New York Giants Unconquerable Goliaths

Where should I begin? Should I begin with the Offense, Defense, or Special Teams? We have injuries. Yes! But we also have an abundance of talent left on our roster as well as a great coaching staff. I have developed a newborn perspective after reviewing the Big Blue roster and analyzing the timetable for the return of injured players.

A new concept caught my eye. It was keen in fact, just as much my formulated insight. Devin Thomas stood out. Still young and a talent the Giants scouted very highly. He has had some bumps in the road. Some even questioned his dedication, preparation, and professionalism. The Giants have an esteemed reputation for great coaching and positive motivation. I strongly believe this is a great fit for a player like Devin Thomas. I believe with the addition of Clayton and Thomas, the WR Corps can be dangerous. Dangerous because their march is unseen. This move maybe a blessing in disguise. It gives them positive reps with the JetBlue Big 2 out with injuries.

Boss and Beckum are still under the radar. Boss has solidified himself as a down the field threat. However, the game plan doesn’t always utilize is potential for production. The key for the Giants coaching staff is UTILIZATION. I can foresee in the next coming weeks the Giants giving opposing defenses fits with an empty backfield. Think about it. Imagine Having Manningham, Nicks, Smith, Clayton, and Thomas lined up in a 5 WR set. The word to me that comes to mind is Indomitable.

The backfield should yield defenses. DJ Ware couldn’t have arrived at a better time. I would quit using him as Punt/Kick returner. It will give him more playing time and also allow him to adjust to the game speed of the NFL. Also it would allow Jacobs to continue being the Battering Ram that he is. As long as he maintains a North/South mentality instead of East/West. Bradshaw will always be a Cheetah with power seduced with endurance. Keep in mind; both these backs also have the ability to line up in the slot.

The Chemistry of our defensive line will only get better. They are starting to gel while embracing the schemes of Coach Fewell. I strongly believe they can get stronger and better with 4 games left to play. We all know that’s plenty of football. JPP will continue to progress as long as big brothers Tuck and Osi continue to mentor him as he gains confidence. The only concern I have which seems to be traditional for the Giants is the play of our secondary. Poor tackling and mental mistakes will keep us from making a trip to Dallas in early February 2011. Accountability on third and longs can be a short term cure for what has been a long term problem.

Special teams would be a dream if we can stop putting opposing offenses in good field position. Down field tackling definitely needs work. P Matt Dodge is more of a mystery than the Big Bang Theory. He is young and has shown flashed of being able to get the job done. However, inconsistency will keep any player unemployed in the NFL regardless of talent. We cure our tackling and punting issues and the Giants, in my eyes, can be Super Bowl winners not Contenders. Let’s get it Big Blue!

“Heaven Yeah”

Andrew G –

One Response to New York Giants Unconquerable Goliaths

  1. robdomaine says:

    Hey Andrew, great article buddy! Congrats on writing your first here with us at nygreporter. Hopefully, it will be the first of many more in the future. I look forward to checking out your new stuff and hope we can all write some good news after we play the Vikes this Sunday. Adrian Peterson worries me more then Favre does. The defense will need their “A” game to get the win.

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