Happy New Year to our Readers and Giants Fans Everywhere

NEW YORK – On behalf of everyone here at the nygreporter, I would like to wish all of our readers and Giants fans a very Happy New Year! There were over a million people in Times Square last night to help ring in the 2011 new year. New York City has become the destination to be at on new years eve. I have had the pleasure to attend the “ball drop” on three separate occasions. The first time I went, there weren’t so many security measures in place and you could roam around free, the last time I went it was a completely different experience with the new security measures. I feel bad for the kids of today who will not get the chance to experience the old way. It was truly a lot of fun.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have finally arrived at the end of the season. The final regular season game will be played tomorrow against the Washington Redskins at 4:15 PM EST. I still can’t believe how quickly this season has gone by but all good things must come to end they say. Hopefully, Big Blue will give the fans a game to remember in a positive way with a win. As you all know, the playoffs are not completely out of reach for the G-Men. If the Bears beat the Packers tomorrow, the Giants will sneak into the playoffs but they have to beat the Redskins too. The Giants have about a third of their team on the injured reserve list, there were 15 players at last count on the IR list. This has become an epidemic when coupled with the rash of IR list players from the 2009 season. I don’t know what can be done about the injuries but I do know that you can’t win very much without your star players on the field.

The Giants should beat the Redskins thoroughly tomorrow. I would predict a final score of 38-20. I am more concerned about the Bears beating the Packers. The Bears have clinched a nice cushy spot in the playoffs and might not risk injuring their star players for the entire game. The Packers will be playing for their lives. If the Giants miss the playoffs, it is nobody’s fault but their own. They had their chance to lock things up and did not come through. I hope the season ends on a good note for everyone involved.

Happy New Year!

RD – nygreporter.com


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