically the beginning. I’ve known these guys from a previous site and they always produce quality stuff (not to mention they are great guys) so of course I was thrilled when I was asked to be apart of this new site. Its really nice to have a fresh face around here and see the site grow, so anyways welcome aboard!


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